I think food wastage and the inefficient use of our limited natural resources is one of the biggest public health issues. The world produces enough food to feed every single person on this planet and yet we still unable to feed those who are undernourished and hungry.

Everyday we are buying too much food that we end up wasting it. We are eating so much that our body is over clogged and our digestive system is overworked. People are eating things that I personally wouldn’t even consider to be real food.
The appreciation of where our food comes from is lost as we pick the perfect looking vegetable or fruit on the shelf as if a slightly bruised apple will have a lower nutritional value. We are obsessed with good looking produce so much that anything sub par the standard is wasted when it is just as edible, nutritious and delicious. Think of the people who will be able to benefit from eating it. We buy packaged and processed products because of the convenience, ‘cost effectiveness’ and storage factor when I could probably save more and make more meals eating fresh produce.


Mr Veg.

Mr Burger, Food Trucks Melbourne

Just finished class and the first thing I see on the Common Lawn at Monash Uni, Caulfield was Mr Burger. Food trucks have been popping up all over Melbourne lately and it seems that they are extending their driving range into the southern suburbs a bit more. I had heard naught but good things about Mr Burger and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try one of their burgers before the mad rush during lunch time. And boy, I’m telling you (sans impending hunger) it was fingerlickin’ delicious. [x]

Editing. Sneak peek of a vegan maple and date loaf recipe I’ve created that’s been on the back burner for a while because going though 50 photos of the same thing can be a real drainer lol I’ve tested the recipe 5x and have gotten great feedback, so I can’t wait to finally share it with you guys soon

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