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So Marco's wand look a lot of like Ludo's (the one with skull and bat wings). We can assume that the wand looks monster-y like... I guess it's because of monster arm.

It does, and even more than Ludo’s, the wings look exactly the same as Buff Frog’s ears! I don’t know what to make of the “ominous” design, if it’s related to Monster Arm or who knows what.

Eclipsa’s wand had “black wings” (and a crescent moon too) as well, but they look way more crow ones than bat ones.

As absurd as it is the closest shape to Marco’s wand so far is the Avarius family symbol, or the wand Ludo imagined in Matchmaker… super weird.

It might also be relevant that he read Eclipsa’s chapters, and that this happened.


So @damit-im-a-doctor-not-a-timelord and I went to day one of Anime Expo as a Punk!Cosmo and Wanda! It was so much fucking fun guys!
Cosmo: @damit-im-a-doctor-not-a-timelord
Wanda: Me

Is Marco the descendant of Eclipsa?

So I found some interesting pictures on youtube and although I had my suspicion these pictures just made them stronger (if they are real tho). I think Marco is actually the descendant of Eclipsa. (spoliers ahead)

First of all if we look at how the wand looks like after Marco touched it:

Doesnt it look pretty similar to somebodyelse wand?

They both have bath wings and a pretty similar diamond and the ball in Marco’s wand looks like if Eclipsa’s wand was cut in the middle.

Also isnt that our Moon in the background? We know that Eclipsa fled from Mewni with his monster lover but we dont know why and where did she went. It is possible that she escaped because she was already pregnant with her half monster, half butterfly child so she went to a place where others cant really reach her and her baby who could be protected so maybe she went to Earth. We know that Earth was/is magically corrupt so her magical baby wouldnt leave any track and he/she would be much safer there than with the monsters especially if he/she looked like a human.

Also there is an other picture (I have made it darker):

On this Marco has two crescent moon on his cheeks when she uses Star’s wand just like the moon on Eclipsa’s dress and wand.

Also Marco has a mole on his cheek which symbolizes witchcraft and evil magic on Mewni and they actually searched after it after Star was alone with Eclipsa.

And dont forget guys Marco reacted pretty badly about Eclipsa’s chapter in the book…


🎵 Wands and wings! Floaty crowny things! 🎵

Here’s Waverly and the fam’s Halloween costumes :D The Fairly Oddparents! ✨ lol according to Nick if you trick or treat with a baby, their cuteness alone is a guarantee to draw in more candies x3 He learned that a few years back on Waverly’s 1st Halloween >;) Sweet hustle, Wilde (Judy thinks he’s greedy ;)

This is a follow up to one of my Halloween Bash ficlets from last year, Treat, Definitely Treat. It was prompted more than a year ago, and I had every intention of making it part of this year’s Halloween Bash fic, but time just got away from me. 

Many, many thanks to @blackandwhitethinking (it won’t let me tag you, boo!) for sending me this photo. I hope you like it!

(Picture is not mine, I mean no harm in using it for this ficlet)

The Next Pumpkin

It’s been a long time since Kate Beckett has experienced the euphoria of trick-or-treating, but even as a parent, it’s almost exactly as she remembers. There are some pairs on the block, even a few solo trick-or-treaters, but most of the kids in Kevin and Jenny’s neighborhood are in large packs. The younger kids roam under the watchful eyes of parents who linger at the edges of the clusters, while the older ones go unattended, policing themselves for the most part.

Kate smiles, surveying the street, taking in the costumes, the enthusiasm, before Castle jostles her hand, bringing her attention to her own pack. The Ryan children are gleeful and gung-ho. Sarah Grace looks adorable as a fairy princess – complete with the crown, the wand, and the sparkling wings – and Nicholas looks dapper in his train conductor uniform. Kate dots kisses to their cheeks, thanking them for being so patient.

