wands and wings

uh oh an opinion

I love Aquamarine but like

I hate her design

I hate how underdeveloped her design was

she looks like a fucking emoji, I really hate how perfectly round her head is

she looks like a lapis lazuli rip off

look at how almost similar this fucking color palette is

Aqua also has Water wings???

Which is understandable but it just pisses me off so much idk why

I Love her  characteristic but her design is so bland to me

you could have just given her her wand and leave the wings and she would still be an amazing character.

sorry long rant,

like i said i like the character’s personality but her design is so bland and just looks like a lapis lazuli rip off

(please don’t actually argue with me these are just my opinions on aqua’s designs)

bornforvicturi  asked:

Hi. I saw a post with you talking about faeries. What exactly are they? I am a very curious person so I am intrigued but also freaked out. I have heard of them, but no one tells me what they are. Do you mind letting me know?

This is way too big a subject to attempt to tackle in detail in one post, so I’m just going to lay out some basic data for you, and then you can consult Google and find out more.

The word faerie is used to describe both a single member of a class of paranormal / supernatural beings, and the whole territory / ground of being in which they function. (The spelling faery also turns up in the second usage: “the lands of Faery”, etc).

Many cultures worldwide have the tradition that human lands are shared (or haunted) by an older and usually humanoid species with access to superhuman powers of various kinds. Often these older beings are described as gods who’ve fallen from their former state of power, usually due to no longer being actively worshiped. In regions where Christianity is an influence, these beings are sometimes characterized as angels who either didn’t take a side during the Battle-in-Heaven period, or weren’t bad enough to be sent to Hell along with Satan and the angels who fell with him. Being neither properly sited in either Heaven or Hell, they therefore share the Earth with humankind, but normally prefer to live well apart from human beings. Stories about them suggest that they can be extremely beautiful, or extremely grotesque, or a combination of the two.

In the stories it’s usually considered unwise, or at the very least unlucky, to refer to these creatures as “fairies” – as they tend to be extremely sensitive about their present status as compared to their former one, and in myth are often portrayed as taking the term as an insult. As a result there are all kinds of euphemisms for them (in Ireland, for example, “the Good People”, “the People of the Hills,” etc.). They can be generous to humans who treat them with respect, but they can also be mercilessly deadly to those who fail to recognize them for what they are or who act disrespectfully toward them.

They are not cute, and not safe. The sweet-natured butterfly-winged fairy of modern fairy tales is almost entirely an invention of the Victorian era and has nothing to do with the older, more dangerous “reality.” Kipling gets pretty scathing about this in Puck of Pook’s Hill (which is a straightforward rehabilitation of the whole concept)::

[They’re] made-up things the People of the Hills have never heard of - little buzzflies with butterfly wings and gauze petticoats, and shiny stars in their hair, and a wand like a schoolteacher’s cane for punishing bad boys and rewarding good ones.  I know ‘em!’

‘We don’t mean that sort,‘said Dan.  'We hate ‘em too.’

‘Exactly,’ said Puck.  'Can you wonder that the People of the Hills don’t care to be confused with that painty-winged, wand-waving, sugar-and-shake-your-head set of impostors?  Butterfly wings, indeed!  I’ve seen Sir Huon and a troop of his people setting off from Tintagel Castle for Hy-Brasil in the teeth of a sou’-westerly gale, with the spray flying all over the Castle, and the Horses of the Hills wild with fright.  Out they’d go in a lull, screaming like gulls, and back they’d be driven five good miles inland before they could come head to wind again. Butterfly-wings!  It was Magic - Magic as black as Merlin could make it, and the whole sea was green fire and white foam with singing mermaids in it.  And the Horses of the Hills picked their way from one wave to another by the lightning flashes! That was how it was in the old days!’

…So that should be enough to be going on with. Now go forth and do your research. :)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child fic: A Very Weasley Christmas

By @albvsxscorpy

2.2k words, G rated

Thank you to my wonderful beta, @autumn-of-ilvermorny

Set in 2020, the Christmas immediately following the events of Cursed Child. Albus and Scorpius can’t entirely face the idea of being apart for Christmas after everything that’s happened…

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holdharmonysacred  asked:

Right, so. You've watched/read Cardcaptor Sakura, right? You know how during the Clow arc the Fly card functioned by giving the Sealing Wand wings so Sakura could fly on it like a broom? Looks real cute when Sakura is doing it, right? Well, Clow Reed made it. Clow wouldn't need to actually USE the wand, but he'd still have to test it. Which means at some point he had to ride the thing. Now, imagine Clow Reed riding the wand. Imagine him, a grown man, zooming off on a tiny pink magical girl wand.



