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theory: instead of the original pure animosity we were offered in the original look at justice league, aquaman and batman are going to end up being what i call “do it for the vine” bros. not even necessarily bros, just two dudes who could look at each other and know that they’re both thinking of pulling the same stupid stunt. what if i surfed on your danger car, batman? what if i flung you off my danger car, aquaman? all in all, it is much more dangerous than the simple hatred we thought of before

Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

Beer Brands & Witchcraft

Everyone enjoys a good beer and everyone has a brand of beer they’re loyal to, but what if you’re a witch and you wanna use your beer in your craft? Well beer already is powerful, it’s good for grounding, cleansing, and general good energies but certain brands and bottle color might effect or change the properties and uses.

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  • Rolling Rock - This brand is a pale brew bottled in a green bottle and made from wheat and barley. Barley is used in protection and healing but the green bottle could represent good fortune and money so I’d recommend using this brand in money, healing, and luck spells, maybe even in warding too.
  • Heineken - Another brand that is a pale brew and bottled in green, like Rolling Rock it can be used in good luck and money spells.
  • Budweiser - Another pale brew brand but made from rice and barley, rice brings healing, fertility, protection, and security and the coloring of the bottle, brown, represents home, hearth, stability, and honesty. So, for protection spells, fertility spells, and divination use this brand.
  • Guinness - All the way from Ireland now we have the dark brew and made from barley, it’s strong and powerful taste and aroma will add oomph if you add this to spells, specifically fertility and protection spells.
  • Corona - A brew made from rice and corn, since we already covered rice early I’m gonna move onto what corn represents; corn represents prosperity and abundance so you can use these in healing, fertility, money spells, and divination. 
  • Blue Moon - This is a brew I haven’t actually gotten the chance to use yet but it’s got some great properties. Blue Moon is made with orange peels, orange peels can be used for divination and love. So Blue Moon is great for divination and love spells.
  • Yuengling - This beer is another pale brew made from corn and barley, use in money, healing, and fertility spells.

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen flies home earlier than planned and what he finds in his house is a pleasant surprise.

Prompt: “Um…did you move into my house?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,061 

Requested by: @tas898

Jensen lets out a huge sigh of relief pulling into his garage. He throws his dark gray SUV in park and hauls ass into his country styled house, suitcases in tow. He’s finally made it home to Austin, after a grueling few weeks of shooting nonstop. 

Sighing dramatically, Jensen decides it’s time to stuff his face with junk food and catch up on Game of Thrones. Humming to himself, he makes way down the hall but then suddenly freezes. He’s hearing loud movements and…a Seinfeld rerun playing?

For a split second, the thought that someone broke in crosses his tired mind. His dumb ass quickly remembers the house has an extensive alarm system so the noise must be from you.

You being his long time best friend that randomly checks on the house when he’s gone. Other than his parents and Jared, you’re the only one he trusts to do that. You’re one of the few he trusts in general actually.

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5 Times Nursey & Dex Slept in the Wrong Bunks

And one time it didn’t matter.

NurseyDex, 4300 words, rated Mature, here on AO3

Welp, I finally gave into the temptation to write a little NurseyDex fic! I just love these two dorks so damn much, and I couldn’t resist the possible implications of the dib flip. Please direct all complaints to @exhuastedpigeon, who encouraged this whole mess. (But IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, thanks to Hannah for being the best ever enabler/cheerleader.)

“You sure you don’t wanna beer?” Nursey asks. He stretches off the bed to waggle his can in front of Dex’s face, but he just bats it away with an irritated huff.

“Fuck off,” he bites. “I have an exam at 8 am, and I need to finish this so I can actually get some fucking sleep.”

He shrugs and leans back against the wall, stretching his legs across Dex’s bed. Nursey won the top bunk during a coin flip—Bitty’s joke about the chances of another stuck coin was not appreciated—but much to Dex’s chagrin, he’s often too lazy to climb all the way up there when he’s doing homework or whatever. Dex prefers working at the desk, anyway, so it works out. And actually, the whole sharing a room thing is going better than most people had anticipated. They still give each other shit about pretty much everything, but they weirdly work pretty well as roommates. They’re both still alive, at least.

