wandering in search of our better selves

focusas  asked:

Sokkla Mad max AU

Salt and sand, the ruins of a great city swallowed by the dunes, a distant, shimmering mirage roasting under the merciless sun, a world of steel and blood quenched in the fires of armageddon.

Azula looked far across the hell-blasted lands, searching futilely for anything worth the trouble of traveling to, “… ‘where must we go, we who wander this wasteland searching for our better selves?’

Breathing out smoke through his nose as he threw the cigarette stub into the sand, Sokka turned to her, a song ringing in his head “… ‘oh, where the water is freshest, the ground the greenest, the shade the shadiest, the air the coolest…’

She scoffed, “The world is dead, Sokka. The men of Way Back killed it. You hope too much.”

“Hope? All I hope for is some anti-seed for my lil’ pinkie here,” he tapped the sawed-off shotgun holstered at his side, “So’s I can squeeze her off a raunchy few times and watch something die. Save lots for the schlangers… and one for me, so Big Bad Death can go fuck itself.”

“Optimistic, as usual. Not enough lead in the world for that fine luxury.”

“Opti-what now? You stand tall ‘cause a your big words, don’t you?”

“Of course, love, it comes naturally,” she said, eyes glued to the dusty horizon, “Too many klicks… too many klicks in all directions. And sand, always sand.”

“And click-clak, click-clak, whiz-bang goes our rusty buggy. She’s good for a long jog, but she’ll gag on the dust.”

“You’ll rez her. If you were a War-boy, love, V8 would have blessed you with the digits to breathe life into her again.”

A toothy grin and chuckle, “Just a few raunchy turns here n’ there, bolts into nuts n’ what not, and she’s growlin’ like a proper beast.”

She smiled, “So we fang it then. Head west where the sun sleeps. Follow the Black Roads and past the Plains of Salt. We have guzzoline for days.”

“Paints a pretty target for Rust Buzzards, don’t it?”

“And so? I’ll fight historic against anyone that thinks to fuck us over. Death will stay his hand and envy at my bloody work.”

Sokka chuckled, “Oh, Mamzel Death. What a lovely red day that will be.”

He looked west, seeing the dust clouds and thunder growl in the distance, “We’ll do it then?”

“Of course! We won’t get a better chance…” she said, voice growing distant.

He looked to her, “At what?”

She paused, choosing her words before she could look at him, determination in her eyes, “Redemption.”