“I know it was hard waiting,” she tells Sarah Grace, lifting her onto her hip, mindful of the girl’s glittery wings. “But Lily was napping to make sure she’d have energy to trick or treat with you. That’s why we took so long to get here.”

Her niece takes the praise with an elegance befitting her name. “That’s okay, Aunt Kate. But can we go now? Daddy said all the good stuff goes first, and we are so late!”

Kate smothers a laugh, lowering Sarah Grace to the ground and lifting an eyebrow at the girl’s father. Her friend shrugs, unapologetic.

“It’s true,” Kevin says, lifting one of the orange and black striped candy bags to his shoulder – and that better be for Nicholas, or she’s never going to hear the end of it from Castle for not letting him bring a spare. “But Lily’s cute, so we forgive you.”

Turning her attention to her daughter, Kate’s lips lift. She is, isn’t she? Lily had argued against the patent leather flats her father had picked out for her, instead reaching for a pair of soft, caramel suede shoes. She looks less like a doe and more like a bear cub, but still the picture of cute.

Castle grins, hefting Lily higher on his hip. No doubt she’ll want to walk at some point, but for right now, she seems content in Rick’s arms. “I think that’s a fair trade. Shall we?”

Sarah Grace answers for them, grabbing her brother’s hand and flitting to the front of their group, picking a direction. “This way first!”

Kate falls in step with Jenny, sharing a grin with her as their children – all five of them – run ahead.

“Thanks again for letting us join you,” she says. “And I am sorry about being so late.”

Jenny waves a hand. “Don’t worry about it, Kate. Toddlers operate on their own schedule. And don’t let Kevin fool you; there’s plenty of candy to go around. And if not, I bought an extra bag and hid it. Just in case.”

Kate grins. “Good plan.”

“Mommy, Aunt Kate!” Sarah Grace calls. “Hurry!”

Dutifully, they follow.

Three houses later, Lily wants to get down. Not to toddle beside her father or try to keep up with Nicholas and Sarah Grace, just to sit on the steps and contemplate the jack-o’-lantern on the edge of the porch.

“Come on, little deer,” Kate encourages, brushing her fingers over Lily’s head. “We have more houses to visit, more candy to get.”

Lily looks over her shoulder, her face half-hidden in the hood. “Mama, ‘kin!” she says with a certainty that makes Kate smile.

“That’s right, baby. It’s a pumpkin like ours,” she murmurs, glancing over her shoulder. The others have moved on to the end of the sidewalk, but Castle remains just behind her at the base of the steps. “Do you want to see the pumpkins at other houses? We still have lots to see.”

Her daughter’s answer is to turn away, fingers outstretched toward the jack-o’-lantern’s grimace. Kate stops her short of touching, not wanting her to burn herself or knock the pumpkin off-kilter, offering the girl a leaf instead.

Lily bats her hand away, crawling up to the next step, closer to her pumpkin. Ever the stubborn one – her father’s daughter, through and through. No matter what Castle says about the apple not falling far from the Beckett tree, this kind of persistence is on him.

“Kate?” Rick calls. His chin jerks in the direction of the rest of their party, silently asking if he should send them ahead as she works to coax Lily from the steps.

“We’re on our way,” she says, tickling her fingertips down Lily’s spine. The baby squeaks, twisting to stop her, but Kate ignores her look of displeasure and scoops her up.

She peppers kisses to the girl’s painted nose, teasing laughter from her daughter’s lips instead of angry squawks.

“Come on, you. Your cousins are waiting for us.”

Kate buries her face in her daughter’s shoulder when the girl waves goodbye to her pumpkin friend, hiding both her amusement and the entirely ridiculous misting in her eyes from her husband. Judging by the amused upturn of his lips, he hadn’t missed the brief display of emotion, but he doesn’t comment. Instead, Rick’s hand sweeps up her arm, brushes beneath her hair, his fingers warm against her skin.

“Ready?” he asks, dropping her hat back onto her head.

She nods, thumbing Lily’s leg. “Yeah, we’re ready to meet the next pumpkin.”

