Got7 Mafia Reaction: When they see you with another guy

||| @yoongiskrimandkookies​ asked: Can you please do a reaction with got7 (Mafia!AU) When they see you with another guy? |||

Jackson Wang

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He would approach you two immediately ready to fight.

“Yah Y/N! Who the fuck is this?”

Choi Youngjae

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He wouldn’t like it. Not one bit.

“If he doesn’t move away from her in ten seconds…”

Mark Tuan

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He would wrap his hand around your waist and drag you away.

“Jagi, I think I told you what happens if you disobey me.”

Park Jinyoung

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He would not so gently push the guy off of you.

“I’m sorry but do you know who you’re talking to? She’s mine.”

JB/Im Jaebum

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He couldn’t stand seeing you being all friendly with others, especially with guys.

“Is that girl serious? Talking with him like that, I will have to punish her later…”


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He would casually come up to you two, plotting how to get rid of this guy in his head.

“Baby, who’s this? I thought you introduced me to all of your friends.”

Kim Yugyeom

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He would be incredibly jealous that some other guy than him is making you laugh and would quickly steal you away.

“Sorry to disturb you, Jagi but I need you to come with me, we need to talk.”

GOT7 ⇝ You Drunkenly Confessing to Them

betchbettahavemypizza said: Got7 reaction to their BFF drunkenly confessing to them¿

A/N: I love the cliche of “BFF to Lovers” thing, so, feel free to request more stuff like this!

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*・ 。roommate!au ✧*゚

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pairing; got7 jackson x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!jackson, humor, fluff 

✎a/n; didn’t receive as much notes as i expected for roommate!seungkwan but that’s okay, as long as i know there are some of you who liked it HAHA // i received a wave of reqs in my inbox, and i’ll get to them asap! thank you to all who sent in your requests!! <3

