natgeoFilm by @mattiasklumofficial Early morning in Malaysia’s Danum Valley, one of the most remarkable rainforest environments in the world! This is a sequence from a film we produced called “The Testament of Tebaran”. Go to @mattiasklumofficial to meet one of the coolest snakes in Borneo! I’ve really been lucky to work in many incredible places and Danum with its ancient rainforest and mindboggling biodiversity is hard to beat! In fact Borneo, as an island, provides habitat for about 15,000 known species of flowering plants, and more than 3,000 tree species, 221 terrestrial mammal species, and 420 bird species. But these unique places need to be protected and cared for! Please support rainforest conservation and ethnic minorities globally!

When I think your name, flowers bloom
Dancing on a shallow grave
Take me to your room
And if you keep me warm I’ll melt for you


Oro Grande, California