Witches are planning to cast a spell on Donald Trump 

  • The worldwide witch community is mobilizing to Trump’s agenda.
  • According to Extra Newsfeed and a Facebook event, “magical groups” have been circulating a document with instructions for putting a spell on Trump at the stroke of midnight “on every waning crescent moon” until he’s no longer president. The first mass spell will take place on Feb. 24.
  • To perform the DIY spell, participants need items such as an “unflattering” photo of Trump, a Tower tarot card, an ashtray or “dish of sand” and a “tiny stub of an orange candle.” Real witches probably make their own, but store-bought is fine, too.
  • It’s worth noting that the spell won’t bring harm to Trump — only prevent him from doing harm to others. Read more (2/23/17 12:13 PM)

There are certain things that happen at Elsewhere University. Sometime your roommate goes missing and is replaced by something intolerable, or you sing just a little to well, a little to close to midnight. Sometimes that project thats worth fifty percent of your grade goes missing overnight, replaced by a pile of acorns and a single vial of something that glows and never look the same twice. Sometime, you have no choice but to go on a Quest.

When that happens, you can go into the teacher offices at midnight, English when the moon is waxing, Philosophy when its full, and Art when it waning, and meet with the Teacher.

They teach no classes, have no posted office hours, never go to board meetings, and have tenure. They are not Gentry, but that are also not human. They work all hours in their studio, making things never seen or heard by the lucky.

If you are respectful, and never look to closely at the papers on their desk, and present your case clearly and with conviction, they will smile, with teeth just a little to white. They will tell you how to hold yourself, and teach you how to speak in riddles. And if you are strong and brave and filled with fire, they will give you a Gift of silver and iron. 

Those who seek the Teacher almost always from their Quest alive, but not always whole. They always feel watched. The Gentry have a love for the well spoken, and the Teacher teaches well.

i know that a lot of other ppl are worried abt this, and so am i. i really really hope that jaal is bi, but my hope is waning a bit because there hasn’t been any mentions of romances with mryder in all the news so far. that would mean there’s like. only one gay option for mryder, which is reyes (who we literally know nothing about) and a few halfhearted flirting with some male characters that don’t end up anywhere. idk, i’d like to think that bioware is better than that, but that doesn’t make me any less upset about it

火柴轻轻喊了一声/ 柴就醒了/ 灶膛就亮了/ 一根炊烟/ 站在云的上面/ 爬满雨水和鸟/ 故乡越站越高/ 乡情不是花朵   它是烟/ 不凋谢/ 只飘散/
The match called out softly/ And awoke the firewood/ The hearth lit up/ A shred of smoke/ Stood on top of the clouds/ Climbed the rainwater and birds/ Home was higher and higher/ Nostalgia isn’t a flower, but smoulder/ It does not wane/ It only dissolves/

乡情 (Nostalgia) by Dai Wei (代薇). 

Dai Wei is a female Chinese writer. Born in 1964, she began to write poetry and prose in 1980 and has won numerous awards. In the modern poem Nostalgia, Dai compares nostalgia to smoke that never seems to truly disappear.

Τετρὰς Φθίνοντος/ Τετρὰς μετ’εἰκάδας, XXVII day
From today’s sunset: twenty-seventh day (fourth waning of the third decade) of Anthesterion.

“Take care to avoid troubles which eat out the heart on the fourth of the beginning and ending of the month; it is a sacred day: especially during these sacred days it is convenient to get rid of all the activities that make you suffer, which, if at other times you need to choose them as necessary, in these days you should not.“

"Few know that the fourth day after the twenty of the month (τὴν μετ’εἰκαδα τοῦ μηνὸς τετάρτην) is the best day… He (Hesiod) eulogizes all the tetrads, the first, the second and the third…about the third tetrad, he says that few are those who know that it is better during the morning’s hours.”- that is, tomorrow morning from the dawn.
Scholia Erga, 797, 820

(Dancer. Terracotta from Tanagra, 5th century BC. Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Taranto, Italy.)

Full Moon Clarity Tarot Spread
1: what’s been hidden
2: what’s ahead for you
3: what’s influencing you
4: what’s led you to this point
5: what’s left for you to do

This spread is to help use the full moons light to illuminate some questions you may have been having and what you need to keep in mind for the coming cycle!

This is just a quick easy spread you can do every full moon. Keep track of your progress and see how it connects for your year, January’s full moon is the perfect time to start and a good opportunity to get your baseline done…that way you can only improve.