  • roommate jackson
  • the best and worst thing in the universe that actually happened tbh
  • he was not your assigned roommate
  • you had been living in the same room with this other girl in total peace
  • bc she was like the really quiet kind but is still fun
  • but soMEHOW 
  • you got switched out with this guy
  • and you didnt know who the hell he was but that guy moved into your room and you had to move out
  • and the dorm-in-charge said it was bc the guy (who moved into your room) and his roommate had been creating lots of trouble tgt
  • you couldn’t object or anything bc hey you’re not a rebel
  • so you said your sad goodbyes to your roommate
  • and left with your luggage
  • ok it wasn’t that dramatic but
  • ya you were upset
  • you packed everything and you moved to the room you were supposed to move to
  • and it was not easy bc you literally had to move everything that was yours in your original room
  • including your little diy stuff on your desk which wouldn’t make it into the luggage
  • and some furniture. 
  • so you were going back and forth from room to room to get all your stuff
  • but suddenly this other guy appeared when you were on your 3rd trip between your new room & your old room
  • and he saw you coming out of his room so he was like
  • “are you y/n?”
  • you nodded hesitantly and was like yeah
  • “oh, hi, i’m jackson! your new roommate!”
  • you forced a smile and shook his hand and said hi and told him your name
  • jackson quickly runs past you and back into his room and drops his bag on the floor before running back out
  • “i’m suspecting you need help with moving?”
  • you laugh. “yeah.”
  • jackson was good looking, ngl
  • he looked really muscular too
  • and you were impressed lol
  • so jackson follows you to your old room and grabs all your heavy ass stuff and effortlessly brings them to your new room
  • wow????
  • ya’ll managed to bring everything over bc jackson was able to just carry them all at once HAHAHA
  • so you two settle in your room and 
  • you know how everyone has a time where there’s a super awkward silence when they first meet
  • you expected that but no 
  • there was no room for awkwardness with jackson wang
  • he was so random you didn’t even know if you should be happy or just ???
  • like while you were unpacking he just stands at the side and watches you
  • and questions everything
  • “why do you have so much stuff”
  • “were you against this planning?”
  • “how many hoodies do you have omg”
  • “are those for bio?”
  • “do you do a lot of diy stuff?”
  • “wait, are those diapers?”
  • no, those were your pads
  • “JACKSON!”
  • and he just laughs his high-pitched laughter and you laugh too
  • so aft ya’ll unpack
  • you had this string of fairy lights
  • and they used to hang over your bed in your old room
  • jackson saw them and was just like 
  • “what are those for?”
  • “fairy lights,” you told him, then looked over to your bed, which was just a few metres away from his.
  • “can i hang this over there?” you asked, nodding over to your bed.
  • you didn’t even know why you asked for permission tbh bc either way you were going to hang it over lmao
  • but jackson was so agaiNST IT YOU DIDN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY
  • “nO wHAT FOR”
  • “it’s really pretty !!!”
  • “but it’s just so long and drapey and—”
  • you didnt even care anymore and you just stood up with the string of fairy lights in your hands and went over to your bed
  • and you just stepped up on the bed and started marking off where you’d hang the lights
  • “Y/N”
  • “no jackson shush it’ll be pretty i promise”
  • jackson pouts and sulks but says nothing
  • you quickly hang the lights and it took u a while but when it was done
  • you turned off the main room lights and turned on the fairy lights and
  • voILA (ok sorry i use this so much in aus HAHAHA)
  • the fairy lights were so sparkly and pretty
  • jackson looks at it for a while and quietly acknowledges 
  • huehuehue u won
  • ok so as roommates
  • yall did whatever indirect bonding that roommates did
  • and got real close
  • bc the two of you were the lazy ass kind of people who would stay in the dorms 24/7 when yall didnt have class
  • so you guys would just talk a lot
  • and as months passed,, you found out more about him and knew him better
  • and he’s the super super hyperactive kind of person like omg he belongs in another planet istg
  • like whenever you’re watching tv you’d suddenly see a figure zoom past the tv and guESS WHO
  • it’s jackson somersaulting around the room
  • and he’d just walk to the front of the tv and do his handstands right there
  • “jackson i’m gonna push you if you don’t stop blocking my tv”
  • he doesnt budge lol
  • so you just walk over and jab his side and he crumbles bc he’s afraid of tickles
  • and you were so surprised like
  • jackson is afraid of tickles???
  • but he later found out u were ticklish too
  • like you guys were sitting on the couch, watching a movie, being normal human beings for once
  • but jackson’s hand unintentionally brushes your side and you flinch and giggle
  • and jackson turns to you in surprise before smirking
  • and tiCKLE FIGHTT
  • you’d usually be the one to lose bc you were ultra ultra sensitive and when someone tickles you
  • your breath literally gets knocked out and you are left with no strength to fight back
  • so ya ok he wins
  • moving on
  • to food 
  • this man right here
  • “it’S NOT ORGANIC, Y/N”
  • facepalms
  • the food you guys get to order is so damn limited bc
  • he has this organic policy thing where the food he consumes has to be 9873486% ORGANIC
  • and you literally just ignore him and order fried chicken
  • and when you hang up he looks at you like you just made a call to a secret agent to murder someone
  • but when the chicken comes it’s a totally different story lolol
  • he just stares at the chicken and self-hypnotizes himself
  • and you help him with it
  • “it’s chicken”
  • “yes it is”
  • “it’s healthy”
  • “……….is it really”
  • “it has a good supply of protein”
  • “yes it does”
  • “and vitamins and minerals”
  • ya it happens like that HAHAHA
  • and honestly you originally saw jackson as just a really happy and hyped up guy
  • who is like nowhere near the deep-kind who would really comfort another party
  • but no lol you were so wrong
  • there was this once where your best friend said something freaking hurtful to you and she didn’t even care about how you started tearing
  • like it was a really big fight
  • so you returned to your dorm and plunged under your sheets and started crying like a freaking ghoul
  • and jackson wasn’t in the room so that allowed you to cry your heart out
  • then suddenly the door opens and you freaking stop breathing so you could shut yourself up
  • but your body was still shaking and jackson could see that
  • so he came over and like apprehensively taps you
  • “you alright?”
  • you don’t reply, but accidentally let out a sniff.
  • jackson slowly pulls the sheets off you and you don’t fight it or anything
  • he sees how strands of your hair is stuck to your face which was wet from your tears and his heart honestly just breaks
  • bc you’d always been so happy and cheerful,, seeing you like this was just too much for him
  • so he just helps you up and hugs you and strokes your hair and coos you and does everything and anything to calm you down
  • and it takes a while but when you finally stop crying
  • you fall asleep in his arms
  • bc your eyes were just really tired
  • and the next morning, you wake up, stILL in his arms
  • like oh wow
  • and jackson wakes up after he feels you stir
  • and he desperately tries to explain
  • “no, i mean, yesterday, you, um, tears, i—”
  • and you just stop him and tell him you know
  • and you thank him
  • you were so damn grateful for him bc he helped you so much like you were literally so upset
  • but ya he was there
  • yay :’’)
  • not your typical cuddling lol
  • bc of the fact that both of you were ticklish
  • yall would flinch alot when cuddling 
  • “doNt tiCKLe mE”
  • “I DIDN’T??”
  • “dON’t toUCH mE RAPIDLY”
  • and yall would just burst out laughing bc what was going on omg yall dont even know
  • sometimes you guys would just start singing randomly uk
  • and jackson has a fairly low voice so when he tries to sing the high notes
  • “we don’t talk anymore”
  • “we don’t talk anymore”
  • “we don’t talk anymore like we used toOO DOoO—”
  • “nO jacKSON”
  • “shut up, i sound amazing”
  • “no, the windows are cracking”
  • “nO Y/N SH”
  • ya ok amazing roommate you have wew

anonymous asked:

How would the Allies Propose to their s/o. Or how would their s/o propose to them.

