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“You sure you wanna arm wrestle?” Bucky asked laughing lightly as you both walked over to the table. “I’m sure” you nodded as you took a seat opposite him. Once Bucky sat down he placed his arm on the table, to which you rose an eyebrow. “No, no, other arm” you grinned. Bucky’s mouth dropped slightly surprised, though he nodded and obliged as he placed his other arm on the table. “I don’t know about this” he exhaled as he readied  his arm. “Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy on you” you teased.

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Ok so I've been following you for a while and I always love when you give opinions on things. So can we discuss what kind of drunks you think each bts member would be? Also what are you? I'm like the super happy and horny drunk like I compliment everyone and always end up making new friends and I'm always ready to fuck as soon as I start getting tipsy lol don't judge me

I’m a pretty happy drunk. I can be shy and reserved in real life, but after drinking… I just want to be everybody’s best friend.  Also, I get real handsy when I’ve been drinking. I want to hug all the people and pet their hair.  

 As for the members…


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Jin:  Super friendly drunk.  Goes around and introduces himself to everyone in the bar.  Then introduces everyone to each other in the bar. “Hi, I’m Jin who are you? Mike? Nice to meet you Mike.” 5 minutes later “Hi, I’m Jin, who are you? Nancy?  Nice to meet you Nancy.  Have you met my new best friend Mike? No?  Here, come with me so you can meet him.” *drags Nancy across the bar to meet Mike* ALSO – when there is music playing, Jin goes out to the middle of the dance floor to bust out some super cool new dance moves that he just made up.

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Yoongi: Oh my god obnoxiously bossy drunk and over explains everything. “Yah! You, stranger in the green hat standing next to me, did I just hear you say that Wu Tang Clan is overrated?  Make room for me because I’m gonna spend the next 30 minutes explaining why you are wrong and no, you may not interrupt me.”  ALSO – sings along, loudly and off key, to every fucking song that comes on – even if he doesn’t know the words.

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Hoseok: Sentimental and sappy drunk.  “Jiminie – have I ever told you that I love you?  You are a brother to me, man.  I would do anything for you.  Anything!” *hugs Jimin tightly, nearly cutting off his oxygen* “I love you man! I LOVE YOU!”  *sees lady at bar looking at him hugging Jimin* “Hey lady, look at this guy here – he’s the best guy in the world!  THE BEST! I LOVE THIS DUDE!”  ALSO – drunk dials everyone he knows – everyone.

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Namjoon:  That philosophical streak he has when he’s sober?  It gets amped up 100000%. *stares at his glass of scotch on the rocks and turns to random person standing next to him* “Do you ever think about the ephemeral nature of ice?  It starts as liquid, is transformed to solid and the minute you take it out of the freezer to use it, it starts transforming back into liquid. It is destined to return to its natural state.  Do you think the ice is bothered by the external forces causing it to change? Aren’t people exactly the same way? External forces make us change but the change is impermanent the minute those forces are removed…” *person walks away shaking their head but Namjoon carries on with their conversation talking to no one*  ALSO – has a tendency to fall off his bar stool, repeatedly.

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Jimin:  Horny drunk.  Embarrassingly horny drunk.  Wanders around the bar making eye contact with random women and licking his lips until he finds one that doesn’t find that overwhelmingly creepy.  Uses cheesy pick-up lines but is completely serious when he says it.  “You know, your body is 65% water.  And I’m thirsty.” Or “If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”  Stares at your chest the entire time you talk to him.  Does nothing by grind against you if you agree to dance with him.  ALSO – loses all sense of direction.  Asks where the bathroom is and gets lost walking there even though it was only 15 feet away.

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Actual footage of drunk Taehyung not available.  You’ll just have to imagine him naked.

Taehyung: Exactly the same. Only naked.  Nobody knows why, but Taehyung has an overwhelming urge to disrobe whenever he gets drunk.  Usually, he can contain himself enough to only remove his shoes, socks and shirt before running down the street half dressed, but has been known to strip down to his undies and jump in a public fountain on occasion.  The members are constantly watching to make sure he doesn’t drink too much when they are out in public.  ALSO – climbs things; couches, fences, tables, people… he just doesn’t want to keep his feet on the ground.

