wang shimin

“Antique landscape book” Department of Qing Junji nine years (1652) spring, 61-year-old Wang Shimin seclusion when the village for his son-in-law Wu Shirui made. This set of pen and ink techniques and diverse, there are imitation Huang Gonggong Songxiuqing Run, there are Wang Mengjing careful and beautiful, and learn Ni Zan sparse Qiao Qiang, also learn Wu Zhen dripping and vigorous. From the book’s style of ink and so on, these works not only inherited the tradition, but also innovation, has revealed the artistic characteristics of Wang Shimin, can be said to reflect the painter in the late landscape features, the performance of the artist’s pursuit of ancient and ink The aesthetic of taste. Wu Dao said at the end of the Qing Dynasty: “Yu possession of possession, see authentic, is the first god of the book.”