A sudden shout from somewhere in the Haus startles Nursey, and he jerks, spilling a good portion of his nearly-full beer can all over Dex’s bed.

He freezes, sucking in a breath as he stares down at the wet sheets. Okay, so he’s probably not gonna be alive for much longer. Well, it was a good run.

Finally, he glances up. Dex looks murderous, and Nursey can’t hold back his grimace.

“Nurse!” he yells, banging his hand against the desk. “What the fuck! I just said I have to go to bed early, and—”

“I’m sorry!” he interrupts, a lot louder than he meant to. It works, though, because Dex shuts up, his eyes wide. “It was a shitty thing to do, but it was an accident. I’ll wash your sheets and you can sleep in my bunk, okay?”

Dex opens his mouth, still looking surprised, but nothing comes out. Nursey turns away, carefully moving his books off Dex’s bed so he can strip the sheets. At least the beer doesn’t seem to have soaked into the mattress too much, thank god—as much as they live in a frat house, basically, Nursey would prefer if their room didn’t smell like it.

By the time he comes back to their room, just to get a book to read while he waits for the laundry to finish, the lights are out and Dex is sprawled across Nursey’s bunk, fast asleep on his stomach with one hand dangling just over the railing. It’s weird like it always is to see him asleep, quiet and calm like he never is when he’s awake, his big body stretched out in a relaxed slump.

Flushing, Nursey averts his gaze and rummages on the desk for his book.

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Casual Affair

Summary: You run into Sam and Dean after not seeing them for a few years. You and Dean reminisce.

Request: I saw someone else request this but a dean x reader fic with the song casual affair. Like the reader and dean have known each other for like 10 but they haven’t seen each other in awhile and when they finally do see each other it leads to smut. Requested by Anon

A/N: Feel free ask to be tagged again, I’m getting things straightened out finally and there’s room on my tag lists again <3

-Feedback is always appreciated!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male receiving), I think that’s it <3

Word Count: 1.9k

Casual Affair - Panic! At the Disco

Originally posted by rocksaroundthesuns

You and Dean locked eyes with each other the second you spun around in the barstool. You hadn’t seen him in what had to be at least three years; but his voice still sounded the same. Deep with a touch of optimism lingering in there somewhere.

His green eyes were a sight to see after stopping at a bar to drown your sorrows after letting that damn shifter get away.

“Dean Winchester.” you said loudly as a smile spread across his face.

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The In-Between Part 2

Summary:  This is a college!AU where Sam and the reader attend the same university.

Characters: AU!Sam x Reader, AU!Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (oral, male and female receiving, fingering, unprotected sex), Angst, swearing

Word Count:  2622

A/N:  This is Part Two, you can find Part One HERE.  I loved going back to college so much that this became a series.  There will be at least three parts.

Thank you to my lovely pal @wheresthekillswitch for being my MastaBeta on this one.

Italics are the end of Part One.

Gif is from Google Search, credit goes to the owner. 



Dean whips the car around in a u-turn, parking by the sidewalk where you’re standing.  His control of the car is unbelievably sexy.  He shuts off the engine and climbs out, the car doors squeaking as he does.

“It’s good to see you,” he says, pulling you into a hug.

“You too.  What’re you doing here?”

“I live here,” he says a little sheepishly.  “I moved here when Sammy got accepted.  I work in a shop downtown.”

“Oh, that’s great.”

“What about you, why are you here?”

“I live here too,” you laugh.  “I bought my place,” you gesture down the street, “when I got accepted.”

“No family?” he asks.

“No, just me.”

“Yeah, it’s just me and Sam.”

The conversation lulls for a moment.

“Well, I was just heading home; you wanna join me for a beer and maybe some food.”

