wandering in search of our better selves

Cold Blood

Rated: M
Word Count: 3,401

Mad Max AU

Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?

With his family dead and sisters kidnapped, Jon Snow journeys to the Crossing in hopes of rescuing them from Overlord Frey and the Boltons. However, Daenerys Targaryen’s plans are put in motion as she smuggles them and three of the other breeder-wives out of the fortress for a chance of a better life.

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Wind howling, sun scorching.

The sand beneath the length of his body felt too warm for comfort. Cloaked in layers that protected him from the harsh light, every inch was drenched in sweat, fingernails caked with filth from months spent on the run.

Jon inhaled deeply through his nose and exhaled inaudibly through his mouth, unhurriedly lowering the scope of his rifle to rub at a strained eye. He had been there for hours, laying prostrate for so long that the sun was beginning it’s descent into the horizon, turning everything in the landscape from a light sepia to red.

A week had passed since his arrival and luck had yet to find him. It did no favors that the Butcher’s tortured pets were reckless and unpredictable — their guard duty frequently reworked, daily raids perpetrated unscheduled. Still, Jon settled on the same dune day in and out, hoping for an opening that would grant access into the Crossing, hoping for a small chance to rescue his sisters.

His journey started over seven months ago, the beginning of what felt like the end of his life.

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I really, really loved Mad Max, and I really love hearing Mikey’s thoughts on films. So lucky me: he did a Movies with Mikey on Fury Road. 

“It’s almost comical at this point that the bad guy in this film is a repugnant liar toting the virtues of subjugating females into archaic gender roles and sending the war boys after anyone that doesn’t agree.”

I think that I’m going to memorize this and any time someone says “Oh, Mad Max was a feminist movie?” 

“The second we don’t allow our art to challenge us and our beliefs is when we cease to be human”

This, to me, is really critical. Obviously when it comes to sexism, there’s a right side of history to be on. It can be exhausting, disgusting, and even damaging to engage in any way with “the other side.” But we must still allow our beliefs to be challenged; it would not threaten them, but strengthen them. And if it doesn’t, the beliefs were not as sound as we had believed.

“Unlike practically every film ever made, instead of putting [the quote] at the front, he chose to put his quote at the end. Punctuating all that came before it. Where must we go, we who wander the wasteland in search of our better selves. Which better selves do you think to which he is referring?”

And most importantly: 

Maybe that one thing this film is about is being a good ally. Because sometimes it isn’t our fight and sometimes we need to give too much of ourselves for no other reason than to stand up with those that need us to. And that’s way harder when it’s a losing fight you know you’re going into…

… and yet you fight. You fight because there’s a better world on the other side of it.