wandering with werewolves


So @catfok showed me their vampire Wander AU, and why not just make it a monsters AU?

I can see Wander sipping on caprisun juice packs of donated blood, and the watchdogs being WEREwatchdogs that turn into pomeranians and chihuahuas on the full moon or when they get angry. I’m a little stuck with what Sylvia would be

But like, Hater isn’t any different. He’s still a spooky, scary skeleton and can’t stand how everyone is suddenly soooo much cooler.

anonymous asked:

how many werewolves does it take to change a lightbulb?

it depends on when because werewolves are human except when there’s a full moon, so you have to take that into account. there’s different kinds of werewolves too… sometimes a werewolf’s final wolf form is a regulo wolf and regulo wolfs can’t change lightbulbs cuz they have paws and not hands. 

if it’s not during a full moon, then we’re basically asking how many humans does it take to change a lightbulb, because werewolves are basically humans with some advanced senses like super smell, but super smell doesn’t help with changin a light bulb. if the bulb is somehow made of silver then that changes things too, since werewovles are allergic to silver. i guess the werewolf in human form would have to wear gloves and you can get those super cheap off amazon so really its no big

if they’re changing the bulb during the full moon, then really it depends on if the alpha is in the room. most werewolves succumb to sexy blood lust and can’t control themselves during the full moon, but the alpha has the will to keep his human mind and also he can bring the other werewolves in line. so it depends… if there’s no alpha in the room but there’s a couple of werewolves then they’ll fight it out to see who the alpha is, and then the alpha will probably make one of them change the bulb. 

UNLESS all the werewovles turn into big wolves with paws, in which case they got night vision so they don’t care about lightbulbs

good question!

there’s silver in your lungs now; mix for a werewolf motorcycle gang on the road and especially the ladies it is led by

01. barton hollow / the civil wars 02. racing like a pro / the national 03. raise hell / brandi carlile 04. fluorescent grey / deerhunter 05. your body is a machine / the good natured 06. gun powder and lead / miranda lambert 07. devil’s waitin’ / black rebel motorcycle club 08. you on the run / the black angels 09. fire / kasabian 10. the twist / metric 11. give / tori amos