Wander Over Yonder is Trending! 10/27

Wander Over Yonder is officially trending on Tumblr! That’s another successful month for SaveWOY. Be proud of yourselves, everyone. You’ve earned it. Thank you all again for making this happen. It’s good to see that everyone is still fighting hard!

I’ve taken a time stamped screenshot and I will mail it to the Disney execs as I have done every month so far just to make sure they are seeing this. Our efforts will not go unnoticed!

After some sleep I’ll tally up everyone’s posts to determine the most popular season one episode. That’ll be interesting to find out. Or if someone else wants to do the honors then please go right ahead.



Here are all of the tumblr watchdogs as of a month ago, and dozens more have been made since! 

Every single one of the 149 eyeballs here is a unique individual, and each one is proof of how much the WOY fandom wants to bring back Wander Over Yonder for its third and final season. Please help us by signing the petition:


Keep the faith, Wanderers!

Dear Disney XD,

@disneyxd Four months after the finale, still no reruns in America or news of a third season, and yet Wander Over Yonder still has all of this support. Did you ever imagine this sort of response when your executives decided to cancel the show? Do you still believe that 80 episodes are enough? Do you think that if that were true then there would be a campaign this strong or a fanbase this devoted saying otherwise?

37,000 supporters. More than the Gravity Falls fandom (your biggest fandom and most successful Disney XD show) trying to get their show on DVD. More than the campaign to save Disney Infinity, which Disney sold 3 million copies of.

This campaign has been going on since March 5th 2016. That’s nearly eight months. Yet the campaign is still going strong.

If Wander Over Yonder wasn’t a show worth saving, then this campaign wouldn’t exist or it would definitely never have this much support.

We understand.

You decide what shows are made and renewed because you are the ones with the money, you are the ones in charge, you know what keeps your network afloat. But what is television without the viewers? What is Disney XD  without its viewers? Both sides are just as important and need each other, so surely there should be some middle ground where both sides can meet and the argument considered and then the network and viewers can work together to make Disney XD even better! (Especially in cases like this where there are thousands of people all supporting and wanting the same thing.)

When it’s one sided, the other side can feel disconnected. That their opinion means nothing when the channel is also meant to be tailored for them. Listening to or at least acknowledging your viewers and their concerns can help to improve your network and help you connect with them to keep them engaged and coming back for more. You don’t have to start approving more things (We know how much you have to put up with campaign-wise and a lot of fans don’t really know what’s best) but at least consider what the other side is trying to say and go from there.

Your slogan is “The Future Is Now.” Then let’s make a better future right now for Disney XD by working together. Not just for the SaveWOY campaign but to ensure that the network, the viewers and the people who work for you are all happy or at least understand each other.

Right now the only reason we were given for the cancelation of Wander Over Yonder was that “80 episodes are enough.” We have heard nothing else on the matter despite trying to reach out to you to discuss it.

Please pass this on to the @disneyxd executives. Reach out to us. Work with us. We want to hear your side of the story, your true reasons. Then we can share ours and hopefully together we can work out a solution where both sides are happy or at the very least, come to a mutual understanding. 

Tonight for Trending Twenty-Seventh, the SaveWOY supporters will come together in another attempt to reach out to you. Please answer our call.

It’s trending 27th again!
It was ridiculously hard to narrow it down to my top 3 favorite Season 1 episodes but I went with ones that left a significant impression on me.

Two out of the many things I admire most about Wander Over Yonder are the fantastic sense of color and the amazing animation. One episode in particular really sticks out to me that executed both stunningly, it even won an award for it too! That episode is…

I am IN LOVE with the way this episode introduces it’s villain Emperor Awesome. The cinematography is so on point and enthralling. Dang, Justin Nichols, just dang. The dance sequence between Awesome and Wander contains some of the best animation in the entire show, to the point that it’s difficult to create gifs of because the colors and motion is so intense.

Here’s just SOME of the great palettes in this episode.

Great sense of pacing, color, animation, everything.
Plus Emperor Awesome, one of the BEST characters in the show. I love him.

Awesome’s pretty awesome but there’s somebody who’s greater….it’s Hater.

I re-watch this episode a ton because it’s just so much fun.
There seems to be a relative consensus that this is the episode that marks Hater’s gradual downfall into becoming less menacing and more of a lovable doofus. Wander’s finally really getting to him.

The comedy in this episode is hilarious and my heart just goes out to poor Hater and Peepers, falling victim to Wander and Sylvia’s way of turning every obstacle against them. Wander’s just having a blast and trying his darn-dest to make Hater happy, but that’s pretty difficult when Hater’s ultimate birthday wish is to obliterate you I suppose.

Go to him, Wander.
Also that birthday song is the greatest.

Speaking of Hater and Wander-centric episodes, the song sequence for this next episode premiered at Comic con and upon seeing it I was like “YES! YESSS!” 

This episode probably marks the start of Wander’s perilous quest to become best friends with Hater and Hater’s slow realization as to what Wander’s trying to do to him….make him a better person.

This episode is ridiculously cute, I won’t lie, it’s one of my favorites because it’s too darn adorable. Favorite characters hanging out together singing and being hilarious, instant favorite.

My heart forever goes out to Peepers.
Probably marks the start of Peepers’ subtle jealousy of Wander’s ability to hog all of Hater’s attention. Give this man a vacation.

Other contenders for top favorite eps: The Bad Guy, The Void, The Gift II The Giftening, The Fancy Party, The Date, The Pet

Help give this show the Season 3 it deserves!

My Nephews came over! Usually these guys are hyperactive and can literally tear grandmas house apart.

But any time I’m here all I have to do is turn on some episodes of Wander Over Yonder and they settle right down to watch it! My sister was so shocked as they’ve never actually watched a cartoon all the way through before, [Not even the show their mom claims is their favorite can keep their attention] but they’ll do it for Wander. They love it! All the physical comedy and the singing. Sometimes they even try to sing along, though they don’t know the words yet.

They like the episodes with lots of Lord Hater and/or Emperor Awesome the best.

If they see me with my computer out they come running asking if they can watch some more. @disneyxd please bring back this amazing show! If not for us older fans, then for the kiddos who love it just as much. [And the Parents who need it to calm the kiddos down XD]

@savewoy @woyseason3

[ Petition ]

It’s 27th of the month again and here are my three favorite episodes from season one.

1. the Little Guy
In my opinion it’s one of the sweetest episodes in both season. I really like the character of Westley, and I found him so relatable. Besides there are also the full version of my favorite season one song in this episode!</p>

2.and3. the Day and the Night
I really would like to mention these two in a pair, so I decided to let them tied for the second place. (Also I made a doodle for them!)These two episodes are different from other episodes because the stories are driven by only one of our main character, while the other one is asleep. So there are less conversations and more action comedies than usual, which makes these episodes more like an old school cartoon. Also, I especially love the way how these episodes creatively formed into an endless loop. Last but not the least, It’s rare to see Wander suffer for the first time….I mean, he seemed to be able to handle everything magically in the previous episodes, it’s just nice to see him struggling for once, for his best friend.

I really hope to see more of this wonderful show, more creative and heart warming episodes like I mentioned above. So please sign this petition