“Yeah, I’m off work.  Lead the way.”

The two of you walk towards your house in an easy silence.


“So when’d you get back into town?” Dean asks, leaning back against the couch.

“A few weeks ago,” you say, setting your beer on the coffee table.  You plop down next to him.  “It still feels weird being back and only hearing English.” You laugh.  “But the timing couldn’t have worked better, I needed to get away and clear my head,” you say a little more seriously.

“I’d say going to the other side of the planet is definitely getting away.”  He chuckles.  “But you’re ok now?”

“Yeah.  I mean, do I wish things had gone differently? Absolutely, but what’s done is done.  The only way through is forward, right?”

“That’s an extremely well adjusted approach.”

“Six months can give you some perspective, I guess.”

“Well, if you ask me, he was an idiot.  Don’t get me wrong, Jess is a nice girl, but you…”

He gestures at you and you can’t suppress the blush that floods your cheeks.  You look down trying to get your face under control when Dean gently slips his finger under your chin, tilting your face up.  His green eyes searching and before you can think, speak or even breathe his mouth is on yours.  Your eyelids flutter shut as his full lips press against your lips, you part them deepening the kiss.

Instinctively you scoot closer to one another.  Wrapping your arms around his neck you run your fingers up and through his hair.  He growls into our mouth, playfully biting your lower lip.  His strong hands grip your hips and he pulls you over him, your legs nestled on either side.  You run your hands down his firm chest, skimming your hand under the hem of his shirt.  Dean breaks the kiss long enough to pull his shirt and yours over your heads.  A sound you can’t quite describe escapes his lips as he takes in your lace bra.

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 2/?)

NOTE: Thanks for the good feed back, guys! So here comes part 2, unfortunately I’m stupid and in the middle of writing I realised I wrote this one in first person. Anyway, tell me which person do you prefer (I can try the third next time lol). This one is bit longer than the previous one, I hope you’ll like it xx

I spent most of the Saturday with Sheri so I didn’t have much time to think about the hot tub thing, but Sunday… Most of the day I sat at my room, reading book, even though better word would be holding. I stared at one page for an hour and haven’t read a single word.
Was I too hard on him? I mean, I joked around and made innuendos with all the jocks all the time, including Monty, but leaving him like that in the hot tub is something on a whole new level.
Whatever, he started it and he deserved it. But memories of his lips and if his hands on my body still gave me chills.
Fuck you, Montgomery, I whispered.

Next day at school wasn’t anything special until I came to the chemistry lesson, a little bit late.
“Please, take a sit, Ms. Y/L.N”, teacher barely even looked at me.
I looked around the classroom and spotted last empty chair. Next to Montgomery.  
“You gotta be kidding me”, I mumbled under my breath.
“Hey, you”, I sat on my chair.
“Hey”, he kinda acted normal, kinda stared at me.
“How was the rest of the party, huh? You smoked some weed, play some video games?”, why am I like this, why did I even started this topic.
“I had to jack off in the hot tub. Because of you”, he whispered through his clenched teeth.
“Ew, does Bryce know about it?”, I prayed for him to shut up, afraid that someone would hear something and honestly, I couldn’t imagine anything some embarassing than people finding out that two of us made out.
“You will regret it.”
“Yeah, right”, I snorted.
His hand went behind me and his fingers started running along my spine. I tensed up trying not to show that it had an effect on me.
“Okay class”, teacher finally started lesson, “most of this semester, you’ll work in pairs, so look at your neighbour and say Hi to your new partner”.
I slowly turned my head to look at Montgomery, now disgusted even more then when he mentioned jacking off in the hot tub.
“What did you get in chemistry last semester?”, I asked.
“What do I need to play in the team?”
“C average or above”, everyone in sports teams said it like a mantra, it was literally the only condition, that has to be fulfilled to be in the team. “So it was C?”, I guessed.
“Well, yeah, what did you get?”
“A”, I sighed knowing all the work would be on me this semester.

