wanna climb him like a tree

To short trans men:

Wolverine (yes, that one) stands at 5'3. That doesn’t make him any less badass.

Genji from overwatch stands at 5'5 to 5'6, still shorter than the average man.

Hanzo is like 5'8, also shorter than the average man (and I still wanna climb that man like a tree)

So, don’t worry. Being short doesn’t make you any less manly or desirable. You’re still handsome and very important. Don’t let stupid societal standards get in your way.

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Andreil 22, 32 or 37 ty love

37. “Wanna dance?”

Three years after graduating, Matt finally proposed to Dan, who got so excited she climbed him like the tree he was to kiss him.  They ended up having to set the wedding date out almost a year later, so they could get the whole team back for the wedding.  And absolutely no one was surprised when Matt asked Neil to be his best man at his wedding, but almost everyone was surprised when he said yes, and then did actual best man duties.  Ok, yeah, the bachelor party was a little awkward at first, but Matt didn’t really want a traditional party anyway, all things considered.  Matt was more than content with just getting trashed while playing Mario Cart.

The day of the actual wedding, Matt almost bolted because even though he loved and adored Dan, Matt had one of those, she deserves so much better than a washed up Exy player, oh gawd Neil just let me go! moments.  But Neil wouldn’t let him and the first thing Matt did post-ceremony was kiss Neil full on the mouth.  Most of the Foxes laughed even as most of the other guests stared in horror.  Only Andrew didn’t laugh, just finished off his flask after staring at them for several long moments.  Eventually he got up and downed five champagne glasses.

Neil wandered back towards their table and looked around for his boyfriend, smiling when he saw him despite Andrew’s grimace.  Andrew grabbed another glass, and sipped it as he walked unsteadily towards his boyfriend.

“Hey, you good?” Neil asked as Andrew took his hand.

“Wanna dance?” Andrew asked pulling Neil towards the dance floor.  Neil looked around, alarmed, but no one had seen him yet.

“Come on, let’s go get some fresh air,” Neil suggested, tugging Andrew towards a set of stairs.  Andrew let him take him to the roof without much comment.  Once alone, Neil turned to Andrew and opened his mouth to ask him what was going on, but Andrew spoke before him.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked and Neil shook his head.  Andrew pulled out of Neil’s grip and curled in on himself.

“Andrew, what’s wrong?” Neil asked. as Andrew walked to the ledge pulling out a pack of cigarettes.  Andrew shook his head as he lit a cigarette.  “Do you wanna talk about it?”  Andrew shook his head, no, again.  They could just hear the slow music from the roof.  Andrew chugged the rest of the champagne.

“I wanna dance,” Andrew repeated.  Neil sighed and closed the gap between him and his boyfriend; he held out a hand and Andrew took it, pulling Neil close.  Neil could smell the cologne Nicky had picked out from him.  Andrew surprised Neil, pulling him close and leaning into him.  They’d been together for years, but Andrew still had very strict touching rules which just made Neil more nervous.  They didn’t so much dance as lean close to each other and sway together.  As soon as the song changed, Andrew pulled away and took a long drag of his cigarette.

“You gonna talk to me now?” Neil asked.  Andrew didn’t say anything for a long time, just stood there smoking.  When he finished with his cigarette he lit another with the burning stub.  Once done with the second, he turned back to Neil.

“Do you like dancing?” Andrew asked, and Neil shook his head, no.

“What?  No!  Not particularly.”  Andrew nodded and picked at his armband.

“You know I can’t give you this,” he said bluntly, waving his hand about.  Neil blinked, not comprehending what Andrew was really saying.  “Jeeze, Josten!  Why do you have to be so dense?”  Neil blinked and waited.  “A wedding,” Andrew finally said and Neil sighed.

“Andrew, I don’t want a wedding,” Neil said and Andrew glared at him.  “What could possibly make you think I did?”  Andrew fiddled with his collar and then shrugged.

“I mean, we’re here aren’t we?  You’re the best man, aren’t you?” Andrew asked.  Neil sighed a little.

