For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about the earlier days of the WOY fandom, and we had some pretty good times IMO

  • Shipping characters before the show even properly began
  • Tons of creative ship names (skeleton dance, black eye, wandering eye) for like everything except Sylander
  • Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, Commander Peepers and Emperor Awesome being paired together in an infinite number of combinations
  • The term “star nomad” for Wander’s species (which was actually ascended to canon in season 2)
  • Everyone having star nomad OCs, or star-sonas
  • The rise and fall of Watchdog roleplay blogs (I’m honestly really glad they’re making a comeback)
  • The tragedy of Minnie the watchdog
  • Also everyone freaking out when a watchdog with the same name as her fiance (Teddy) showed up in an episode
  • Like 40 Peepers rp blogs
  • RP/ask blogs for body parts/props of random characters
  • I wish I was joking there were blogs for Sylvia’s mane, Hater’s right arm, Wander’s banjo (which I think people shipped with Hater’s electric guitar?) and Peepers’ helmet. Among others
  • Running jokes about the fandom being unable to handle hiatuses
  • Using the Galactic Greetings postcard maker in ways it was never meant to be used
  • Craig McCracken liking everyone’s fan art
  • Craig McCracken commenting on posts
  • Just Craig being awesome in general
  • People drawing fan art of random smears from the show
  • People drawing Wander as a terrifying, multi-eyed serpent because of this frame (that was on screen for a split second):

(I tried so hard but I couldn’t find any pictures of Wandersnake and I’m honestly not convinced I didn’t hallucinate all of them)

  • Lots of fake episode ideas (most of which were actually really good)
  • My personal favorite will always be “Wander gets a hold of Hater’s gloves and their evil magic starts to take control of him (a la Ice King) so Sylvia and a very whiny and powerless Lord Hater have to talk some sense into him”
  • A bunch of fanart for that premise
  • Everyone predicting Sylvia’s past as a bounty hunter
  • Fanfics of Sylvia having a bunch of older brothers and a dad who basically forced her to learn to fight
  • Surprisingly few origin fanfics for Wander
  • Dark!Wander
  • Wander and Hater role switch AU
  • Wander and Sylvia role switch AU
  • Tons of crossover art (mainly with Gravity Falls)
  • Horrible, horrible eye puns. Everywhere.

That’s all I can think of for now but by all means feel free to add to this (tbh I made this post specifically so I could remind everyone of Wandersnake)

.:My Gush Post:.

This is me just POURING my heart out about those cuties I adore and lovingly called as my kids! This is extremely long so be careful!

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