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Epitome of Eighteen Histories: Kururi Orihara & Mairu Orihara Episode

This is a story from the past

A twisted story from the past.

A Few Years Ago   Raira Junior High

“Liike I saiid~, butler clothes fit Yuuhei Hanejima-san the best!”

“……Deny (No) …… Alcohol (bartender clothes) …… Fashionable (looks the best)…….”

“Noo, stupid, stupid Kuru-nee! You can drown in a cocktail shaker for all I care!”

During break the first year sisters Kururi and Mairu were fighting over an extremely meaningless topic.

“Both of them are similar though, right?”

The boy who stated that not reading the mood was glared at by the two of them with a look that said “this guy doesn’t even know anything…..”, and although receiving a shock he has doubt over his own disposition with his heart throbbing at the strangeness of those cold gazes, but that is an entirely another matter.

“But Yuuhei Hanejima would like both of them, right?”

When a girl nearby said that, the two of them nodded at the exact same timing.

“Of course!”

“…..Of course….”

Hearing that, their classmates laugh in amazement.

“Really, you two get along well, don’t you.”

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10 Things

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Birthday: November 21st Broody, hermit Scorpio with aloof Sagittarius wandering.

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single. Probably eternally, but I’ve accepted it at this point and it doesn’t bother me anymore (:

Fav colour: Yellow, burgundy, navy blue are a few.

Pets: One cat named Skeeter Valentine! He’s a big behemoth, and he’s adorable ^^

Wake-up time: Depends on what I’m working. When I open it’s 7am. Basically I sleep as long as I can before I have to go to work, because I stay up so late most nights lol

Love or lust: I honestly don’t know! Possibly a combination?

Favourite food: Italian, Greek, or a lot of different ways to cook chicken. If there’s chicken I’m happy. And cheesecake. God I love cheesecake.

Met a celebrity? Do professional athletes count? Because I got to meet my favorite hockey player and long lost twin(we were both born on the exact same day and year) and he’s the most adorable, sweetest hockey player ever! Of course I’m biased, but whatever. He loves cats and he’s such an adorable French goof! I also met Ian what’s his name Ziering? Zeiring? Sort of. Does it count as meeting if you took a picture with the chippendales? Wait, what? I so did not go to that kind of show… Whaa? *Shifty eyes* I’m a respectable grown lady… Heh.

Last song listened to: Do You Realize? By Ursine Vulpine. I just saw Beauty and the Beast*Ohmydamnamazing* the other night and the transformers*ugh* trailer was on before it and had this song on it. Sounded pretty cool! Reminded me of The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky’s Turned Black by Johann Johannsson.

First kiss: I’m not proud of my first kiss*does it count as a first kiss if you made out in a bed?* and the circumstances surrounding it lol but I think I was 18 or 19? 18 turning 19.

Tall or short: Tall! 5′10, and I wear wedge boots most days so I’m probably 6′ in them lol

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