Can I take it to a morning

Where the fields are painted gold

And the trees are filled with memories

Of the feelings never told

Bloom by The Paper Kites // this is my national anthem

(Closed Starter :))

Shay glares as she sees her regular customer enter her music store. Harry. He was a great customer, coming in at least once a week to but a new instrument, but she’d grown to seriously dislike him. She taps her fingers on the counter, preparing herself for the small, but aggravating conversation she was sure they’d have. (Let’s say she owns the music store that’s about as creative as it gets right now)

me: guys ive waited 3 years… *got teary-eyed*                                    

jonny: aw dont cry we’re here now

then jacob and jonny hugged me several times aw they are too nice and sweet just what i expected i cant believe this happened im so happy i introduced myself for 1338393847x and made sure that they wont forget my name lmao 

so surreal meeting them before u just reblogged their photos here and then they were right infront of u