“My best friend asked-”  Andrew squawked despite himself.

“I thought I was your best friend.”  Neil’s face fell a little.  He’d never seen Andrew like this in the past three years, and couldn’t think about the weirdness of the situation.

“Jeeze Minyard, dense much?  How much have you had to drink?”  Andrew opened his mouth to reply, but Neil interrupted him.  “You’re like my best best friend.  You’re my boyfriend.  I don’t want or need anything else from you.  I can’t believe weddings make you the biggest drama king,” he laughed.  Andrew made a face.

“I’m not-”  Neil pointed at him and Andrew closed his mouth.  He closed the gap between them again and leaned into Neil’s space but didn’t touch him.  “Can I kiss you?  Can I touch you?”

“Yes,” Neil whispered and Andrew brushed his lips gently against Neil’s and leaned into him so they could slow dance some more even though a fast song played in the background.  Neither of them noticed Nicky and Kevin until it was too late.  Nicky ran across the roof from Andrew holding his phone high, laughing at Andrew’s threats if he didn’t fucking delete it right now.

“It’s too cute,” Nicky yelled as Andrew wrestled him to the ground, tugging the phone away.  Yelling triumphantly, Andrew got to his feet and threw the phone over the side of the building just missing some wedding guests.  Nicky shrugged.  “I already saved it to the cloud.”  Andrew growled and walked away as Nicky called out to him he owed him a new phone.  Shrugging, Andrew stalked down the stairs and Neil followed him, shaking his head a little.  He never would have thought that weddings would have such an impact on Andrew.

Wanna Bet

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

Wanna Bet

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Do you know the thing where it’s ‘I know he’ll catch me no matter what he’s doing’ and ‘don’t I’m holding coffee’ but they still catch them anyway and drop the coffee. You should totally do a Warren one like that.

Note: Yasssssssssss

“He wouldn’t. I’m telling you now, he wouldn’t.” You shook your head. Peter was wrong. There was no way if you fell right now from the tree you were climbing that Warren would catch you. He had coffee in his hand, and honestly, you weren’t sure he liked you that way.

“Wanna bet?” Peter cocked an eyebrow. “If he catches you, which he will, you owe me five bucks. Or a box of Twinkies. Whichever you find first.”

“Fine. But if I splat on the grass, it’s on your conscience.” You told him, letting go of your branch. You screamed on the way down, the wind in your face, but not for very long. In instants, you were caught in a strong pair of arms, slowly drifting downwards on feathery wings.

“Warren,” you looked up at him wide-eyed. Dammit. Now you owed Peter five bucks. On the bright side, the hottest guy at X Mansion probably liked you, or at least cared about you enough not to let you die. On the other hand, now you owed Peter five bucks. Or Twinkies.

“Be careful. You could have died.” He told you, his blue eyes very serious. There wasn’t even a smirk on his attractive face.

“Thanks. For saving me. You’re like my guardian angel,” you smiled softly. He kissed your forehead.

“Please don’t ever fall from that high again. You’re lucky I have wings.” He shook his head, his feet finally touching the ground. He held you for a second, just staring at you before he put you down.

“I am,” you nodded. “I really am grateful, Warren.”

“You better be,” he smirked. “I’ll see you around.” He bent down to kiss your cheek before walking away. There was a blur of silver. You held out five dollars, a dazed expression on your face.

“Told you.” Peter grinned. You nodded wordlessly, still taken aback by Warren’s sudden affection. “You know, he’s liked you for a while. If all it took was you falling out of a tree for him to finally make a move, I should have pushed you sooner.”

“Peter!” you elbowed him in the chest. He laughed.

“Hey, it’s true!” he shrugged. You rolled your eyes. Maybe he was right. You supposed you would have to wait and see.

