wanderlust 2011


r o m e by Elisa Dudnikova
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italy, rome, august 2011


And so, a travel update:

I spoke with my Finnish friends and they told me that November wasn’t really the best time to visit Helsinki, especially since it was going to be my first time there. (They didn’t say it explicitly, but I think they were concerned that it might be a bit too ~*bleak*~ for me. I replied that I was aware that in that part of the world, the sun tends to set in November and rise in March!) They told me to go in, er, August (which, last I checked, was over), so I’m moving my Scandinavian trip to maybe January 2012 (for my birthday). 

In the meantime, I’m left with a yawning gap in my holiday schedule that I intend to fill with either a trip to Kerala and Chennai or my long-planned journey to Sri Lanka. Or both! I computed the costs and the money I would’ve spent crossing from Scotland into Finland, then making my way to Sweden (to stock up on Acne and Filippa K), would last way, way, way longer in South Asia. (Like 2 days in Stockholm = 1 week in India, first class, or something ridonk like that.)

Idk, I worked hard all last quarter agreeing to do all these cool freelance projects (understatement) and I really feel the need to reward myself with new experiences. 

My brain is kinda borrrd.

52 Rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris, France


Ugh. Trying not to spend too much now so I can buy everything I want – or not – when I visit this store sometime in the fall. It’s located in a nondescript part of the city, which makes me love it even more. Life.