Next day I was in cafeteria, waiting in the line to get my food, wearing my cheerleader suit.
“You’re looking good, you know?”, I heard annoying voice behind me.
“Why don’t you just get ‘lookin’ good’ tattoed on your face?”, I answered bored. “Besides, you have seen me in cheerleader suit a thousand times.”
“Yeah, but last Friday I took a good look at you in bathing suit…”
“No way”, I interrupted him with sarcastic tone.
“… And now I know what’s under it”, he continued.
“What has gotten into you today?”, I asked, little bit shocked with his dirty talk.
“I told you, you will regret”, he whispered.
“So you gonna sexually harrass me for the rest of my life?”, I turned around to look at him and saw Clay Jensen coming up.
“Hey, Jensen”, I said bit louder so he could hear.
He waved at me and smiled.
“Did you talk to Jeff?”, I asked. “US history and English will be kicking his ass once again.”
“Yeah, I spoke to him and yeah I will tutor him”, he said as he walked by.
“Thank you”, I gave him a high five. “You’re da best.”
“Thanks, Y/N”.
“Real MVP!”, you shouted and he laugh.
I finally got my food, grabbed the tray and went to the table not waiting for Monty. I barely sat went Jessica came over with a smile on her face.
“Okay, bitches, party at my place, Friday, 7pm”, she said, punched my arm and went.
“Seriously, you have to stop doing it! Where are you going?”, I shouted.
“To spread the news!”

Friday came up and I really didn’t feel like coming. Again.
“You always complain, but still come go the party and have a great time”, Jess said when we were walking home from school. “So stop making up excuses, or I swear I’ll slap you.”
“You can’t fight with an argument like this, I guess”, I sighed.
My parents didn’t have anything against the party, they didn’t put much interest in me as long as my grades were good and I was in cheerleaders team.

