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Your Defense Of That Rape Scene Makes You Sound Kinda Gross
Spoilers ahead (though at this point I don't know how you've avoided them). So, lots of discussion about the (latest!) rape scene in Game of Thrones, which has led to a whole lot of folks defending...
By onioneye

Have I mentioned how much I adore Chuck Wendig? Just a sample:


I don’t know what comes next from Theon, but unless it’s literally him donating his family fortune to RAINN and training to become a rape counselor in Westeros, I don’t see how this was appropriate or necessary. If he’s supposed to get some kind of revenge on Ramsay Bolton, well, garsh, I’d say he has enough reason to do that already, don’t you think? Do we forget the part where the young Bolton bastard hacked off Theon’s wangle-rod? Humiliated him and tormented him? Turned him from a human being into a beast named Reek? (Which I always imagine is just “Rick” said with a funny accent! As if Peter Lorre is saying it in Casablanca!)

And oh hey by the way pop culture is full of fridging women — meaning, when women characters are subject to violence only to activate MANPAIN and motivate MANACTION.

It’s not just about this one time.

It’s about the pattern across this show, across all shows, books, movies, comics.

This is my Mother’s class of Waves at the USS Hunter, Hunter College NYC. Mom Joined the Navy, to do her duty in WWII and was sent down the block to Brooklyn Navy Yard by the time she wangled possibly of  transferring to Peal Harbor where her brother a Seabee and coxin of a Higgins boat he had already shipped out so the Navy sent to the Washington Navy yard

Senate passes Keystone bill, 62-36

The Senate has passed a bill allowing the Keystone Pipeline to be built. Obama is expected to veto.

From the DC:

After weeks of wangling, the Republican-led Senate finally passed a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline after debating dozens of amendments and overcoming stiff resistance from Democrats.

But while Republicans celebrate their legislative victory, President Obama is likely readying his pen to veto the bill, and Republicans won’t likely have enough votes to override the president’s decision.

The bill was allowed to advance Thursday after senators voted to end debate on the legislation which forced a vote on a slew of amendments. The Keystone bill passed out of the Senate in a 62 to 36 vote.

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The mere fact that this pipeline is controversial at all is a testament to how successful the media is at convincing seemingly intelligent people to believe anything by invoking “the environment.” Be that as it may, I do like the fact the Senate is going to force Obama to own this.

A Cornucopia of Conundrums

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10.

Summary: “So what you’re saying is; you had a one-night stand with some yakuza lordling and now you’re preggo with his baby?” SasuSaku. AU.


Contemplating life, I see. You will, rest assured, die someday.


“Stop,” he snapped, “behaving like fucking Joan of Arc.”

Haruno Sakura; wild and furious, looking feral with her hair chopped of, shot him a scathing look. He wangled the car in reverse and pulled out of the curb. There was a long, nasty looking gash on the side of her face, a small bump on her temple and little pinpricks of glass embedded in the palms of her hands. He wondered if she were exceptionally brave or completely numb to the pain.

“You get off your fucking high horse, Uchiha Sasuke,” she seethed, angry and ethreal. “My life is unraveling in front of my eyes. I will behave like fucking Joan of Arc if I have to!”

He didn’t reply. If this small rebellion was going to help her accept this fate, then he wasn’t going to stand in her way.


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A delicacy in Gujarat, made using fresh winter produce, this dish has the perfect melange of flavours – spicy, sweet and bitter, and it is well worth wangling an invite at a Guju friend’s house.

If you are not good at that, many Gujarati food outlets or thaali restaurants add this to their menu in the winters. One serving of this and you are good for a week, as far as veggies are concerned.