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happy 20th bday to the self-proclaimed ‘wild & sexy’ wang jaegeun, wang mandu, wang jackson, 王嘉爾! Thank you for being yourself and brightening up the group’s atmosphere. Stay crazy, our pabo!  #WildandSexyJacksonDay 

161029 ① GOT7, attack in the conference room…’Hard Carry in Canada too!’

GOT7 have completed their five weeks of ‘Hard Carry’ promotions. Through ‘Hard Carry’ that stood out with its energetic and strong performance, GOT7 whom attempted a change recorded good results with their number 1 wins on music broadcasts, entry in US’s iTunes’ main chart amongst others. They have sold over 150,000 albums and their music video on YouTube has recorded over 18 million views, making them worthy of joining the ranks of being a trendy boy group.

With a much lighter heart, GOT7 are preparing for their fanmeetings in Canada. On the 11th of November, GOT7 will be meeting fans in Vancouver and later meeting fans on the 13th in Toronto, making it a year since GOT7 met their fans in Canada. XP Sports recently met GOT7 who were absorbed in their preparations for the Canada fanmeetings. (This interview includes) Thoughts of GOT7 in ending their ‘Hard Carry’ promotions as well as the many questions GOT7 are curious about IGOT7, or also known as ‘ahgases’. Here, we’ve also productively prepared a handwritten interview, so ahgases, please read till the end! (Because of Youngjae’s health, he was not able to participate in the interview. We ask for your understanding.)

Bbyong! Where is this place?
It is JYP Entertainment’s conference room where GOT7 are having a meeting for the Canada fanmeetings!

GOT7 members who are serious after the start of the meeting.
They are being told updates from the person-in-charge standing at the front.

◆ There are plans for fanmeetings in Canada in November.

(JB) We are earnestly preparing for it now. Last year, we only had a fanmeeting in Toronto but this time around, we will be going to Vancouver as well so it’s a new feeling. They are people who are supporting us from the other side of the world. Therefore, we want to do even better. Also, when we headed over the previous time, be it the weather or the culture was really great. I’m really anticipating going over again.
(Yugyeom) We are not able to meet the Canadian fans easily so I’m really glad for these fanmeetings. Seems like it’ll be fun.

◆ Are there any special stages you’re preparing specially for the fans in Canada?

(BamBam) It’s the first time we’re performing ‘Hard Carry’ overseas. I’m curious as to the kind of reaction overseas fans will show for our ‘Hard Carry’ stage.
(JB) We’re also preparing to perform many of the other songs included in this album.
(Jackson) The other songs are the songs we composed! We composed many of the songs in this album!

GOT7 who are working are really suave~

◆ Before we know it, you’re already in your final stage for ‘Hard Carry’ promotions.  

(BamBam) I wish promotions wouldn’t end. It’s regretful. The song, the dance, the concept, the outfits, I really like all of them. I wish we could do it for a little longer.
(JB) We worked really hard for this promotions. I didn’t even realize time passing and now it’s already the ending stage.
(Yugyeom) Me too. No matter what it was, we did it enjoyably.
(BamBam)  There is nothing that bothers me. Previously, there were words/posts that weren’t so great, talks about the outfits etc but this time round, there weren’t such things so it flew well. If we continued promotions for a little longer, I would be able to feel this feeling a little longer though…

◆ ‘Hard Carry’ recorded many good results in different aspects. Out of them all, which was made you feel the best?

(JB) The fact that we were able to win number 1 for a week on music shows. Personally, it felt like a reward.
(Jinyoung) Being first place on music shows is a spot where we can personally feel (the win). Although we are also largely thankful for all the other good results, for wins on music shows, the fireworks go off and the fans congratulate us so it feels really good.

◆ ‘The number 1 win that fans created’. That thank you speech left a deep impression. However, it’s also a given that you are able to get good results because GOT7 worked hard.