Thank you for putting up with my tardiness! I have one more photo-inspired ficlet in this series that’ll be up tomorrow!

uh oh an opinion

I love Aquamarine but like

I hate her design

I hate how underdeveloped her design was

she looks like a fucking emoji, I really hate how perfectly round her head is

she looks like a lapis lazuli rip off

look at how almost similar this fucking color palette is

Aqua also has Water wings???

Which is understandable but it just pisses me off so much idk why

I Love her  characteristic but her design is so bland to me

you could have just given her her wand and leave the wings and she would still be an amazing character.

sorry long rant,

like i said i like the character’s personality but her design is so bland and just looks like a lapis lazuli rip off

(please don’t actually argue with me these are just my opinions on aqua’s designs)

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ARE YOU KIDDING I LOVED IT!!!! Every single second of it! Like THE INTRO! I loved tough Mom Moon! And Worried River! And Marco missing Star! And Angie and Rafael being worried cute parents! And young Moon!! And young Moon and River! And Star being a rebel Princess! And Uncle Buffrog! And his babies! KATRINA TALKING! And Star calling River “PAPA”! And OMG ECLIPSA WITH her adorable self! So cute! And Snookers! And Star wearing Marco’s hoodie! And Marco bonding with River then getting all badass! And Ruberiot! And River being FREAKING FEARLESS! And Marco saving Star! AND THAT STARCO HUG AHHH THAT STARCO HUG! #teamstarco ;) and Marco’s hat and Star telling Marco how cute he looks in the hat and Marco smiling 😍 and how brave star got! And TOFFEE! AND STAR CALLING MOON MOMMY! And Ludo asking Star to help him! And Moon trying to kill Toffee! And Marco punching Toffee in his heartless chest! And then him crying! And Moon trying to fix the wand! And Star dipping waaaaaaayyy down! And Star’s beautiful gold state! And her wings! And her BRAND NEW WAND!!!! And her WINGS! (Again)! And her destroying Toffee! And Ludo going to find himself again! And Ludo admitting he has intimacy issues! And Star giving him a bag of chips! And Buffrog, Moon, and Marco tackling Star! And River riding on AND being the king of the Eagles! And Moon trying to go back to Eclipsa because of their deal! AND DARON NEFCY!!!! AND AHHH THATS IT! Thanks for asking. :)

Flame Lucitor Butterfly

Character information

Other names

-> Little Demon (By her father, Tom)

-> Sunshine (By her mother, Star)

-> Miss Lucitor Butterfly

-> Princess Flame

-> Flame the Impossible

-> Princess of Two Races


-> 14 years old


-> Demon and Mewman


-> Princess of the Underworld and Mewni

-> Queen-in-training


-> Lucitor Kingdom

-> Butterfly family

-> Johansen family

-> Diaz family


-> Learn several spells including the ones of the forbidden chapter (But just use them when don’t have other choice)

-> Protect the wand of the wrong hands

-> Be a great queen for both kingdoms

-> Put an end to prejudice against monsters


-> Mewni

-> Underworld

-> Butterfly Castle


-> Star Lucitor Butterfly (Mother)

-> Thomas Lucitor Butterfly (Father)

-> Moon Butterfly (Grandmother)

-> River Butterfly (Grandfather)

-> Wrathmelior Lucitor (Grandmother)

-> Dave Lucitor (Grandfather)


-> Drak (Bat)


-> Marco Lynn Thomas Diaz (Godfather) 

-> Mike Lynn Thomas Diaz (Best friend)

-> Jackie Lynn Thomas Diaz (Practically Aunt)

-> Angel Pony Head (Best friend)

-> Buff Frog

-> King Ludo

-> Prince Lars [Ludo’s son] (Best Friend)


-> Little creatures of Fire (Her creation)


-> Ping pong

-> Video games

-> Love Sentence Z (One band of the children of Love Sentence)

