wanna be british

yo my dash is rlly dead

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  • any form of wrestling (whether it be wwe, njpw, roh, progress, whatever)
  • sami zayn
  • any of the cruiserweights
  • british strong style
  • any of the four horsewomen 
  • naomi
  • #diy
  • tye dillinger
  • peyton royce & billie kay
  • marty scurll
  • pokemon/video games
  • pastel aesthetics

Just wondering if ya’ll have a song that is almost a motto too your life? A relatable tune which keeps ya grounded? 

louis the french / irish : says ily in french. talks in dubliner accent and wtf do u mean u r british 

damon the italian : italian english accent slips when he cares deeply about someone / reads books only in latin and italian 

alphaios the greek : is only comfy in his own skin when he talks greek 

me @ american movies : DIS IS EUROPE like HOW THE FUCK do all europeans talk in perfect american / british accent