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so,,, there's this boy in my gym class and he's a GIFT from up ABOVE! he is so cute! and! nice! and omg? the only thing is he talks to other more confident girls, while i'm off on the sidelines just like????? i wanna become his friend more than anything but i'm afraid i'll just be annoying i s2g. you may not care but i'll keep you updated either way ;)

I TOTALLY CARE trust me if anything was happening with my crush i’d tell you (although his friend did casually mention to my best friend that sean really likes me so that happened if you want the full story i’ll tell you) but serIOUSLY my love keep me updated and talk to him and make him fall in love with your beautiful self and then DATE im gonna make a tag so if anyone wants to come and talk to me about crushes/boyfriends/girlfriends/significant others it’ll all be under there xo


As of: August 22, 2017


Netflix and chill?

“I’m coming over for cuddles and kisses.”

“I’m living every girls dream.”


“I can make an exception for you.” (Halloween)

“Chillin’ by the fire.”

Date Night

“I don’t care if I get sick.”

“Chivalry is dead, but you’re still kinda cute.”

“I miss you so much.”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.”

“But you’re so cute when you’re sleeping.”

“No hints, sorry.” (Christmas)

“Morning beautiful.”

“Yeah, it is my business.”

“Be the strong girl that I know you are.”

“I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself.”

“Baby Food Challenge.”

“I’m so glad I can finally call you mine.”

“I’m catching feelings.”

“I love every inch of your body.”

“I need to know that you’re okay.”


“I don’t like when we fight.”

“I hope you’re not mad at me.”

Day of Filming

“Come with us.”

“I have a huge surprise.”

“Please prove them wrong.”

“Happy New Year.”

“This is gonna be a long night.”

Late Night Dance Party

“Thank you for being here.”

“I love you so much already.”

First Date (Preference)

“It’s time for us to take the next step.”

“I cherish our friendship more than anything.”

“Any time would’ve been a good time.”

“I promise they’ll love you.”

“You should smile more.”

“I could really use a cuddle.”

“Babe, is everything okay?”

“I just wanted us to have a lazy day together.”

“How can you love something so broken?”

“Boyfriend buys my clothes.”

“You haven’t told him yet?”

“Can anything else go wrong tonight?”

“I told you to be careful.”

“I can’t wait to fill this house with memories.”

“You wanna take a drive with me?”

“You’re gonna have another me to deal with.”

“I can’t wait for you two to find out.”


“You’re the best, you know that?”

“I’m here for you always. You know that.”


“Who’s tryna get bit?” (Halloween)

“You should probably stay a couple more days.”

 “Don’t tease me like that.”

“I’ve gotta mark my territory.”

“But you know I like to spoil you.”

“C’mon, let’s go.”

Dear John

“Everyone is Going to Love You.” (Christmas)

“You didn’t tell me you were twins.”

“It’s just a movie.”

“It’s like you don’t even know who I am.”

Night of Relaxation

“I think it’s time to confirm everything.”

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Were you out with another guy?”

“You shouldn’t be scared to tell me things.”

“Girlfriend vs. Brother Challenge”

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.”

“I am so blessed I get to call you mine.”

“Are we having twins?”

“You like him, don’t you?”

Grayson fights your ex

“It was her boyfriend.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Happy birthday babe.”

“I made a mistake.”

“Back off my girl.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Merry Christmas baby.”

“I just wanna cuddle right now.”

Valentine’s Day Road Trip

Rainy Day

First Date (Preference)

Tea Time

Shower Sex (Preference)

Best Friends (Preference)

“You’re not a burden.”


Hawaiian Vacation

Traveling (Preference)


“Do you forgive me?”

“Our fans ship us.”

“You’re stuck with me.”

“You need a vacation.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to Coachella.”

Target Adventure

“You had a boy over?”

“I wanna be more than friends.”

“I’ll always appreciate your company.”

Never Have I Ever

“Admit it, you like him.”

“I love you.”

“You really didn’t think I would miss your graduation, did you?”

“Clothes. Off, now.”

“I needed to clear my head.”

“You love me too much.”

“I have something I wanna show you.”

“I wasn’t settling.”

“I gotta take care of my girl.”

“I saw a shooting star and thought of you.”

“Boyfriend Does My Makeup” Challenge

“I wish you were my prince.”

“I’m coming over to take care of you.”

“They’ll love you.”


“Messy Trivia Challenge”

The Dizzy Challenge

“Which one would you choose?”

What’s in My Pants Challenge

“You’re better off without him.”

Everyone’s waiting with baited breath for Stardew Valley to come out on a handheld/portable console and I’m sitting here rocking back and forth in my rocking chair like, “Back in my day, that was called Harvest Moon DS, sonny.”

College selfie for the anon

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!