-> Helping others

-> Adorable creatures

-> Having fun

-> Read magic book and normal book

-> Fight

-> Sing

-> Draw

-> Be with her friends

-> Rock


-> Broken promises

-> Mean and rude people

-> Spells going wrong

-> Her parents being overprotective with her

-> Being underestimated

-> People reading her diary

Powers and abilities

-> Demon powers (Pyrokinesis, Slowly Body-part restoration, 360-degree neck rotation (Just when is really angry), Telekinesis, Levitation, Necromancy and Curse infliction (But both not always work)-> Unarmed combat skills

-> Skill with weapons

-> Mewberty form

-> Innate magic

-> Abnormal force

-> Agility/dexterity


-> “The best way to avoid a battle is scare your enemy only with the appearance! That’s why I dressed like a rebel girl when I’m with casual clothes.” to Mike Diaz

Personality and Story

Flame is very calm, brave, generous, royal and responsible. She just get angry when someone hurt physically or emotionally someone that she love or a innocent person making: her eyes lost the pupil and glow red, her teethes be sharp and her hair start flowing. She learned to control her rage thanks to her father that help her with it and with 9 years she stop of get angry with silly things. Being very nice with strangers because her mother taught her that strangers are just friends she has not met yet, loving games but influence of her father but she hate lose so she give her best while is playing or in everything that she do. Even before of win her wand, she studied the spells for curiosity and accidentally she opened the forbidden chapter but wasn’t influenced by the magic for her demon part but after read the chapter she decided just use this spells when don’t have other way. One day with 12 years bat wings appearing her and no body understood why, then her grandmother explained that some specials and strong half demons win wings as a gift, after it Star make a spell that Flame could control when her wings could appear, thanks to this Flame can fly but as she had to learned alone she don’t fly so well. She maybe use elegant dresses but when is her castle but when she is with casual clothes she love dress as a rock girl.


Queen Star Lucitor Butterfly and King Thomas Lucitor Butterfly

-> Flame love her parents and is rare she have a discussion with them, when have normally is her mother saying that she need to have more fun because is always studying or doing too much princess things and with her dad is because when he win the Ping pong using his telekinesis. She love listen the stories of their past together and their own adventures so the last thing that she call them is “boring parents”. She learn almost all the things that she know thanks to them so she’s very thankful for this.

Mike Lynn Thomas Diaz

-> Childhood’s friend thanks to Star and Marco still be best friends even after their past. They are always visiting each other in their houses always looking for adventures in the other dimensions looking for treasures or just to have fun. Mike is always taking care of her for be a little protective for a trait that descends from the his father but this don’t stop he of walk of skate with Flame or fight against the evil creatures. But also he’s her company to don’t get bored in the balls that her family do in the castle.

Angel Pony Head

-> Being her female best friend of Mewni, they are always going to sing in their favorite karaoke, the “Ocean Melody”. Flame are always going to her castle to give Angel because she always ask to give a excuse to her parents that she need to give attention to the visit and don’t do her princess things. Also being childhood’s friend because of their parents they know each other a lot sometimes they finish the phrase of each other.


-> Being her more recently best friend and her male best friend of Mewni, she pass more time with him when can trying to learn more about him and the his family’s past. As he’s a adventure prince, she see him less that Angel and Mike. She took a little to be his friend because of the past of his father with her parents but them make their parents let the past behind and do a alliance.


-> Her wand have purple bat wings, a blue moon in the cable and a star where hold it. The star that let her use her powers in floating inside the circular glass bottle that protect her and on top of it have a small crown.

The Word Wizard

The word wizard waves his wand
Whirring winged words as he whistles along
To the whispered waltz of a winter chill
He watches in wonder as a story spills

From a widening window, water cascades
A wine glass encases the wicked waves
The wizard walks into the wavering world
Stunned by the scene, he stumbles on a pearl

In the warming wind of a wrinkled whale
Wisteria grows in its wakeless tail
And wraps around the wizard’s crushed wand
The wizard is wordless and the window is gone