(BamBam) (Number 1 wins on music shows) don’t happen just because we do well. Therefore, whenever we say our thank yous for winning number 1, we always say ‘This trophy is not our trophy but it is your trophy.’
(Jackson) I have the same thoughts. Even if we do well (work hard), there is a possibility that other people still won’t know about us. There are many singers, and there are many people who have really good music but not everyone gets to obtain good experiences like this. Because our fans listen to our music a lot, buy a lot of our albums, and show us love, which is why GOT7 is able to continuously promote. When you drink water, think of where the water came from! This water came from the fans. The fans give us drop by drop and that is how we are able to be like this.

◆ In Jackson’s case, you travel between China and Korea, and you would be even busier. Isn’t it hard on you?

(Jackson) Yes. Because I’m doing things I like, I am thankful for that in itself. There are many people who don’t get opportunities like these, and there are many people who want to do this; I have no right to say it’s hard.

In the rest time during their meeting, GOT7 members came down to the practice room.
In order to examine one more time the stages they would show during their Canada fanmeetings.
It is a time where Youngjae’s empty spot is felt even more.

GOT7, Hard Carry!

◆ During your debut interview, GOT7’s goal was ‘Showing many people our own music colour’. Afterwards, it became “With each promotion, we want to climb up a step and work our way up to success.” Do you think you’re accomplishing the two goals?

(Jackson) I think we are working on it. Whenever we do a comeback, we get clearer on ‘GOT7’s colours’. Also, we are continuously climbing up.
(JB) We should continue climbing up till the end.

◆ The result of continuous success is the growth of fans. Does GOT7 feel it too?

(All) Yes!
(BamBam) We are really seeing many fans that we are meeting for the first time. There are also many fans who say ‘I became a fan through this album’. A lot of fans like this album and it seems like we gained more fans too so it feels great. Especially Korean fans!

◆ I’m curious about the ‘GOT7’s colour’ that Jackson mentioned earlier. Can you explain in more details?

(Jackson) Can I use the word ‘intense’? Be it the music or the concept, everything intensified compared to the prior ones; we transformed into that of an ‘intense’ performance. I think this type of performance is slowly showing our colour.
(Yugyeom) ‘Dope’!
(JB) We wanted to show sides of us that were overflowing with energy so we promoted with ‘Fly’ and ‘Hard Carry’ and it seems like we were able to showcase that well.

◆ Moving forward, will you be continuing with a strong concept?

(JB) Yes. Seems like we will continually be like this.
(BamBam) We will become stronger bit by bit!
(Jackson) High performance, high tension, high energy.
(Yugyeom) In the midst of it, we will also show other sides.

◆ The choreography is more intense. Be careful of your knees.

(Jackson) However, I think we are able to capture the hearts of the public audience with performances like these.

◆ Are you exchanging your ‘dogani’* for the hearts of the masses?

(JB) With our anterior cruciate ligament. Haha
(Jackson) Of course we should exchange. Our blood and sweat!
*Dogani is a kind of soup that is made with beef knees and brisket. It is known for strengthening the joints.

BamBam’s heart surprise attack♡
Should you or should you not attack hearts with that kind of suave expression?

◆ However, there are fans who like sweet songs like ‘A’ or ‘Just Right’.

(BamBam) We’re not saying that we won’t do that kind of style. The main concept is ‘Hard Carry’ as the format. If there are opportunities, we will do songs like ‘A’ or ‘Just Right’.
(JB) Be it in the B-sides of the album, or repackages. Also, we will show cute stages during our concerts.

◆ Ah, we enjoyed the concert stages where you cross-dressed cutely.

(JB) Wah, that was really hard.
(BamBam) I had fun though!

◆ Out of all the times you’ve spent with your fans, is there a particular moment that you remember the most?

(Mark) Concert!
(JB) I’ve said this to the fans before. When they cheer for us loudly at music shows. Compared to other times, they cheer for us with much more power so it makes a huge impact on me.
(Yugyeom) If there are many singers pre-recording, the fans that get to enter recording are much lesser. However, even in those circumstances, they cheer for us so loudly to the point where their throat would hurt and I get really touched by that.
(BamBam) That’s right. It’s really touching.