I showed up at Jessica’s at 7, and was one of the firsts, because 7 really mean 9, but it was okay. My plan was to get buzzed (and I really wanted to get drunk that night) before party starts for good and to avoid Montgomery. Good thing was that after Tuesday talk in cafeteria he kinda stopped annoying me.
By 10 pm I was properly drunk, so when Justin asked if I want to play spin the bottle with him and few other people of course I was like “Duh, fuck yeah”. I sat the floor between Sheri and Zach.
“Hey, Monty, you play?”, Zach asked and moved slightly making place for Montgomery to sit between us.
It didn’t really bothered me, because last three days he had been acting normal, so I thought he finally accepted the fact he got played.
After few spins bottle pointed at me, I leaned towards Troy and gave him a quick kiss. I spinned the bottle and it pointed Monty. With poker I turned to him and kissed him as quickly as I did with Troy. He spinned and it pointed on me again.
“Seriously?!”, I sighed.
He quickly wrapped his arm around my neck, turned us, so people couldn’t really see our faces and kissed me stucking his tongue in my mouth. It lasted way too long than typical kiss in the game.
“At least first bring her a drink, Montgomery”, Justin said and threw chips in our direction.
“Easy, hot head”, I mumbled as I moved away without looking at his face.
Few minutes later game was over, mostly because Jessica and Justin turned it into make out session. I got up and went to the kitchen, to make myself another drink and grab something to eat.
One minute later I felt someone smacked my ass.
“Did you just…”, I didn’t even have to look to know who it was. “You’re fucking disgusting, you know that?”
“Maybe, but somehow I think you you’re into it and you like what is going on between us”, he took a sip of my drink without asking.
“Oh my God, you’re also fucking ridiculous”, I said with my eyes wide open. “I’m too sober for that shit”, I drank whole drink at once.
“You swallow fast”, he said with cocky smirk on his face.
“One more word and I’ll throw up at you, I swear”.
“Yo, Y/N”, I heard Jeff calling my name.  “Wanna go for a beer run with me?”
“With pleasure”, I answered and run to him without even looking and Monty.
In the car Jeff told me how he helped Clay and Hannah with their twisted situation, clearly proud of himself that for once he turned out to be smarter than Clay.
“You’re good guy, Atkins”, I smiled at him. “All you want is to play baseball, have a good grades and help Clay with Hannah and that’s beautiful.”
“Oh, come on, I’m gonna blush”, he laughed.
“No seriously, I will tell every girl that you’re the most pure, sweetest cinnamon roll and that you’re different than others and don’t care about scoring".
Weird grin showed up on his face.
“You already scored today, didn’t you?”, I punched him in the arm. “I take my words back, you’re awful”, I laughed. “How does it happen that everyone make out with everyone, except me?“
“You know…”, Jeff moved in the seat. “It’s probably cause you always seem so… tied… And stressed”
“Excuse me?”, I turned on the seat.
“Well, you know, compared to other cheerleaders… Look, they don’t give a shit about anything, they don’t give a shit about school, about grades, they don’t give a shit even about cheerleading. And you care about everything and that’s why you seem more stressed than them”, he tried to explain. “Take a chill pill, make out with someone, have some fun”, he punched my arm.
(Un)fortunately his words and the drink I drank and once before leaving for beer run, both hit me at the same time. Super drunk me decided to make out with somebody. Anybody. We came back, I left the car and started walking towards Jessica’s home, having big troubles with walking in straight line.  
“Y/N, for fuck’s sake, just be careful”, Jeff shouted for me.
“Yeah, yeah”, I mumbled getting into the house.
I looked around and spotted Montgomery sitting on the couch, doing something of his phone. I went there, sat next to him and put my hand on his thigh.
“It’s a party, Monty, put this phone away and have some fun”, I said.
“Huh, look who’s gotten friendly”, he looked at me suspiciously.
“I know, I’ve been a bitch but I went for that beer run with Jeff, you know, and I realized some things”.
“Really, what things, for example?”, he put his arm around me.
I didn’t answer him, I stared at his face instead, giggling.
“God, you’re handsome”, I said glancing at his lips.
“Okay, here’s what we gonna do”, he leaned towards me and whispered into my ear, “I’m gonna go upstairs, to Jessica’s room, and you’ll join me in few minutes”, his lips were touching my ear.
I nodded my head, Monty quickly kissed me on the neck and basically run upstairs.
“I’m gonna get laid”, I mumbled to myself. “I think I’m gonna get laid.”
“Hey Y/N”, Jessica jumped on the couch.
“Where have you been, I was looking for you.”
“I was on a beer run with Jeff.”