How the Allies propose to their S/O

America/ Alfred F. Jones

Alfred would go all out for this special occasion the American way- fireworks, music, dancing, anything and everything to make the night memorable. He would be among the most nervous to propose. Before he would pull you aside and get on one knee to make that dramatic proposal.

Britain/ Arthur Kirkland

He would plan this carefully for months on how to go about asking your hand in marriage, he may plan elaborate event such ballroom dancing and dinner. Once he feels the mood is right, he will make a huge announcement before getting on his knee to confess his love for you with ring in hand. 

Canada/ Matthew Williams

The most traditional-Although, he may do some extra steps such as making breakfast,spending the day doing whatever you want and pampering you. He may take you on a nature walk to a special spot for the both of you to have a picnic. When he deems it is the right time he signal Kuma to bring the ring. 

France/ Francis Bonnefoy

Francis would be the most romantic-You must be very special for him to want to settle down with you, so you only deserve the best. He would take you to an exquisite dinner and stroll through Paris to sight see. He may ask his BTT friends to help with setting up the perfect spot and take photos. 

Russia/ Ivan Braginsky

He would take you to his favorite place, a field of sunflowers. He may be among the most nervous to ask the question, so he will speak in Russian to help get along. He may put the ring on a flower stem and hand you the flower as his own way to proposing to you.

China/ Yao Wang

He is very traditional, so he would ask your family beforehand for their blessing to have your hand in marriage. Once both families were on board with this, he would finally make his move by taking you out to a nice romantic picnic in the park where he would propose to you.

“ Why do you even like him? He’s so ugly and looks boring.”
  • First of all how dare u
  • He was the first one to join BTS
  • Hes the reason BTS even happend
  • If you bias Jungkook then thank Namjoon
  • Jungkook joined the group thanks to him
  • IQ of 148 m8
  • Have you heard his voice?
  • His relationship with GOT7 Jackson Wang
  • He still looks handsome with radiant pink hair wtf
  • He composed 21 century girls like how the hell
  • He has an obsession with a fucking bear named Ryan, how is that not cute???
  • He supports LGBT rights
  • He can jump from conversation topics in a blink of an eye
  • He made a whole song about how soceity does not control what you want to do and who you want to be
  • Leader goals as fuck


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Got7 Mafia Reaction: Them falling in love with an innocent civilian

||| @lucifer-octavius-bob asked: Could I please request a GOT7 mafia au reaction to them meeting/falling for a happy/innocent civilian ; v ; |||

Mark Tuan

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You worked at the gas station near his house where he would come every night to buy snacks. He remembered you since the first time he saw you as he thought that it’s quite dangerous for you to work night shift alone. You would always greet him politely and with a smile which eventually lead to Mark coming to the station more often. When he became a regular, he noticed how your eyes began sparkling whenever he talked to you, he actually felt the same way, but didn’t want to risk asking you out until you did it yourself.

“Look. I know this may sound weird but do you maybe want to go have coffee with me someday?”

Mark just laughed to that. There was no way he was declining this offer.

Jackson Wang

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He was waiting for information on his mission when you walked into the coffee shop. You looked around and turned to him. He followed you with his eyes as you began approaching him. He immediately tensed up and got his gun ready behind his back.

“I’m sorry, I seem to be lost, could you tell me where the nearest station is?”

Relieved that there was no threat he quickly put his gun away.

“I can actually take you there, I was about to go myself.”

“Really? Thank you so much” you said as a big smile spread on your face.

He didn’t want to admit if but he found you completely adorable deciding not to waist anymore time in case there was somebody tracking him he too you by the hand and pulled you outside. When he got you to the station he noticed how you were shivering so he took his jacket off and put it around your shoulders.

“You can keep it.” he said turning around to leave.

“Wait!” you shouted. “Could I perhaps meet you some other day to repay you?”

Jackson thought for a while. He knew that even as much as talking to you could put you in danger but he couldn’t resist your smile and agreed.