Just some stuff lego said about Cole

He’s strong, dependable, and is solid like a big, heavy rock. - (They mention it at least twice)

He might not be showy like some other Ninja we could name - (Lego throwin shade)

Cole was a student at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts as a dancer … for two days. - (I’d like to image him in class on the second day and just go “I don’t wanna be here anymore” then get up and leave)

Cole likes all kinds of climbing: Rock climbing, cave climbing, tree climbing and dragon climbing … whatever that is! - (the fuck?) 

Kai jokes that Cole is the only ninja he’s ever heard of who brings a book to battles, so he won’t get bored. - (What does Cole even do during battles that’ll make him get so board he would read a book?) 

Cole’s favorite color is actually orange … but don’t tell anyone. - (Why not? Why is it a big secret? You think they’re gonna torture him with the orange?     BAD GUY: Tell us what we want to know or the orange gets it. *Holds up a orange paper* COLE: NO NO PLEASE NOT THE ORANGE!)

When Cole was a child his friends jokingly called him Cole Bucket - (What…)

Hobbies: Climbing, strategic planning, dancing - (Really lego? At least it’s better than Skylor’s hobbies)

fireman! seungcheol
  • the hottest firefighter around ;-) (pun intended)
  • seungcheol really really REALLY loves his job
  • 30% is actually putting out fires, the other 70% is dumb cute stuff like getting cats out of trees, going to elementary school job demonstrations, etc
  • he loves his small moments of heroism when he extinguishes flames but he also loves visiting kids……and kids love him bc ???? it’s choi seungcheol????? neighborhood superhero????!!!
  • they climb all over him when he visits and ask him all about his heroic deeds
  • “how many fires did you put out this week, fireman choi??”
  • cue seungcheol puffing out his chest like a proud bird and rattling off some impressive numbers
  • the kids stare up at him with huge moony eyes
  • “i wanna grow up to be like fireman choi!!!”
  • he always gives the kids these adorable firefighter stickers
  • u know, like sheriff badges but firefighter version
  • they stick them on their folders as a status symbol
  • the coolest kids are the ones that have the most stickers – sometimes they trade their good snacks for other students stickers
  • you, dear reader, are the substitute teacher who gets called in one day
  • and that day happens to be a day that seungcheol visits!!! lucky u right
  • there really isnt a purpose in him coming……he’s actually off work…..just does this kinda stuff for fun bc he thinks the kids are cute and he misses them 
  • anyways he walks thru the door and is immediately swarmed by excited little kids
  • but his eyes focus right on you bc who is this new cute girl like hi hello definitely haven’t seen u around before!! where is the usual teacher
  • so he asks the kids who the pretty girl is and they’re like
  • “y/n’s our sub for the day!!”
  • and he goes oooooh ok and winks @ u
  • a flirt from the start
  • and then kids start begging him for stickers and stories
  • so he starts peeling off stickers and patting them onto their shirts
  • and he starts this tale abt him saving this dog from a burning building
  • it takes a full hour for him to finish and leave and for the kids to get focused again
  • the next day you sub again because the regular teacher is apparently recovering from surgery or somthign??? ((u suspect that theyre actually on vacation))
  • and who do u know shows up
  • aGAIN
  • and ur lowkey like……wtf…….all ur doing is distracting them…..please stop
  • like……u have curriculum to teach but they wont pay attention to you when he’s around
  • literally WHY is he here
  • until you’ve had enough
  • and you straight up ask him to stop preventing u from teaching cause a girl’s gotta do her job!! (without cute guys distracting her students……and her……………..)
  • and he’s like ok
  • but then i gotta find another way to see you
  • and he asks for your number in front of your entire class of elementary school kids
  • they’re young but not THAT young u feel?? they know whats going on
  • a chorus of oOOOOooOos erupt from the class when he asks
  • and u kind of want to die inside from embarrassment and also bc choi seungcheol
  • and partially to shut up him and the class up and partially bc u kinda dig this dude you take his hand
  • and write your number on it with sharpie
  • and smile kindly at him and tell him to get the heck out
  • he laughs kinda sheepishly and his face turns a tinge pink
  • the students start whispering as soon as he steps out the door
  • because firefighter choi has the hots for the substitute teacher ;)))