Being As An Ocean - “Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air”

Decided to make a tutorial on how I made my star Butterfly wand. I didn’t have enough money to get it 3d printed, or worbla, or even get an old mickey mouse wand that lit up. So I went a cheap route that also ended up looking okay.

Materials needed:

Hot glue.

Mod podge

Polymer clay.

Model magic.

Craft foam.

Styrofoam ball. I would say a 4″. It’s usually the medium sized one you find at Michaels.

purple paint. Dark purple or lighter that depends on you.

Blue paint. Three shades. Dark. Light and super light. 

Yellow paint. Pink paint. Gold paint.

A ton of glitter. I mean a ton. TONNN. *whispers* a ton.


1- First take the Styrofoam ball and cut off a inch, and a half off of the front. Since the front of Star’s wand has that flat surface for the front. I used a normal kitchen knife for this step since styrofoam is pretty easy to cut through. JUST BE CARE FULL!!

2- Take some of your craft foam, and trace the front of the styrofoam ball. Making a circle! That’s for the front. You take that circle and paint it with the dark blue paint.

3- Take the foam again, and cut out five one inch long strips (they should be almost an inch wide. I’m pretty bad at measurements lol) Take them, use the medium shade of blue and make a point. Paint the side that will be facing the star later on the medium blue, and then the other side lighter blue.

4- I made the hearts in the center of the inch long strips of foam out of foam. But you can use whatever you want. Just make sure to paint them pink after!! 

5- Time for the main focal point of this bad boy. Take your polymer clay and cut out a star with it. Then take something sharp. A pin, safety pin…etc. Go around the edges to make an indent. The distance you choose from the edge is totally up to you. Throw that bitch in the oven at 125 degrees for about fifteen minutes. Depends on the thickness.

6- I didn’t have time to get a piece of wood to cut out for a handle. So I just used polymer clay for it. My handle is about 8 inches long. At least an inch, and a half of it is in the styrofoam ball.  Put in the oven at 125 degrees, same time as the star if not longer. 

7- Make the crown on top of the wand that,that butterfly looking thing for the center. And the little heart for the bottom. aka the charger. Put it in the oven at 125 for 15 minutes. (Becareful with the heart at the bottom. Mine kept popping off because it’s at a very odd angle)

8-Model magic time. You take it and cover the entire back of the ball with it. Smooth it out the best you can. I know this shit is a pain in the ass. Let it dry over night or for two days. It depends on when you do it. Mine dried over night.

9- Take the foam again to make the wings for the side. I used a template by pulling up a photo of the wand, and tracing the wings. Then put them against the ball cutting it to make sure the inside of the curve rested against the ball. 

Paint them white even if you already used white foam. 

10- Paint everything that has been stated so far. 

11- Glue the one inch strips that you painted the two shades of blue onto the darker blue circle. Make sure the stars main point is facing up. The one inch pieces should be under each point of the star. Then glue the pink hearts between them. This gives it that 3D look. Then glue the circle to the styrofoam ball.

12- This is when you put down more model magic hiding the edges of where the ball, and foam meet. Try your best to make it all even. This was the hardest part to do for me. Then when it’s dry paint it. Be careful about it!

13- Take the handle and use it to carve a small indent. A place where the handle can sit secure enough for you to hold. Then hot glue the shit out of it. Make sure the handle is super snug. 

14- Take the model magic again, and make a small dome at the end of the handle. Let it dry, and paint it yellow.

15-Glue on the crown, butterfly, heart, and the wings to the side.

16- Take your mod podge in a cup.The first coat should just be mod podge by itself. Paint it all over. Make sure to get it in any cracks you find. It’ll fill it up. Model magic likes to crack so that will probably be the only thing with crack. 

Then pour some glitter into your mod podge cup and coat the wand in glitter. I put four coats at least. Because I’m a glitter nutjob

The picture should help out with a better reference if some of my words don’t make sense. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.