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Jungkook:  Competitive and a show-off.  *turns to random stranger* “You wanna arm wrestle?  Winner pays for the other’s drink.”  Constantly challenging people to a game of darts or pool or whatever is available.  If there is a dance floor, he’ll be out there challenging people to a dance off — only they generally don’t know that’s what he’s doing.  They just think he’s a weird guy who ran up to them and started aggressively dancing while staring them down.   ALSO – in his zeal to do everything better, faster, harder… he tends to knock a lot of stuff over.  Breaks glasses, runs into people, tips over chairs.

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ok I might be really stupid here, but why is there such a bad reaction to arm wrestling? I get that Steve thinks he hasn't got much else to offer but why does it make Tony want to cry? is he just afraid of the strength 💪 I'm very sorry for being stooopid lol

You’re not being stupid! Lol it’s just that it’s their second date and Tony is already confused and nervous because he thought they wouldn’t want to see him again until he was in heat so he could fulfill his duty and produce them an heir and Steve and Bucky were kind of talking about how they spent their days and Tony made some interested noises to be polite when they talked about sparring because he knows that as an omega he will never be as strong as Steve and Bucky

And then Steve asks this omega if he wants to arm wrestle, despite knowing that he is much stronger and could hurt him. It doesn’t occur to him how mean that might sound. He would have pretended to let Tony win for a minute.

But Tony just hears “wanna arm wrestle and see how strong you are” and thinks of Obadiah, and how he often bullied him physically, and he thinks this is a threat to show him just how weak he is against these two alphas.

“What the fuck,” Natasha blurts out, appalled, then, “Oh, honey, your vest, I never noticed–It’s definitely not appropriate, we need to go change, maybe they’ll still be here when you’re finished–” Her glare informs them that Steve and Bucky should be gone by the time they got back.

“’Wanna arm wrestle?’” Bucky repeats in disbelief.

“Let me die,” Steve whispers, even as he stands to go tell his mother what a fucking dumb ass he is.

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“Hey y/n!” You looked up from lacing up your boots to see Becky Lynch walking up to you. “These guys,” she pointed over her shoulder to a small group of wrestlers, “don’t believe me when I said that you are stronger than most of them.” You blushed she didn’t have to go and say stuff like that to people. 

“Becky why did you say that?” you whispered. 

“Because it’s true!” she said, clapping you on the shoulder. 

“I don’t believe you,” said Seth Rollins. You looked at Becky, a snide smile on her face, and shook your head, a smirk pulling at your lips.

“You are going to be the death of me Lynch.” She smiled and tapped you on the butt as you walked out of the locker room. “You wanna arm wrestle Rollins?” He nodded, a smug smile on his face. You put up your (dominate hand) on the nearest table and he copied you. Once your hands were closed around his, Kevin Owens clamped his hands around yours. He looked at both of you, but your eyes were locked with Seth’s and his with yours. Kevin let go of your hands. Seth didn’t put up much of a fight. You slammed his hand down in about five seconds. His face was stunned and you were smiling. 

“That’s unfair!” Seth was shoved out of the way by Jack Swagger and he put his hand up. You matched his hand again, Kevin held your hands still then let go. Jack was a little harder but not by much, it was more like ten seconds before his hand was smashed onto the table. Unlike Seth, Jack smiled and gave you a high five. “Okay so your arms are strong but I bet you can’t squat that much!” You turned to look at Seth, annoyance radiating off you. 

“You just like to be proven wrong,” you said. You moved and pointed down at your legs. “You don’t get legs like this or an ass like this without squatting a lot.” Becky laughed. 

“Show me!” You rolled your eyes and turned to Sheamus, the heaviest guy there. 

“Do you mind?” He looked at you, shocked. 

“Honey I don’t know if you can,” you rolled your eyes. 

“How much do you weigh?”

“About 270,” you laughed.

“I can do it.” He didn’t look convinced. 

“Don’t drop me dear,” he said. You moved over to him, Becky dragging a stool behind you.

