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hey homie i'm sorry that you had a crappy experience!!! i hope eqla works out for you, i'm 100 percent sure it will!!!

To anybody who I’ve messed up with till now:

I won’t be at EQLA! My friends will be there and will be selling my prints and maybe carry my face on an ipad so I can look around, hahaha! I live in Europe!

I’m mighty sorry for the confusion (like if I ever caused anything but it).

And yes! I have several OCs look like Twilight Sparkle but aren’t her.

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hey bro i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna be a voice actor when i grow up and i already go on auditions and stuff but no luck so far except for independent gigs, do you have any professional experience bc ur like 100 times better than me and i wil probably cry if u don't

I haven’t had any professional gigs. I’ve only done stuff on my own and in the internet. There’s not a lot of places I can go to for that sort of thing over where I live, which totally sucks. But I don’t think I’m ready to go pro, anyway. There’s a lot I need to improve, and a lot I have to learn before I go to do a real thing.