wanderlust for reasons

She’s the wanderlust girl,
always running from
one place to another,
partly because she loves
seeing the world,
but mostly because
no one has ever given her
a reason to stay.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 55

pence park, co

Spontaneous and adventurous; those are the two words that I would always tell people when asked what kind of person am I. Traveling and eating are two of my favorite things to do. I like trying out new things, discovering new places and meeting new people.

I always try to make plans with my friends but most of the time it ends up being just a plan and it never happens. There are a lot of excuses here and there and reasons that never runs out. Either they’re too busy, don’t have enough money or not available on your planned dates. And so, I refused to wait. I started to make things happen on my own. People might think that traveling alone is scary, and I admit, at some point it is. But you know what’s scarier? Growing old and not being able to experience and do things you should’ve done while you still can.

One of the reasons why I love traveling alone is that I get the ultimate freedom. I can do what I want, go wherever I want and just plan things out whenever I want. And in that process, you get to meet yourself. After every trip I get to learn something new about myself and it surprises me. Traveling makes me grow as a person. I learned to survive on certain instances and be a little more independent. It made me confident and taught me to make friends. Somehow, I have managed to embrace and appreciate the art of being alone. What I also love about getting to travel alone is that it gives me the chance to reflect – about certain things and life in general. It makes me realize a lot of stuff, like how far I’ve come in life. Or how am I as a person and the things I’ve done.

I can’t help but to ask myself, why only now? I had always planned on doing this but I guess it’s just really this year that I got the courage to really do it. And I must say, I’ve never been happier. I’ve just started and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This is just the beginning and I’ve more plans in the future. Instead of waiting for things to happen, let’s do something and start making them happen. Traveling alone doesn’t really have to be a sad thing. Because you’re never really alone when you travel. As you come along the way you get to meet new people. People that can actually be your friends. So stop wondering and start wandering. It’s never too late to go out there and see the world. You have now and so better make the most out of it.

The reason I travel…

I used to be very closed minded…

Racist even…

Uneducated and lacked understanding…

Then I started travelling!

Personally I find it challenging to understand and picture life in other countries and cultures by reading about them so what better way to learn than to go.

When I first got my passport my world changed, sure I started small with a couple of Europe trips here and there, slowly dipping my toes into something a little different by heading to the UAE and heading into the desert exploring spice souqs and asking hairy questions.

Then I got hooked I headed to Vietnam to eat street foods in car ports with locals and Cambodia to learn about the painful and overwhelming history With the war and genocide.

Next was India where I emersed myself in the local culture and met some amazing people who have little to nothing but are the happiest souls. I got covered in coloured powder over Holi festival and definitely paid too much in the markets as I am a hopeless haggler and thought the children selling me trinkets deserved the money more.

Next I’m off to Morocco, Jordan, Qatar and Egypt then Iran!!!

I will never stop traveling and seeking further understanding.

The world we live in it just to addictive.

5 reasons to visit Bilbo

Guggenheim Museum. Enough said, right?

Watch a football match in San Mamés, the Cathedral of football. Even if you don’t like the sport, you’ll love the amazing spirit that reigns in the stadium, the newest of the Spanish league.

Food is always superb in Euskal Herria, but let’s get a bit away from the Michelin stars, shall we? Let’s enjoy something simpler but also very tasty: Bilbo’s sweet specialties! Choose your favourite: bollo de mantequilla (pictured), palmera de coco, carolina, pastel de arroz, Bilbao cake, …

How about a pilota match? At Miribilla fronton you can watch some of the most epic finals in the sport. You can’t leave the Basque Country without seeing live how pilota is played, right?

Aste Nagusi. The jewel of the crown, la pièce de résistance. It’s in August when we have the really BIG party of the city. Just look at the THE PIC ABOVE. A full week of free concerts, Basque folklore, sports, theatre, shows, food competitions and Basque-styled fun! Who’s coming?