wanna be his gf

*kara gets up from coma and decks mayo hell in the face*



About the Dan thing of being connected to the universe while having sex with someone you really love;

I honestly always pictured that for when I’d actually do it. Like, because I’ve never done it and it’s been a perfect mystery to me since I was young, I really do wanna feel like the world and I and the person I have are intertwined.

And yeah it sounds dumb but honestly it makes perfect sense to me.

omg y'all there was the HOTTEST fuckin dude at work today…he was looking at fragrances & I didn’t see his face til he asked me a question then I deadass choked like I was not…expecting….him to be that hot….and he had full tat sleeves I’m screamjng he was so attractive….and I had to just act normal bc he was there w his gf…I wanna die

And here you have an 11 y/o guy swearing at me because i don’t love him and i dont wanna be his gf
And im just sitting there, trying to explain it to him that i have no interes in having a relationship at the time and that im fucking 11, what kind of relationship you wanat at this age??!! And hes just swearing, in his quality english skills, pretending to be cool and being like “well if you dont love me, get out of my life!!!!” And im just like “i didnt start this conversation with -im sorry for everything, can you forgive me?-”
Also this happened a week ago, so meh
Just felt like posting this cuz i dont have a life

It took me lots of courage to post this…it is very embarassing… ///////

did i mention that i’m finally free?

Reggie Writers

If you lovely ppl could send or link me to some amazing writers who write for Reggie Mantle from Riverdale, that’d make you so much more lovely(er?) I had a shit day and really wanna read some fics about Reggie (my precious cinnamon roll) comforting his gf who had an absolutely terrible day. ❤❤

remy you really brought this on yourself like you didn’t want linguini telling colette about you now of course he’s gonna assume you don’t want attention, and on top of that the restaurant is on the rise and he doesn’t wanna risk a huge blow, he hasn’t even told his gf or coworkers yet why would he announce you at a press conference, like for real this is at least half your fault

My brother didn’t come home from work yesterday and idk if he did when I was in bed or if he’s staying at his gf’s hom again bc I wanna play dishonoured 2 but his door is closed and I don’t want to risk walking in to check if he’s there

I might also get a lot of flack for this but I REALLY LOVE STANFORD GUYS. He’s a really interesting character and he has so many apparent flaws and I know he’s being a dick to Stanley but I kind of get it and I kind of relate to that sort of shit because I’ve FELT THAT BEFORE and even though I never hold grudges, sometimes some things are “unforgivable” and people really have to prove themselves and you can be blind to what they do for you, or have done for you, if you get into a certain mindset.

I’m not saying it’s healthy or that it excuses Stanford’s behavior towards Stanley (it doesn’t! and I can’t wait for him to figure that out!!), but THAT I FEEL IT. I HAVE FELT IT. I know in a way what he’s going through, and I’ll be making a detailed post about what I think Stanford’s perspective/feelings of what happened to them were. Because remember; the science fair feels “unfair” to us because Stanley told that part of the story and it was unfair TO HIM and the way he registered it. We didn’t get to fully understand Stanford’s side and that’s just as valid as Stanley’s. I hope to explore that in depth, and hopefully others will agree with me too.

Okay but...

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’ve already had two episodes of Gravity Falls with a strong “cheating is wrong” message…

And then in this last episode the day is saved by cheating a die roll.

chapter 8 of The Act

Is it weird to ship people IRL? I kinda ship these two.

They’re totally hooking up right??!

I don’t even know who these people are, but this is a hot video…

I’m pretty sure they’re not dating. My friend’s cousin said she knows Peeta’s actual girlfriend, they go to the same school.

^^Well his gf might wanna keep an eye on him then…If they haven’t hooked up yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time lol

Dude if my bf was looking at another girl like that AND making out with her in videos… >_<

Katniss exhales harshly, abruptly locking her screen and slamming her phone down on her thigh. She swipes at her forehead; an uncomfortable sweat had broken out along her skin while she was scrolling through the comments.

No wonder Effie and Haymitch warned them to never read the comments, christ.

you can read it on AO3. thank you!