◆ Out of the nicknames that the fans give you, which one do you like best?

(Mark) For me, there’s no other nickname but ‘firm-Mark’.
(Yugyeom) There’s ‘Kim Mark’. Because you’re like a Korean.
(BamBam) The foreign members all have Korean names. For Jackson, it’s Wang Jaegeun, for me it’s Bae Munbae. In Japan, they call me ‘Bae Mu Bae Mu’ and it sounds like ‘Bae Munbae’.
(Yugyeom) I like the nickname ‘Kim Yugyeom oppa’!
(Jinyoung) I like the nickname ‘Gentle-Park’. It seems like the fans are able to feel comfortable and warm.
(Jackson) There’s the nickname ‘Park-Actor’! ‘Park Actor’!
(Jinyoung) I feel sorry to actors (when I hear) about that nickname. I like ‘Gentle-Park’ over that.
(BamBam) I like ‘Bam-Chin-Ja’. It’s a combination of BamBam and ‘Michin Ja (madman)’. It’s a nickname I got when I hosted for M Countdown.
(JB) Personally, I feel like the nickname ‘Bam-Chin-Ja’ was given well.

◆ Why? Is he crazy?

(Yugyeom) BamBam is a complete ‘crazy ass’. Huk, can I even say this?

◆ What about the other members?

(JB) I like the nickname ‘Dope-bbeom’. My name is Im Jaebeom and using the last character of my name, the fans call me ‘Bbeom’.
(Yugyeom) I like ‘Im Leader’ though.
(Jackson) BbeomBbeom! I still don’t believe it. Bbeom! How about ‘BabyBbeom’?
(JB) No, I like ‘dope’.
(Jackson) We call JB ‘The best leader’. I save it like that on my phone too.
(Yugyeom) I save it as ‘Im Leader hyung’ too.
(BamBam) I save it simply as ‘GOT7 JB’.
(Yugyeom) Wah, you really don’t have any affection~
(BamBam) You have to save it like this so it’s easy to search up. If you save their nickname or if you add an emoticon, it’s hard to look it up; I don’t know how to look it up.
(Jackson) Just look it up! Ah, the nickname I like best is ‘Wang Puppy’! Also ‘Chosim Jackson’!

◆ GOT7 are continuously including your own compositions in your albums. There will be a day when you’ll be acknowledged as artists by Park Jinyoung PD.

(JB) I hope that day comes. The previous time when I made ‘Home Run’, Park Jinyoung PD complimented me and said ‘The subject matter is good. You made it well’.
(Jackson) Park Jinyoung hyung gives many compliments to everyone. However, I don’t make music to receive compliments or acknowledgements from (Park Jinyoung) hyung. Between ourselves, we work hard in doing music so we can show and present to everyone good music.
(Yugyeom) When he said to us ‘You’ve debuted for 3 years but you’re a fascinating group that still doesn’t forget their initial mind-set’, I felt thankful and touched. It means we’ve not forgotten our roots.

◆ Is there a special reason for not forgetting your roots?

(BamBam) Whenever we meet PD-nim, our actions are always the same. Since the past, we would go ‘Hyung, hello’ and then hug. Also whenever we record with PD-nim, we are nervous just the same. I guess because he sees how we’ve not changed from the start so he said that.
(JB) Also, it seems like he’s looking upon us kindly.
(Yugyeom) But, do you feel like we’ve debuted for 3 years? It’s not hitting me.
(Jackson) No. We’re not 3 years old. We’re just in our 3rd year.


Source: XP Starshot
Translated by: haetbitmark
Translations may contain inaccuracies.
Please take out with full credits.

#FlyInSeoul: Jackson supported JB when he’s about to bow but Jaebum insisted his hand so that he can bow carefully.

#FlyInSeoulDay2: After jaebum left the stage, youngjae can’t hold himself so he cried and jackson hugged him to calm him down.

#FlyInSeoulDay2: JB tried to dance a little but Jackson freaked out and told him to be careful.