Holy shit. Did that just happen? @SnarkyPuppy blew me away last night. They were amazing the first (and only other) time I saw them at @bearcreekfest back in November 2011 and last night they were downright incredible. Their music and presence makes me so happy, I could not stop smiling or grooving for the 2 hours and 40 minutes they graced the stage at @brooklynbowl. There was a huge Fools Gold concert happening just a few blocks away and I couldn’t help but think that the few hundred of us at the Bowl were the lucky ones to be witnessing such talented and impassioned improvisation. They’re joy was infectious! As if I wasn’t already dancing, their bassist and band leader, Michael League’s smile and enthusiasm is contagious. I think it touched everyone in the room. I love when you can tell the performers are having as much (or more) fun as the audience. They’re now on tour for the next 2.5 months straight, do not miss them if they are playing anywhere near you! And congrats to my friend, @mattyrexx, for being on their tour! It was so good to see you, babe. Sorry I couldn’t find you after the show to say goodbye. See you next time (and on Instagram 😉). ✨🎶🎸😄💞 (at Brooklyn Bowl)

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