wands 2.0


I’m sorry guys –

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be finishing writing the Asterismos Narratives. It’s too difficult to even think about, and really not conducive to my healing at this point in time. For any further explanations, see HERE.

I’m starting, instead, to try and keep my thoughts in order by creating an astral diary of sorts (similar to The Book of Beginning and The Book of End by duskenpath/therosebell), but again – this is healing.

The narratives I’ve written up until this point (you can find them in the NARRATIVES link on the sidebar) have all been connected to a major event; whether they seemed like a bang or a whimper is completely subjective, because to me they were all extremely important and pivotal points in my astral travel.

Now, not so much.

It’ll be a mixture of things happening not only on the astral but on the physical, too, to help reinforce in me that things matter here… and also because astral things have started to bleed and spill over into the physical and I can’t really ignore them anymore.

Many posts will be short. A lot of them will have no end or beginning or obvious moral. They’ll just be there.

It goes against every creative writing bone in my body asking, “So what?” but it’s something I have to do, because I need to learn that everything has a meaning. A cigar may just be a cigar, but the cigar was made for a purpose. I can’t forget that. I absolutely cannot.

You’ll know when the tumblr is up. Thanks for your patience.