“Goood, I was afraid we run out of alcohol, but then Jeff came in like a Superman with sixpacks”, she giggled.
“I think I need some water”, I smiled at her and left to the kitchen, I need to get rid of her.
I poured myself a water, drank it and run upstairs. When I opened door to Jessica’s room, it was dark inside. I closed and locked the door.
“Montgomery?”, I whispered.
I heard steps behind me, second later Monty pushed me to the wall, grabbed my wrists put them above my head. His hands went down the sides of my body, until he grabbed my thighs and pulled me up, so I could wrap my legs around his waist.
He laid me on the bed his lips went from my down neck to collarbones and started sucking it just like a week ago.
“Monty”, I punched his arm.
He pulled up, stroked cheek, and said, “Today I make the rules”, shiver went down my spine.
“Fuck”, I mumbled.
His hand went from my thigh to my breast and squizzed it. The other one pulled dress up, he started kissing my stomach, getting lower and lower, sucked my belly button, probably causing huge hickey around it, but I really fucking didn’t care. His head went up and he kissed my lips again. I felt his fingers sliding into panties which only turned me on more.
I started unbottoning his shirt but he grabbed both of my wrists with spare hand.
“Keep your hands yourself”, he whispered and slided his fingers into me.
I scratched his back.
“You like that?”, he asked as he curled his fingers and pumped them again and again.
“Fuck, Montgomery, I want you, just fuck me already”, I moaned.
“Does it turn you on?”, another pump.
I nodded my head and bit my lip trying to not make any noices. It was dark, my eyes were closed, butcould sense fucking cocky smirk on his face. He slided out of me and sat bed.
“Monty, why did you stop?”, I also sat on bed and switched the light on.
He bottoned up two bottons I had undo and fixed his hair.
“What the fuck are you doing?”, I asked.
He stood up, leaned towards me and looking me in the eyes said, “Guess you can’t play the player, huh?”
“Are you kidding me?”, I shouted.
“It was fun, see you on Monday”, he unlocked the door, smiled at me and left the room.
I sat there speechless for a few good minutes.
“What the fuck did just happen?”, I asked myself out loud.
I fixed my hair, took a deep breath and decided to go back to the party.
“Fucking bastard”, I mumbled.
I went down and sat on the couch next to Jess.
“Why don’t you have any drink?”, she asked.
“I’m good, thanks”.
“You know, to be honest, you look a little fucked, break will be good for you”, she said, even though she was the one who was barely able to speak. “ Where the fuck is Justin?”, she looked around.
“He’s playing beer pong with Montgomery”, Alex Standall sat on a chair in front of us.
“Cool, thanks Alex”, Jessica got up. “You’re not coming?”, she asked me.
“No thanks, I’m good, just gonna sit for a while”, I answered but she was gone before I even stopped talking. “How’s the party, Alex?”
“I love her”, he mumbled, looking after Jess.
“Oh God”, I rolled my eyes. “You two dated for like two months, year ago, seriously man, get over it”.
“It’s love. It’s not logic”, he sighed.
“Alex, I’m not saying this because I’m a bitch or because I root for Jessica and Justin. I’m saying this because you’re good and you deserve to be happy, okay? Move. On.”
Said me. Person who couldn’t get over the fact that she got played by a player because she tried to get him played. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.
I walked around the house, looking for Jeff, who was supposed to drive me home. Instead I bumped on Sheri. I pretended to listen to her while I was discretly watching Montgomery talking to some girl, wrapping his disgusting arm around her.
“…are you even listening to me?”, she shaked my arm.
“Umm, yeah, I was just… Looking at driveway, but I can’t spot Jeff’s car”, I lied quickly, in the meantime Monty got back inside.
“He went for another beer run”.
“Okay, I gotta go”, I smiled at her and went to the house.
I saw de la Cruz shouting something to Justin as he was walking upstairs and then got into bathroom.
I got you, you little fucker, I thought, went upstairs and stood next to door as if I was waiting in the line.
“Are you waiting to get to the bathroom?”, Troy, the baseball player, patted my shoulder.
“Yeah, yeah, I am”, I had to get rid of him, “Umm, you know… I feel a little bit sick, so it may take a moment…”
“Are you gonna throw up?”
“Maybe… As I said, it may take a moment. But you can use bathroom downstairs, it’ll probably be faster.”
“Good idea, you’re smart”, he pointed at me. “Take care, Y/N”
“Bye, Troy”, I chuckled watching him, when he was trying not to kill himself on the stairs.
And I heard door getting unlocked. Montgomery opened them and then I pushed him back inside and locked the doors again.
“We are finishing it now”, I said, grabbed his neck and kissed him.

