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i feel like if i was on drag race, I want to be the weird arty queen who gets kicked off around Snatch Game like Milk, Acid and Max, but I’d actually be the cute but shy as fuck queen who gets kicked off first like Lashawn, Laila and Jaymes.

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27 with USUK please (〃▽〃)

27. “I’m pregnant.” USUK

so I know it’s supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away and god it ended up long i hope it’s okay askljdklasjdksaklj now here’s a one shot for you <3

It’s the third time that Arthur Kirkland approaches the cash register with four pregnancy tests at hand, and he’s well aware of the concerned stare that the cashier is giving him.

If it were any other day, Arthur would have tried to tell her that it’s for a friend, or that he’s working on a science project, or that he lost a bet and now has to waste money on a dozen pregnancy tests (because if you’re going to total everything Arthur has bought 12 kits so far).

But his mind is blank and he cannot bring himself to care for anything else as of the moment. It’s the third time he’s buying because the last eight tests he has tried seems to be defective, all showing the same positive results that aren’t really looking so positive for Arthur.

“That’ll be—” The girl behind the counter doesn’t get to finish her sentence as Arthur slams the exact amount of money down. He already knows how much it costs after hearing it from her twice and he really doesn’t need to hear it the third time. His trembling hands grab the boxes swiftly and then he leaves and repeats the same process over again until he uses all of the tests.

To his utter dread, they all produce the same positive results and Arthur finally begins to cry.

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oh god stop smiling

“Hey, Artemis? We’re friends, right?”

“Debatable.” Artemis looked up from their book to face the pink mare before them. “You just started following me around after we met at the Grand Galloping Gala. In fact, I am starting to wonder how you keep slipping past castle security-”

“Oh, no force in Equestria could keep me away from my Artie.” Jamboree sang. She heaved a wistful sigh, lifting a hoof to her forehead. “We’re gonna be special someponies one day. I can feel it.”

“Your attempts at courtship are as baffling as they are amusing.”

“See?” Jam waggled her eyebrows in victory. “You already find me amusing. Now if only I could finally get a smile on that sweet, fluffy face…”

Artemis looked away, suddenly shy. “I’ve been told that my smile is…unfortunate.”

“By who?” Jam demanded, stomping a hoof down. “Who had the huevos rancheros to say something so horrible?” She leaned forward and gripped Artemis’ face in her hooves, squishing their cheeks. “Don’t you listen to ‘em, Artie. I bet your smile is gorgeous. Won’t you show me?”

“Jamboree…” Artemis frowned.

“Smile, smile, smile.” Jam lilted obnoxiously. She nuzzled their muzzles together, because she knew it’d turn Artemis’ face crimson. “Fill my heart up with sunshine, Artie! I’m not gonna quit singing til you do it…” She threatened, eyes full of affection.


Artemis sighed in resignation, and Jamboree bounced, victorious. The heir to the night looked away for a moment to gather themselves. Then Artemis smiled.

To her credit, Jamboree managed to keep most of her scream inside.

“…S-see?” She squeaked. “I t-told you it’d be…uh, gorgeous.”

Artemis smiled wider, and Jamboree bravely didn’t flee like a school filly. “Truly?”

“…Truly.” Jam answered. After the initial shock of the fangs, she could reason that it was sort of cute, in a nightmarish sort of way. She leaned forward and pressed a sweet kiss to Artemis’ cheek. “It’s the prettiest smile in the world, Artie. I wanna see it all the time.”

Artemis laughed, and the sound was sort of a cross between a school filly’s bashful giggle and a hell demon’s deep cackle, but Jam didn’t mind. Absently, she found herself humming the Smile song under her breath.

“Cause I love to see you smile, smile, smile, yes I do…”


Jam Sandwich and Artemis are a fav ship of mine
dork birb horse and overeager party horse are kinda my jam

Home (5/?)

Back, Forward

(Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I hope you and everyone else continue to enjoy it.)

(As promised, Alfred x Arthur time alone lol.)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Arthur is proven wrong by the power of angst and love.

G, ANGST, kinda a tear jerker, but never fear, happy ending!

A/N: I wrote this on paper and had to type it all out UGH it was a pain in the ass, but :) I don’t mind for you! Sorry for it being late hope it’s okay!


Kissing in the rain isn’t really as romantic as you’d think it would be. For one thing, it’s messy and the water splashes everywhere. By the time your down to the actual act, there’s a liter of water in your mouth and you can’t see a damn thing. And then there’s the wind that often accompanies a storm. It only serves to make things worse and utterly cold; and in these conditions, any layers you possess are rendered useless. So you stand there with little choice but to wrap your arms around your lover’s neck and pull them close. You both shiver from the frigid air, desperately seeking out warmth in each other’s bodies. It’s quite miserable, and realistically, not all that magical.

Yet it got Arthur every time. Did he find it absolutely absurd? Yes. Uncomfortable and cheesy? Absolutely. Unpleasant? You bet. But he just couldn’t say no in the heat of the moment. Especially when that tall, blue-eyed, blond-haired, all-American sweetheart was chasing him down the dark, cloudy streets of London.

