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Okay, so I need to be real with y’all. I’ve managed to maintain this blog, but I have not maintained my fitness routine or any kind of fitness routine at all. I am hard to motivate, and I am far from a self motivator. That said, I am going to Wanderlust Whistler in two-ish weeks and I would like to inform you all that that is going to be my big jumping off point. 

I am going to make myself work out. I will find out the best way to motivate myself and it will be glorious. I need to take better care of myself. I need to go to get my meds refilled and I need to eat better and work out more. So I am starting that at Wanderlust (obviously not the meds part, that will take a little while). Anyway I just wanted to update you all. 

Do you guys have any awesome ways you motivate yourself to work out? 

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Where to go in Canada? Rainbow Lake, Whistler, BC

I was born and raised in Ontario but after living in Asia and Europe I decided to move out to the west coast of Canada and resided there for 2 years and all I can say is that British Columbia is full of natural beauty and wonder!

My home country is absolutely amazing and anyone who decides to go to Canada should visit both the East and the West, for they are completely different.

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