anonymous asked:

Would you possibly maybe please write a lil somethin about a part early in the Evak relationship where Isak's been pretty nervous to show public PDA but then they're at a PARTY and things are getting LIT and Isak's had too much to drink but he wasn't supposed to be drink bc Even wasn't drinking (meanwhile Even convinced Isak to get shitfaced bc he thought it was hilarious) and then the boysquad's like, where's isak and even? And they turn around to see Evak passionately making out in a corner

aaaaah!! it starts with them and their friends sitting on this couch,talking and drinking and in the beginning theres still a tiny space between isaks and evens bodies and even understands that and doesnt push and gives isak an reassuring smile each time isak looks at him guilty and then as the night goes on ,isak is drinking more and their bodies keep inching closer and its ?? exciting ,kind of? the brush of their skin against each other as they move when they laugh or when isak reaches for his glass and even subtly tries to stop isak but isak just smiles and then later when theyre playing a game and isaks had more to drink and something funny happens, isak puts his hand on evens thigh and pats it without thinking about it, and no one comments on it bc why should they. and then isak is moving his head closer to evens and whispers a “wanna help me get some beer” and it sends a shiver down evens spine bc its unusual but then theyre getting up from the couch, isak dragging even by his hand, into the kitchen and its empty and they stop in the middle and evens like “so. i guess theyre in the fridge?” and isak is lazily beaming up at him and even chuckles “what?” and isak starts stepping back until his back hits the counter and he doesnt break eyecontact and then hes like “kiss me” and even almost takes a step forward but then thinks and says “youre a little drunk” and isaks like “research show drunk people are better at kissing” and even frowns with a laugh “i doubt thats true” but moves anyway, his hands finding isaks waist and isak licks his lip and evens like “are u trying to seduce me” and isaks like “is it working” and even rubs his thumb at isaks hipbone “always” and then kisses isak. and then after a moment ,there are voices comin into the kitchen, jonas and mahdi’s “wheres isak. i swear if he left with my beer” and then they stop when they see isak and even against the counter and jonas lets out a “,,bro” and even pulls back and isaks like “i dont need your stupid beer” with a grin and mahdis like “i wouldnt have given it to you anyway. or i’d have you pay them back” and then he goes to the fridge to get them and when they leave isak is flipping him off but is quickly distracted when evens lips are back on his own and they let the loud music pump the blood through their veins:’)

Pong Partner

A Shawn Mendes fanfic. 


A/N: I can’t believe I fucking wrote this. It’s long af and the smut part sucks but it’s my first time writing anything like this so keep that in mind. Feedback would be lovely xoxo (also if you’re not into smut, the smut doesn’t come til the end & it’s fluff up until then)

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Wild Turkey Woman

Summary: Killing time and liquor in a hotel room with Dean.
Pairing: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1420
Warnings: Language, drinking, sexy times, implied smut. 
Challenge: @winchester-writes’s Birthday Drinking Challenge; my prompt was Wild Turkey and, “Why is it I only drink this when I’m with you?” as well as @chaos-and-the-calm67‘s Milestone Challenge, wherein my prompt was “Have You Ever Really Love A Woman” by Bryan Adams, as well as the gif at the bottom of the fic. 

Your name: submit What is this?

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When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.

anneapocalypse  asked:

The thing about Tucker is Carolina knows when he's having a bad week. Not like Wash who gets marginally quieter and more fastidious around base and might briefly, vaguely allude to being down. Tucker attaches to her like an insistent starfish whenever she stops moving for half a second. Whines. "Today sucks. Pay attention to me." Carolina snorts, and gives him an awkward pat. "You're. Cool. You're cool." "Smooth," Tucker grumbles, but he rests his head on her shoulder and she doesn't pull away.

i would write you something back for this if i wasn’t recovering from THE WATERWORKS THAT IMMEDIATELY BEGAN AS SOON AS I SAW WHAT THIS WAS

you’re a fuckin’ peach.


From JDM’s WSC Chicago panel - part 11:

Fan question: “When you were getting ready for the role of Negan, did you have any inspiration for you? When you were going to be shooting for Negan in the beginning?”

JDM: “Did I have any inspiration? Yeah, I had the comic book. That’s a huge…that’s a huge piece of information for me to have. Uhm, you know when I got the role, I was in the middle of shooting a show called The Good Wife… (cheers from the audience) Thank you, it’s like 7 people. But I don’t expect The Good Wife to be a big con kind of draw. (laughing) Ah, thanks! So I was in the middle of doing it and I got a call from The Walking Dead to come and do Negan. And I had like 3 days coming up and we had to cram it in quickly so they literally sent me a scene, which was like a 12-page monologue so I had like 3 days, in the middle of shooting another show figure out what the hell I was gonna do with Negan.

