wanna be with you just be with yoooou

me: one direction?? idk who that is

my head:  pretending from the start like this- she flouts through the room on a big balloon some says she’s a fake… what a feeling to be  king beside you know holding you in my arms.. you don’t under stand you don’t under stand what you do to me when you hold his hand we were meant to be but a twist a fate… so baby let me love you good bye.. i’m half a heart without you.. i’m like ow! i never thought it’d hurt so bad getting over you-u…  it’s been so long it’s been so long maybe we’re fire proof… shut the door turn the lights off i wanna be with you i wanna feel your love.. it’s gotta be yooou only yoooou.. infinatay!! infinnatay… WAKING UP BESIDE YOU I’M A LOADED GUN!! I THINK I MIGHT GIVE UP EVERYTHING JUST ASK ME TO… R O C K ME  AGAIN!! MID!NIGHT !MEMORIES!  EVERYBODY WANNA STEAL MY GIRL EVERYBODY WANNA TAKE HER HEART AWAY A COUPLE BILLION IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD FIND ANOTHER ONE CAUSE SHE BELONGS TO ME!!! TONIGHT LETS GET SOME AND LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG! MAKE THE DROOL DOWN THEIR CHINNY CHIN CHINS.. THE STORY OF MY LIFE I TAKE HER HOME I SPEND HER LOV- WITH YOUR LOVE CAN’T NOBODY DRAG ME DOWN!! ARE YOU SLEEPING BABY BY YOURSELF OR ARE YOU GIVING IT TO SOMEONE ELSE I’M TRYING TOO FIND IT BUT I JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO?? YOU AND ME GOT A WHOLE LOTTA HISTORY WE CAN BE THE GREATEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN YOU AND ME GOTTA WHOLE LOTTA HISTORY

me: honestly…

remember when i said i wasn’t gonna do this but i’m trash that will never say no to drunk reigisa



or read it under the cut

uh very explicit fyi

“Everyone needs to have slutty, drunk bathroom sex in their life and I wanna do that with yoooou….” Nagisa settles his chin on Rei’s chest so that he’s looking up at him, eyes all wide and cloudy, and a little watery. His arms wind around Rei’s waist and then they’re swaying side to side, maybe mostly because of the alcohol, but the gesture is still sweet enough to make Rei’s heart melt and his gaze soften. Of course Nagisa would find a way to make such a gross situation quirky and romantic, Rei honestly shouldn’t even be surprised at this point. 

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