wanderlust thoughts

Gypsy soul

She needed adventures
Like others need air
Boxed up in one place
Reality was a sordid affair

She fed her dreams of wanderlust
By the window, sitting in a chair

Soon it would be her
Travelling places
Seeing new faces
Holding all aces
Leaving no traces

Don’t you try to hold her back
She was born a gypsy soul
The world has been waiting for her
To arrive and make it whole

Counting the days till my summer break as it will consist of flying to one of my top 3 dream destinations! So for now, here’s a throwback photo of when I first arrived in the city in Japan where I lived for four months. This was the time when I was still unaware of the great experiences and the great friends I was bound to have. x

I just want a relationship where we’re both tattooed and can take cute pictures and go on cute adventures with each other, I want to camp the country, drinking coffee made over the fire while we cuddle in our little tent, I want experiences, I want late night drives singing at the top of our lungs, I want breakfast in our underwear, lunch dates and lazy movie nights, I want trust and being content with everything and looking over at a beautiful girl just knowing how lucky I am to have her.

- 3am thoughts

What an intriguing thought that we live in a world where traveling is seen as an unnecessary pleasure when you can be working, educating yourself, or falling in love. But that’s what I do every time I get in my car and drive with an unknown destination in mind or get on a plane to anywhere. I work my ass off to get the plane ticket, and I’ve educated myself in a college setting but more so out of it, and man how can you travel and not fall in love? Fall in love with the things you learn about yourself, the people you meet, the noise of a city, the silence of a mountain top, the world. I have not seen the whole world, but I plan to.
—  Twitter @rachelmburgess