“Arthur, hold up!”
A clear, distinctive voice rang throughout the alley. Arthur pressed on, gasping for breath. His legs ached something terrible and it seemed as though he had been running for hours.

The Brit tried his best to ignore his name being called out in desperation, but he was beginning to grow exhausted, and the downpour did nothing but make it hard to see and function. He was absolutely drenched. Quickly he turned the corner, kicking up a puddle in the process. Damn. A dead end! Arthur panicked, he could’ve swore the alley lead somewhere. Did he have time to hide? His green eyes scanned his surroundings for a way out, a space to crawl to. But just his luck, the only way back was from where he had came. Shit! He breathed heavily as footsteps crashed onto the wet pavement.

Alfred had finally caught up to him. He was trapped, spell-bound by a pair of starry blue eyes that threatened to spill tears. How funny, Arthur thought, up until this moment, he was the one always chasing after Alfred. Now the tables had turned completely.

Alfred panted harshly. He was quite disheveled, hair matted to his forehead, brown leather jacket ruined from the rain. Droplets covered the surface of his glasses. It was a wonder how the American could see anything out of them.
“Arthur… Why… are you running?” He asked, chest rising with each staggered breath.
“I wanna talk, Artie… I flew to London… I’ve been trying to find you for weeks!”

Arthur didn’t respond. He didn’t know how he should respond when he–
“Jesus, Art, after you up and left… I-I didn’t know what to do. I tried to think of what I did wrong.”
Alfred paused to take a few deep breaths. Arthur could only stand and watch as his chest grew right in guilt as Alfred’s voice lost composure.
“And when I couldn’t think of anything, oh god, I got so scared, Artie. I-I made you unhappy and I didn’t notice it.”

Arthur couldn’t bare to see anymore. It was all too much, watching the man who was always so strong crumble to bits in front of his very eyes. And it was all his fault. It was all because of his childish pride and bitterness. He was selfish. He didn’t stop to think of Alfred’s feelings. Arthur had hurt them both, hadn’t he?

“A-America..” Arthur’s mind was short circuiting.
“Alfred! It’s Alfred! You can’t even call me by my human name anymore?”
The rain poured down harder. Arthur froze. God, Alfred was right. Arthur couldn’t bring himself to say it. He was ashamed. He wasn’t worthy of the privilege. He wasn’t worthy of Alfred.

“Artie, babe, you gotta talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong! Are you angry? Are you unhappy? Artie, I wanna know how to fix this…fix us..”
Alfred closed the distance between them, stopping when he caged the cold body of his boyfriend to his chest. Arthur swung his head the other way, avoiding Alfred’s gaze.
“Look at me, dammit!”
Arthur jolted as a strong hand, gentle but firm, turned his face foreword. He stared directly into Alfred’s eyes, heart hammering. The American looked absolutely broken as he glared at Arthur through tears. There was a brief silence. The rain pattered harshly on the pavement. God this hurt so bad. All Arthur wanted was to see that handsome smile, those sparkling blue irises. But they were long gone.

Arthur collapsed onto Alfred burying his head in the sturdy man’s chest.
“Oh god, Alfred, what have I done?”
He began to cry, wailing into Alfred’s jacket. Oh, how he had missed this man.
“Alfred, I,” He sucked in some air, “It wasn’t you’re fault! I just… I thought… Well I thought you’d be better off without me..”
Alfred’s eyes widened.
“Arthur,” his voice softened, “Why would you think that? Better off? Bullshit. I’m nothing without you.”
“No Arthur. I’m not going to let you make excuses or run away again. I need you. Don’t go.”
Alfred wrapped his arms around Arthur’s waist, bring their cold, soaked bodies together. Arthur gasped.

“Please baby, I know it’s been tough, but we gotta stick together. You don’t drag me down. When I’m with you, I’m never happier. Arthur.. I love you.”
“Oh… Alfred!”
Arthur clung to Alfred with all he had, a wave of relief and silliness washing over him. How could he have been so stupid?
“I’m so sorry, Alfred. Oh god, I’m so sorry. I never should’ve…”
“Artie, it’s alright. I’m not angry, promise.”
Gently he played with Arthur’s soggy hair.
“The important thing is, I love you, Arthur. And let’s be honest, I can’t even find a matching pair of socks by myself. And you nearly burn down our apartment when you cook unsupervised. We need each other. So please come home with me.”
Arthur sniffled, holding onto Alfred.
“A-Alright..” He murmured weakly.
Alfred smiled widely, making Arthur’s heart jump. The American looked utterly ridiculous, soaked from head to toe with a large goofy smile. It was a sight for sore eyes and that was part of the reason Arthur laughed.

With a small smile, Arthur wrapped his arms around Alfred’s neck.
“I love you, Alfred,” he whispered, pulling the man down, “and I never going to leave again.”
“Even if you do, I’ll just chase after you.”
“You won’t have to darling.”

Arthur leaned in, kissing a lover with a tenderness that was gladly reciprocated. It felt so right, so safe and natural. Raindrops cascaded over their bodies, the water a slight annoyance. But they both didn’t care. And if there were only two things Arthur Kirkland knew for certain as he clung to his lover in the cold, it was that him and Alfred truly loved each other, and kissing in the rain really was all its cracked up to be.