God even without a face (FUCK!)and bandage it makes the most of the facial expressions that I sweat and go crazy…… BEST…..I JUST HAS NO WORDS… HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL AFTER ALL OF THIS………😱❤

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🌛Waning Moon Emoji Spell🌜


🌖Banish negativity, and cleanse
🌗Heal addictions, aid recovery
🌘Undo bindings and curses
🌑Bring balance and prosperity



🌒Like to charge🌘

🌑Reblog to cast🌑

Waning Moon

Request:Will you write a Daveed fic where reader is a writer and reader meets Daveed in the recording studio and Daveed overhears reader singing her song and invites her to lunch with the ham cast, but Anthony likes reader too so they start fighting over her. 

@whitestorm547  I got you, boo!

Song: Waning Moon [Kaketa Tsuki] by Shion Miyawaki [Ending Song for Assassination Classroom] 

Part: 1/3


Daveed shook his manager’s hand when entering the recording studio.

“Nice to see you again, Daveed. Can’t wait to hear your new piece.”

Daveed laughed, flicking his nose with a finger. “I can’t wait to record it. So what’s new here.”

The manager motioned him forward, and when he was in step with him replied, “Well there’s a incredible new talent out. A writer who has directed a few short plays across YouTube. I contacted her a few days ago to work out a contract.”


“Yes, female. Got a problem with that, Diggs?”

Daveed blinked at his manager’s teasing smile, realizing he voiced the question aloud.

“You know I don’t. Just surprised. You usually only contract rappers and groups.”

With a shrug, the manager turned a corner. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to work with different talents. I’m sure she’ll never win my love over you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Daveed rolled his eyes, earning a chuckle from his superior.

The distant sound of a piano caught Daveed’s attention. He turned his head to the right, his body unconsciously following.

A hand on his shoulder stopped him. “That’s not the way.”

“No, no dude,” Daveed waved him off, hearing a light voice following the music. “Can we check this out real quick?”

With another shrug, they walked down the hall towards open double doors.

Daveed’s breath caught in his throat when he saw the young woman sitting at the piano.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, loose curly strands cupping her face, wearing only a sweater, jeans and boots but making it look like the best outfit anyone could ever wear.

Especially on her.

His manager smiled, glancing at Daveed’s love stricken face before turning to listen to her song.

The moon that swims in the night sky

If you stretch out your hand, you can reach it

I want to touch it, and  it was warm, and slowly drew me in”

The two leaned on the wall, soaking in the lyrics and the emotion she sung them with.

The multiplying footsteps, the view from my window

As I drifted along, expressionless

They spilled out of my hand, it was rocky

Swaying-I never knew

Until I touched it with my my own hands

I’ll gather up my courage and venture through everything beneath the waning moon.”

She whirled around when they clapped, Daveed getting a better look at her face.

Damn, she was beautiful. And with a voice to match.

She stood up, pulling down the hem of her sweater. “Sorry. Did you me?”

The manager shook his head, taking a few steps towards her. “Nope. Just heard you and this guy wanted to check you out.”

Daveed met with an elbow in his side, glaring at his superior’s cheesy grin. He looked back at her and,relishing in the fact that she looked interested in him, reached a hand out.

He gave her his dazzling smile. “I’m Daveed Diggs.”

She returned the smile, placing her smaller hand in his. “Oh, I know. I love your work. Especially Hamilton. [F/Name] [L/Name]. Pleasure to meet you.”

Without realizing, he gently gave her hand a squeeze and brought it up to his lips, kissing the top of it.

“Pleasure is all mine,” he mumbled, keeping eye contact throughout the small ordeal.

[F/Name] tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, eyes directed to the floor. He smirked.

A loud cough disrupted the moment. The manager crossed his arms across his chest, playfully glaring at them. “If you two are done, we need Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome to record a new Clpping song.”

Daveed groaned. [F/Name] waved a hand lazily. “Sure, sure. Don’t let me hold you guys up.”

The manager nodded, leaving the room and turning the corner.

Daveed grabbed onto [F/Name]’s forearm, stopping her from returning to the piano. She looked up at him with curiosity.

“How about coming with me tomorrow and have lunch with a few of the Hamilton cast members? I’m sure you’ll feel right at home with them.”

She smiled. “That would be lovely, Mr. Diggs.”