#35. About the baby...it’s yours

from this prompt list // requested by the lovely @druggedaiquiri and edited by the beautiful @ducksongmp3

The current relationship Harry and Y/N have is not the healthiest. They’ve been best friends for years, but when sex was added to the equation, emotional changes occurred more than anything. Y/N has grown far too attached to her rockstar with benefits to even take an interest in other men. However, since Harry and Y/N are nothing official, he does what he wants while he’s away and Y/N, well, she does what she can to keep her mind off of him. A hard thing to do, might she add. She knows it’s pathetic and a typical story of someone falling in love with their friend with benefits, but can you blame her? Harry holds all of the qualities she wants in a man and more. He satisfies her sexually and God, if he just opened his eyes and finally decided to keep his dick to one person, he could satisfy her emotionally as well.

Their night is just beginning—the good ol’ Netflix and Chill– just without the chill. Harry isn’t really comfortable with having sex with his best friend (plus benefits) that is three months pregnant with some other dude’s baby. He was shocked to learn of this news when Y/N confided in him after her first ultrasound. Naturally, he asked who the father is, to which she said, “It’s not important. I know he won’t be in the baby’s life has much as I would want him to be.” Harry silently nodded at this, yet wondered who wouldn’t want to be in their baby’s life, even if they weren’t with the mother. He was actually quite angry with this person he doesn’t even know. He was angry that they knocked up his best friend and maybe he was even angry that it was someone else’s child. No, he’s not really ready to have a child, but at least he would be there for the mom and baby.

“How have you been feeling?” He asks, handing Y/N the bowl of popcorn before sitting next to her on the couch.

She shrugs. “Fine. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness when it hits you at every fucking minute of the day.” She stuffs a handful of popcorn in her mouth, not really wanting to answer any of Harry’s questions. She feels angry at him, the same anger Harry felt when he found out she was pregnant. Except, her anger is completely unwarranted because Harry is clueless as to what is actually going on with her. Yes, she’s secretly in love with her best friend with benefits and yes, she’s keeping something very important from him. And he wouldn’t be so oblivious if she just told him the truth, but that causes just as much anxiety as keeping this to herself does. She’s really not prepared to see Harry’s reaction at all, but maybe, just maybe it’ll be the perfect response. She won’t know until he knows. “So about the baby…"she begins, her heart picking up the pace.


“Well,” she pauses. “I really don’t want you freaking out. Do you promise you won’t freak out?”

“Babe, I’m gonna freak out because you’re tellin’ meh not to,” Harry counters. 

Babe, babe, babe. Why does he have to call her babe? She’s not his ‘babe’, he probably calls all of his girls ‘babe’. The stupid name makes her feel like she’s more than she is to him. “Is there something wrong with the baby?” He adds.

“Huh? No, no, the baby is fine,” Y/N assures, rubbing her hands over the bump. “The baby is…well…the baby is yours,” she says slowly. Unusual for Y/N as she would have sped through the sentence, making it nearly impossible to understand, however this statement is one that she only wanted to say once. Harry nearly chokes on his water. He holds the cup steadily, right by his lips, too stunned to move. His eyes are closed, brows knitted together, mind churning, processing the information Y/N just provided. It can’t be possible they always use protection, he’s always so careful. It doesn’t make sense, he has never been more confused.

“I’m sorry, what?” Harry asks.

Y/N shakes her head. “No, you heard me damn well, I am not saying it again.”

“W-why would you say I wouldn’t be in the baby’s life as much as you would want me to be?” Harry is frustrated, angry all over again, by this damn baby news. His nostrils flare, a sure fire sign of the pain he feels in his chest. He wants to be mad at Y/N, but he can’t be because he knows why she wasn’t honest in the first place. She has every right to be terrified, every right to believe Harry wouldn’t be around because he has never said otherwise. He blames himself for Y/N lying to him. He blames himself for never telling her how he really feels and how he only sleeps with other girls to get his mind off of Y/N. He doesn’t know if she feels the same way he does or if she even wants his help with this thing but he might as well be honest with her too. “I would drop everything for you and this baby, Y/N, God do you not know how much I love you? I. love. you. More than a best friend, I wanna be with you, wanna raise this baby with you.”

“Oh my God,” is all Y/N can muster out. “Harry, how was I supposed to any of this when all you wanted me for was sex? Jesus, Harry have you ever thought with your head instead of your dick? I’ve waited years for you to say those words and when you first said you wanted something more from me I thought you wanted my love but I settled for the sex because I supposed that was a way for me to feel close to you. I can’t believe I let you put me through the shit that you did. I mean shit you didn’t even know you were putting me through… “ she finally takes a breath.

