The Batman Villain Project - #214 Orca

First Appearance - Batman #579 (July 2000)

Grace Balin was a doctor in Marine Biology and Bio-Medicine working at the Gotham Aquarium. She was involved in an accident that left her paralyzed, and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. Despite her disability, Balin continue to work in Gotham Aquarium. But secretly, Dr. Balin had been intensively studying on with spinal cord tissue regeneration using Orca spinal cord tissue. Her studies forces her to divert the Aquarium’s funding to her research, causing it to be closed and as well the lost of her funding. Eventually, she used a chemical formula that she derived from an Orca whale in the aquarium on herself, causing to herself transform into a Orca-mutant hybrid, naming herself as Orca.

As Orca, she began a crime spree in Gotham City by stealing a valuable diamond called the “Flame of Persia” from rogue millionaire Camille Baden-Smythe. After the theft of the diamond, Batman became involved. Orca aimed to sell the diamond and use the proceeds to help fund several projects for underprivileged people. After her attempt to sell the diamond back to Camille Baden-Smythe failed, Orca attempted to kill her. Camille’s security force shoots Orca several times, mortally wounding her. She begins changing back into Dr. Balin, telling Batman that the only way that she could survive is if he gave her the rest of the chemical formula that turned her into Orca. Batman agreed and she drank the formula. She then reveals that she could never change from her Orca form again and that she will continue her villainous ways. She swam away before Batman could apprehend her.

One year after the Infinite Crisis, Orca was found dead in the sewers under Gotham City. She appears to have been shot in the head by Harvey Dent’s gun, although Batman was convinced Dent is not the killer, and her body had been partially eaten by Killer Croc. Dent became the prime suspect in the murder, but was later revealed that it was orchestrated by Great White Shark. (via dc.wikia.com)

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