“Jack can you spot me?” He nodded and walked up behind you, he lightly placed his hands on your hips. “You ready Sheamus,” he just groaned. You squatted down, putting your head right by his stomach, and grabbed his neck with one hand and grabbed his leg with your other hand.  You took several deep breaths and then picked him up on your shoulders. Everyone gasped loudly and Seth’s eyes widened.You looked up at the light above you and squatted, your butt touching the stool. You pushed out all your breath and stood up. You leaned over so Sheamus’ feet could touch to the floor. All the people around you clapped their hands and Sheamus gave you a side hug. 

“Not many people can do that little lady, impressive.” You winked at Seth, who’s face was rather red. 

“Still don’t believe me?” said Becky. 

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being A Well-Toned Kick Boxer

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Can you do a BTS reaction where they find out that their GF is a kickboxer and has lots of muscles?

Jin: *mouth hanging open*

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Suga: huh….

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J-Hope: Please don’t hurt me

Rap Monster: Well damn. *smiles*

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Jimin: Lets compare *winks*

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V: Can I touch your arm muscle?

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Jungkook: Wanna arm wrestle? *smirks*

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Coulson and Bucky get into a heated argument about some random trivia about Steve that nearly comes to blows because







Steve really really wants to intervene, but he didn’t even know he had a birthmark on his butt.

Graced Soul Part 4

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Title: Graced Soul Part 4

Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar, Crowley

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff? Angst?

Word Count: 2,401

A/N: OH MAN. This is the end of this series! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! However, never fear I have another Dean series coming up! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 Part 1  Part 2  Part 3!  Requests for prompts are open still C: That list is here!

You waited outside of the bunker with Cas, Gabriel and Balthazar as Dean and Sam packed their “go bags”.  You stared into the distance as the wind blew through your hair.  You watched the leaves on the trees blow in the wind.  You focused on the leaves, watching them switch direction.

“You’re learning already,” Balthazar smirked, playfully nudging your arm.

Dean and Sam came out of the bunker, shutting the door.  Dean padded up to you, lacing his fingers with yours.  You waved Sam over to you, grabbing his arm.  “We’re about to cause a little hell.”  You disappeared with the Winchesters, appearing just outside the abandoned house.  Castiel, Gabriel, and Balthazar showed up only seconds after you.

Castiel and Gabriel took out the angel blades they had with them.  You held out your hand, “Dean did you pack my angel blade?”

“You know I always do,” Dean smiled, putting the blade in your palm.

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The Seven Stages of Drunk Kaidan

A very silly drabble I wrote for Day 1 of Kaidan Appreciation week (humour!) about a very drunk Kaidan. Enjoy! 

A thunderous crash followed by the sound of breaking glass reverberated up through the floor of the apartment, so loud it was easily audible over the pumping music and shrieks of laughter from the kitchen below. Alex Shepard froze, horrified, as she heard Kaidan’s distinctive drunk laughter. 

Oh no.

She knew that laugh. She feared that laugh. It was the laugh of someone who was up to no good and about to do something stupid. Excusing herself from Traynor and Tali, she hurried downstairs and came to an abrupt halt as she took in the scene before her.

Kaidan, his shirt unbuttoned and dark hair ruffled and wild, stood on her dining room table with the chandelier and several chunks of ceiling lying in a broken heap beside him. A crowd had gathered to watch and Joker and James were yelling words of encouragement. Samara, her mouth a flattened line of disapproval, looked on in unsmiling dignity, and EDI watched from across the room.

“I am a biotic god!” Kaidan declared loudly, wobbling unsteadily and slurring his words. He clutched a whiskey bottle in one hand, and with a flourish he tossed it up into the air and caught it in a biotic field. “Behold my power!”

“Oh no,” Alex groaned, burying her face in her hands as the inebriated biotic howled wildly and sent the whiskey bottle zooming around the room, flying it low over Grunt’s head and cackling madly as the krogan chased it like a dog with a stick. She turned to face Garrus, aghast. "Garrus, what happened? Who let him get that drunk?“

The turian cleared his throat awkwardly. "Yeah, sorry about that. James and Joker were giving him shots of Ryncol. I tried to stop them but, well, James wanted to see Kaidan drunk. Properly drunk.”

James! She thought furiously, he’d pay for this!

 The rest is under the cut! :)

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The Unbelievable Arm Wrestle

Context: Playing Horde of the Dragon Queen when in the wine cellar of Greenest Keep.