Harry thinks it’s his turn to speak. "Y/N, I-”

“No, I’m not finished. I’ve been playing this game with you for too long. Harry, I’m so exhausted, I’m so done and I just- I just want to-” Y/N doesn’t finish her thought, she just lays her head in Harry’s lap, tears finally making their way down her cheeks.

“Cry?” Harry finishes for her. She nods and he strokes her hair, twisting a few strands when he feels like it. “I’m sorry. I know tha’s a crap answer, but I’m sorry. And I love you. I get scared, you know? But I suppose with you, I shouldn’t be. You’re my best friend and now you’re carrying my fucking baby, I should be able to tell you everything.”

Y/N sniffles. “Mhm.” Her eyes are closed. She’s feeling oh, so tired, but also safe where she is. A feeling she only feels when she’s with Harry.

“You tired, love?”

Y/N nods again. “And I love you, too.”

Harry chuckles slightly. “I know you do, you tell me everyday.” Y/N shakes her head this time.

“No, I mean like, I love you more than a best friend,” she repeats Harry’s words.

He smiles at this. A bubbling in his tummy erupts, his heart beats against his chest just a little harder. “’M gonna be a father,” Harry states. “"Nd I’m gonna be you’re husband one day. Jus’ wait, love.”


masterlist • also idk if I’m changing up the format of my posts,,, i really don’t know what I’m doing  

  • Mousse: Do you have to stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.
  • Ryoga: What does claustrophobic mean?
  • Ranma: I think it means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
  • Mousse: No it doesn't!
  • Ryoga: Ho, ho, ho!
  • Ranma: Stop it, Ryoga, you're scaring him!

Brain wouldn’t stop itself. Small drabble about Prompto arriving back in Lucis after the events of Episode Prompto and Chapter 13. Very, very mild spoilers for Episode Prompto. Enjoy!

Prompto x reader.

1071 words.

Your heart stopped when you saw them arrive.

You thanked the Gods for the lighting on the dock at Cape Caem, the only shining light in the current eternal darkness that engulfed your surroundings. You had been staying in Lestallum following the boys’ departure, aiding refugees and helping the city grow, and had received a phone call from Iris that your friends were on their way back from Gralea following Noctis being absorbed by the crystal. You had rushed over to see them as soon as you could, praying you would get back in time to see them arrive.

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do you ever get friendlust. like. you just see someone and you’re like. man. i have such a friendcrush on you. i wanna be ur friend so bad. i wanna be more than a friend. i wanna be a BEST friend u hear me. ur so cool. i admire u a lot and ur so funny. plz b my bffl. i will treat u right. let me be ur drake-friend. no other friend will treat u like i would

Better Together [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! Have an Eggsy Unwin imagine! This one is based off two requests, I combined both ideas together, I hope that’s okay? I just loved these two so much:

One was being ‘friends with benefits’, with Eggsy and the other was ‘you have a panic attack and Eggsy comforts you’. 

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader. 

Warnings: Mature. Mentions of sexual activity. NSFW. Please, only read if you’re an adult! 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own Eggsy. And you belong to you. 

P.S: This has been edited and checked, but if there are any mistakes, please forgive me. And enjoy! <3

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It worked for the both of you – you’d agreed no strings attached, no relationship crap, just the two of you being there for each other, it’s not like the two of you had time for all the girlfriend/boyfriend crap, after all, you were both spies and that was the main priority.

And for weeks, it had been going well.

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Harry was being interviewed for his upcoming album and there has been speculation about the two of you dating. You two grew up together, so it wasn’t usual to see you two out together, but the fans were beginning to wonder if there was more going on between you. 

“Now, Harry, we’re going to play this game where we ask you some questions and instead of answering, we’re just going to look at your facial expression and try to figure out the answer. Then you can confirm or deny if we’re right about it,” the host said. 

“This could be fun,” he laughed. 

After asking a few easy questions, they bring up one about you. 

“I know that you and Y/N have been friends your whole lives, right? The fans wanna know if you’re more than friends,” they asked. 

Harry gives a very stern and serious facial expression. 

“I’m gonna take that as a no, but I can’t help, but wonder if you’re lying,” they said. “Because… I have friends and I certainly don’t do anything like this with them.” 

They show a picture of you and Harry getting quite cozy together in New York after SNL. As soon as they show the picture, Harry breaks his serious face and starts laughing. 

“Okay, okay, you got me,” he laughed. “She is my girlfriend and I love her very much. Now, I just hope she doesn’t kill me for that,” he joked pointing at the picture. 

GOT7 ⇝ You Drunkenly Confessing to Them

betchbettahavemypizza said: Got7 reaction to their BFF drunkenly confessing to them¿

A/N: I love the cliche of “BFF to Lovers” thing, so, feel free to request more stuff like this!

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