small things i love about jackson:

-the way his top lip sorta disappears in the morning exposing his bunny teeth.

-the way he sticks out his whole tongue and lays it in his lips instead of licking it like a normal human being.

-when he sees a wang sign he spells out “王” in the air with his finger then points at the person holding it.

-the squirtle face he makes when he’s feeling shy and doesn’t know what else to do.

-when he makes a joke and gets embarrassed so he does that little laugh/scream thing to cover up his awkwardness.

-that little crazy leg thing he does when he freestyles.

-when he yells out “shimkoong” whenever the members do something cute/sexy

-anytime his petty side comes out, like the time his song got band from broadcast cause it had name brands in the lyrics so he went on a following spree on instagram and followed a bunch of luxury brands.

-when he turns into the biggest baby whenever he’s with his mom.

-when he sees/hear’s something cringy and he doesn’t know what to do with himself so he jumps on top on the the closest to him.

-when he squints his eyes and he looks adorably confused but he’s not, he’s just blind as a bat and trying to see cause he has astigmatism and refuses to wear contacts.

-his refusal to wear contacts cause he’s scared that it might roll to the back of his eyeballs.

-that little frown/lip pout thing he does.

-when he’s truly offended and all he can do is scream out “WHAT” in response.

-when he’s dancing and he pulls his hat down cause he’s rEALLY feeling himself.

-when he hyped up the other members simply for breathing.

-when he unapologetic about who he is and where he is from #chinesevibe.