DM(me): “You observe the barrels seeing a gap behind some stacked barrels. You’re going to have to move them aside”

Paladin (OOC): “Me and our soldier are pretty strong, so lets do that to decide who moves the barrels” (In Chara.) *pats the soldiers shoulder* “You wanna arm wrestle to see who moves them?”

Our high elf player ( @nerdwrapper ) is interested and challenges both the Paladin, and the Soldier to an arm wrestle.


Paladin: 5

Soldier: 7

High Elf: 11

DM: *laughing* “The High Elf rolls up his sleeve to reveal his twig arms, but flexes, his arm suddenly seems to grow in muscle mass as he flexes, he then beats both of them at an arm wrestle”

High Elf: “Can I role for how awesome I feel?”

*rolls* 19

DM: *loosing it* “You roll up both your sleeves and then proceed to flex your muscle gaining arms, then move the Wine Barrels out of the way, in pairs.”


I was so disappointed when Bella ended up being the super-newborn. Wouldn’t this have been more fun?


Two milliseconds after waking up

Edward: Ow! Carlisle, get her off me! Help!


In the nursery

Bella: But it’s been three days, and she’s already changed so much! Just let me hold her!

Jacob (guarding crib): You’re kidding, right?


In the backyard

Bella: Wanna arm-wrestle again?

Emmett (backs away slowly): Um, I gotta wash my hair…


In Carlisle’s study

Carlisle: It’s quite remarkable. I never thought that any vampire could be this clumsy.

Bella: Well, it’s just a newborn thing, right? It’ll get better?

Carlisle: I’m afraid not. I spoke with Eleazar and we are agreed that Supernatural Clumsiness is your gift. It’s only going to worsen with the centuries.

Bella: Oh no! What am I supposed to do?!

Esme (gently): You can stay away from my house, darling. Far away.


In the garage

Rosalie: Don’t even think about going in my garage. And no, you may not use your Ferrari.


In Forks

Charlie: Oh my, Bells, what… uh, sharp… teeth you have?


In the cottage

Edward: HELP!!!

  • Oliver S1: must save city... corrupt white men must die... pain, suffering, cannot be fixed... *monologues in dark room*
  • Team Arrow S1: *Diggle sighs* white boys, *Felicity stumbles* abs
  • Olicity S1: *Blush* *Giggle* *Babble* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Oliver S2: *looks at dick* okay we've made some mistakes in the past but we're gonna remedy them *sleeps with Sara* *sleeps with Isabel* ....... oh no
  • Team Arrow S2: *Diggle sighs* white boys, "HI MY NAME IS BARRY ALLEN OMG SCIENCE !!!! UR THE VIGILANTE.... A-W-E-S-O-M-E", *sexual tension*,*BISEXUAL GIRLFRIEND???*,"You're right the guys a psycho" ಠ_ಠ
  • Olicity S2: feelings... yeah right !? HAHAHA what feelings? I don't have feelings for Felicity *stumbles* HAHAHA "I LOVE YOU" it's called... *ACTING*, *tightens abs, walks around shirtless constantly* ᕦ(ʘ‿ʘ)ᕤ *FELICITY NOTICE ME*
  • Oliver S3: *taps on grim reapers shoulder* supppp i'm feeling testy wanna arm wrestle? ... "MASEO... BRO", "ROY... BRO", "DIGGLE... BRO" ...... "LAUREL NO!!!!"
  • Team Arrow S3: *Diggle takes a nap* I AM OF NO USE ANYMORE, *Oliver counts Team Arrow members* *sweats nervously* *...5, 6, 7, 8*, *Barry flashes in* META HUMANS YO, *Ray Palmer winks* IMMA STEAL YOUR COMPANY AND YOUR GIRL YO, *Malcolm Meryln struts in* MURDER YO, "What kind of a psycho would put that thing there" ಥ‿ಥ
  • Olicity S3: "WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO TO DINNER WITH ME" *gasp* "MULTITASKING" ;) "IT WAS RED" *SCREAMS* ... *footage of episodes 2 to 8 cannot be found* *footage deleted from memory and erased from the stratosphere* ... "I LOVE YOU" *impales self with chair leg* *jumps out of window*... episode 15 *looks at camera like in the office*