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by monstasistar

He was tracking you down for some information. One night when you got out of work he grabbed your hand, shut your mouth and dragged you into an alley. When he got a better look at you he realised that you’re not the person he need. He could feel your warm tears on his hand that was still on your mouth. He quickly let you out of his grasp but stopped when you were about to run away slamming his hand on the wall. 

“Great.” he thought. “You’re making her even more scared.”

He looked at you from the bottom up and couldn’t help but notice how you averted your eyes from his gaze. Youngjae sighed. He thought what to do with you and decided to let you go.

“Look, I got the wrong person, could you keep this meeting between us a secret?” he asked to which you quickly nodded and left.

He didn’t trust you and tracked you for a few more days soon realizing that he was actually doing it because he wanted to see you.

“How am I supposed to approach her after what happened?” he thought facepalming.

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by parkmyjinyoung

He found this whole situation kind of frustrating. You being his neighbour and living so close to him didn’t help either. You would always inquire how his day was and whenever he saw you, you had a bright smile on. You have seen him comeback all beaten up and would always ask him to let you help.

“Don’t touch me. I can take care of this myself.” Jinyoung said shutting the door in your face, immediately regretting for being so rude. He would always come up to you after a fee hours even if it was night to apologise because he couldn’t sleep without doing it. You were sleepy but still opened the door to see him standing there.

“Jinyoung? Is everything okay?”

He give you a quick, tight hug.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled and went back to his apartment without further explanation. He was blushing like crazy after that. 

“It’s impossible to ignore a sweet person like her.” he thought.

Im Jaebum

Originally posted by wuseokkie

You were so immersed in reading something on your phone that you didn’t noticed and bumped into him. The hit was so strong that you lost your balance and your phone went flying. Jaebum having good reflexes caught both of you.

“Are you okay?”

He was still holding you above the ground and his face was just inches away. You could feel your cheeks starting to burn and was just amazed by his skill and stayed silent. Seeing as people stopped to watch what happened he pulled you to your feet to avoid attracting more attention.

“Be more careful next time.”

You quickly thanked him and went away before he could see how red you have become.

“She’s cute.” he thought, deciding to find out more about you.

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by jaesbum

He met you at his first day at college. He was quite angry that day because the other members didn’t want him to attend as it could get dangerous if he was found out. You found his book in the library chased after him to give it back.

“Excuse me!” you said grabbing him by the arm but his reflexes kicked in and he slammed you in the nearby lockers.

“What?” he asked fiercely.

You were shocked by his sudden outburst and just pulled his book up to your face.

“I believe this belongs to you.”

“I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he said letting go of you, unhappy that he let his emotions take over.

“No worries.” you answered, rubbing your head where it made impact with the locker. “But now, I guess you have to repay me somehow.”

“I guess I do.” Yugyeom laughed.


Originally posted by chickenisnotmystyleu

You were drinking at the bar with your friends while he watched you from the opposite side. After a few more shots, your friends decided to hit the dance floor and left you by yourself. Thinking no more than a few seconds if he should risk taking this opportunity he approached you.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

“Go ahead.”

“You know if we start this, it could get dangerous.”

“Why? Are you in the mafia or something?” you laughed.

“Maybe I’m.” he smirked ordering the drinks.

A/N: I’m sorry but before I knew it these reactions turned into mini scenarios.😐🙈 I hope you enjoy either way, you can request again if you would like to see this done differently!! So anyhow feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female. 😄

Got7 Reaction: Them falling for a foreigner

||| Anon asked: Could you please do a Got7 reaction to feeling attracted to a foreigner?  |||

Jackson Wang

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He wasted no time sitting around and went to talk with you. He thought it will be easy but when he approached you and he finally saw you up close, he got all nervous, completely forgetting all the languages he’s speaking.

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by choiyoungjae

He thought it can’t be that hard but when he gathered his courage and said something to you, English words started attacking him left and right, leaving him speechless but still determined to get to know you better.

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jypnior

When you told him that your English is not that good, he didn’t know what other language he should speak to you in and encouraged you to try your best, offering to teach you if you wanted which would be a great opportunity for him btw.

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by markificent

He had no idea what to do with himself because he wanted to start a conversation with you so badly, yet he didn’t know where to begin and what to say. 

JB/Im Jaebum

Originally posted by justrightforjb

He thought about all the things he could say to start a conversation with you but was genuinely surprised when he found out that you actually know Korean, making him feel attracted to you even more.


Originally posted by jungkookandyugyeomwhores

He would try to leave a good first impression but because of language barrier you both misunderstood each other completely but he somehow managed to ask you out anyway. 

