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Right Next To Me

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 714

Summary: A cramped space in someone’s house is better than sleeping in Cassian’s U-wing. Anywhere but that ship.

Prompt: “We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair” with Cassian please? :-)

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Author’s notes: This is a repost from yesterday. I’m not too sure what happened but the fic wasn’t showing up in their respected tags so no one could really find it. Here’s to the fic showing up in the damn tags. I struggled with finding out the “space reason” and after skimming through a few fics with the same prompt, I went with the good ole fashion “damn, that’s a tiny bed…what ever shall we do?” BITH! SLEEP IN THE SAME BED, THAT’S WHAT!

Supposedly, a man happened to spot you and Cassian discussing with a confidant who happens to be his friend. Assuming you two are with the Alliance, the kind man offered up a room in his home as asylum from any potential threat. A Rebellion sympathizer’s home is better than sleeping on the U-wing bench while sitting up. Though Cassian is skeptical of the man, you take the sympathizer’s offer with a punch with your elbow to Cassian’s left side. Best not to make a scene in a town full of locals.

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This was actually my first commission from @johannathemad! I waited to post it though ‘cause I was using it for myself, but I’ll share it for everyone to see now :)

Aren’t they wonderful (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Today Mob felt extremely stressed at school.


this is something moonsun (mostly byul) would most probably wear im surprised she hasnt worn this yet

link-and-kirby  asked:

More oc centaur stuff pls. me likely

aaw I’m glad some of you like them ;-;

I do wanna work on them more and try to find them fitting names still. I wanna give the small dude a diff outfit too cuz the one I gave him is too dull

I wanna try making small comics too but I’m pretty lazy so idk if that’ll happen hah but small dude gets into a lot of trouble cuz he can’t handle himself or protect himself in the wild. He treads onto enemy territory a lot too which makes for centaur man saving him over and over again


IINYH chapter three will be out early afternoon tomorrow (probably ~3pm EST) because I was busy all day today and didn’t have time to write/edit! I’m really hyped about this chapter and would rather delay it than rush it – hope you all are having a wonderful evening/day/night ^.^