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Ok, now that the panel is over I do have one complaint, which is that the team is too white. Like we’re getting Virgil and Traci 13 but the cast featured is seven white people and three people of color when we had the rest of the Runaways last season (including Jaime’s best friend in the whole world Tye) and characters like Cassandra, Damien, etc. to choose from. It should be more half and half, instead of the number of nonwhite people equaling the number of blonde women


Omg where did all you lovely people come from ;A; I never thought I would get 100 lovely people following me!! Thank you so much omg <3 <3 <3

Theres nothing I could say that could express how great full I am! Mostly because I really suck with words TuT

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I wanna hug Arty!

Go ahead, she won’t bite, just gonna make your life hell ^^)/
Just stay like this, not moving… and have fun ! But be careful with parasites ~ <3