wanderlust tahoe


Moonrise over lake Tahoe during the Perseid Meteor Shower, which peaked last weekend. The lights that fly across the entire screen are planes crossing the sky, but there are a few “much” shorter flashes in here that are Perseid meteors - watch it a couple times if you need to spot some.


Timelapse tour through Northern California takes you to over a dozen lovely vistas

ARTIO - Spring Goddess shaping up Northern California landscapes. Abundance of wildlife, overflowing waterfalls, mountain peaks covered with white blankets of snow, blooming flowers are my picturesque rewards. Here is my photographic journey throughout most interesting natural wonders in this part of the state. Every day brought unforgettable scenery and experience hard to describe in words. I would like to share at least some of it with you in this visual expression. Artio (Swiss/Celtic) - Bear Goddess is a symbol of spring and my personal encounter with this animal was a highlight of the whole trip. There is much more to discover out there and always not enough time. 

Here is a list of some places from this movie
- Redwoods National Park
- Lassen National Park
- Potem falls
- Glass beach
- McArthur–Burney Falls
- Lake Tahoe
- Mono Lake
- Alamare falls


Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe


Spectacular Nighttime lenticular cloud over Lake Tahoe California, partially illuminated by reflecting light from below. These stationary clouds happen as air moves in predictable patterns and water begins to condense once it reaches a certain altitude.