So…I was familiar with Negan. 5 years ago I was at a Comic Con and a fan, one of you, came up to me and said “Hey, have you seen the new Walking Dead issue?” I’d never seen a Walking Dead issue, period. I watched the show but I had never seen the comic book. “There was like this new character that just got introduced and he’s name is Negan. You should play him!” And like 5 months later I was at a comic book store, ‘cause I love comic books and I picked up issue #100 and I read it and I was like “Oh, fuck, I should play that guy! That would be fun as hell!” And low and behold, literally I got a call from my agent – this is a true story, you’ve probably heard it before – and my agent called and they said the Walking Dead called, they’re offering you the bid bad on The Walking Dead. And my response was: “Is it Negan?” And they’re like: “The Walking Dead won’t tell us. It’s a secret.” And I’m like: “Oh…it’s fucking Negan! And I’m fucking doing it! I don’t care what contract I gotta break with The Good Wife! I’m gonna go and do The Walking Dead!  And…I got to.

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So when I did that first episode I…I literally, it was so fast that it was about to learn all the lines but then I looked at the comic book, I looked at issue #100 to see if there’s any beats that…and sure as shit, when Nicotero shot it, I mean, literally, we took, just like we talked about with Watchmen, there were panels literally taken from it. And in the same with the first episode of season seven, kind the continuance, there’s panels directly taken from it that Greg shot. And so I’m glad I looked at the comic book, now I haven’t looked at the comic book a lot since then because I figure, I wanna do something different, I don’t know exactly where Gimple and crew were gonna take the character, ‘cause there’s enough kind of variances that I don’t need to…I don’t want to stay real current with the comic book, I know he’s still alive! Yeah! But I don’t wanna like…glue it anything in my head, and have it be different when we shoot it or the lines being different.

Like I’m really big on the fuck takes. I…I think Negan should swear, I think that’s part of his personality, who he is… Yeah, and I love what Kirkman has created with this guy, a guy that can say “Fuck, fucking, fuckity fuck!”. Is a guy I wanna have a beer with! And obviously we can’t do that with AMC, and for very good reason and all you little people in the audience – Adam – but that’s the character that was created, so we…in these scene taken from the comic book, we shoot it two ways: I memorize every scene two different ways. The edited version that we can see on AMC and I can tell you I get 7 “shits”, and like 4 “hells”, and a “Jesus” per episode. Yeah! With Negan’s dialogue, and those of you who are fans of the graphic novel, you know he’s a very colourful character! And I could use all those swearwords in like…half a scene! So we have to spread them out and we never get to use the best word, the “Negan word”. Uhm…so that was probably another good reason why I don’t read the comic book anymore, ‘cause I get so frustrated when we’re shooting and I am faced with trying to find a new variation for the F-word. I mean…there’s some toosies and it just makes me roll my eyes every time, I’m always like “All the fans are gonna kill me for sayin’ you know, some ridiculous “yahump”, whatever he says, he’s friggin’, he says friggin’, uhm, you know…

But anyway, yeah, back to your question I rambled… I’m fuckin’ exhausted, I’m just like talkin’ to myself up here now…this is me every night at my house! Just talkin’ to myself. Inspiration the comic book. That’s what I used. It was really a fast process and so I did use the comic book and there was a picture, remember I told ya, there was a frame of him kinda leaning back and…boy, look what that’s created! Now I’m a gymnast! Thank you, dude!”

Fan: “Thank you!”

JDM: “Just shut me up.  Just say “Dude, you answered it! Shut up!” (laughing) Thank you. That goes for anybody. Just cut me up!”

  • marshall atkins: yeah, geoff was more of a loner
  • nic: geoff "wanna get a beer" van sant? geoff "hey when are you free lets hang out" van sant? geoff "please let me come with you on this strange and dangerous quest" van sant? geoff "for the love of god come get a beer with me" van sant? ...yeah, okay.