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by nguyentuti

He thought it’s now or never and approached you but when you turned around with a confused expression, he realized you didn’t understand anything he said and he got all shy mostly because you looked really cute all confused like that and went to sit down and rethink his strategy.

Got7 Mafia Reaction: When their child gets kidnapped by another gang

||| Anon asked: Hello!! Can you please write a mafia!Got7 reaction to their child being taken by another gang? |||

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by jypnior

He couldn’t believe somebody was stupid enough to even try anything like this.

“I’m sorry could you repeat what you just said because if that’s true…”

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by jypnior

He would wait no longer than two seconds before rushing out to get back his child, killing as many people from the rival gang as possible in the process.

“Taking MY child was a big mistake.”

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by wanbyeokan

Something would snap in him and a scary side that’s never been seen by anyone alive would come out.

“I swear if they as much as touch her… I will have to start with their fingers then.”

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by trajktgjnr95

After hearing the news he would try to stay calm and look composed but inside a storm was brewing.

“Blood will be spilled tonight.”

JB/Im Jaebum

Originally posted by nexttimeisnotthesame

He would be so furious, even you wouldn’t be able to calm him down.

“Are they fucking serious? Of all the possible ideas they decide to take my child!?”


Originally posted by dsoulxxx

He would make sure himself that the people who dared do this got the most painful, slowest death possible.

“Begging won’t help you now.”

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by monstasistar

He would come up with a strategic plan to get his child back safely. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any havoc when he does though.

“I give you ten seconds to hide before I start hunting you all down, one by one.”

anonymous asked:

How about some headcanons for the allies with an S/O that wears glasses please? Your blog is really awesome and I love it. Keep up the good work!

// thank you! i try my best! //

America / Alfred F. Jones

  • He understands what it’s like to have glasses and have them constantly getting smudged or dirty, so he always carries around glasses cleaner with him and would be more than happy to share it with his S/O.
  • He’s always swapping glasses with them to compare eyesight.
  • He would give them special glasses cases for their birthday if he accidentally forgot.

England / Arthur Kirkland

  • He would be careful when handling them if his S/O ever handed them to him.
  • He has his own reading glasses that he uses occasionally and he usually gets them mixed up with his S/O’s glasses by accident.
  • He’s the guy who will take away his S/O’s glasses, hold up two fingers, and ask them how many fingers he’s holding up.

France / Francis Bonnefoy

  • If his S/O forgets to take off their glasses before sleeping, he’ll take them and put them up.
  • When his S/O goes to get an eye check up and get new glasses, he’ll accompany them and try to persuade them to buy the ones he thinks are cute.
  • He’ll try them on sometimes to see how bad his S/O’s eyesight is.

China / Yao Wang

  • He also wears reading glasses every once in a while and, like England, he may confuse his S/O’s with his own.
  • He’ll place cute stickers on their glasses every once in a while.
  • If his S/O doesn’t like stickers on their glasses, he’ll place them on their case instead.

Russia / Ivan Braginski

  • He’ll clean his S/O’s glasses for them if they want.
  • He’ll try on their glasses every now and then and be amazed at their eyesight.
  • He buys his S/O cute glasses cases, whether they like them or not.

Canada / Matthew Williams

  • He knows the struggles of wearing glasses, so he’ll be aware and sympathetic of his S/O
  • He has extra glasses cleaners for his S/O.
  • He gives them tips on how to care for their glasses.

anonymous asked:

How would each Allie (plus Canada) react to their s/o sneaking behind them unnoticed and scarring them as they greet them? Like 'HI, ENGLAND!"

America / Alfred F. Jones

He would let out a shriek then try to play it off cool once he realized it was his S/O.

England / Arthur Kirkland

He would spit out his tea if he was drinking any, and jolt in surprise. Once he realized it was his S/O, he would gently scold them about sneaking up on people.

France / Francis Bonnefoy

He would cry out in surprise and, once he realized it was his S/O, would pull them into a hug. He would chuckle and praise them for successfully sneaking up on him.

Russia / Ivan Braginski

He would flail out blindly and most likely pull out his “magic metal pipe of pain”. Once he recognized that it was only his S/O, he would chuckle nervously and pat them on the head while letting them know how much they scared him.

China / Yao Wang

He would jolt in surprise then immediately get into a fighting position, ready to take on anyone. Once he saw that it was his S/O, he would relax and let out a huff of annoyance. He would mutter under his breath about how he is “too old this shit” and how he didn’t understand young people these days.

Canada / Matthew Williams

He would let out a quiet scream before realizing it was his S/O and giving them a gentle hug. He would inform them about how much they surprised them and give them a kiss on the forehead.