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Bionicle loves to use multiverse theory to make it’s storyline darker. Kill a bunch of kidnapped Takanuva, visit a city with only one surviving resident, kill the Great Spirit and leave everyone stranded on a dying world. The closest thing to a happy story was the introduction of a less evil Teridax.

Considering there were an infinite number of parallel dimensions where there was no happy ending and everyone, or nearly everyone was enslaved or died, there are a lot of potential interdimensional refugees with Olmaks looking for a safe harbor/new home.

A few months after the reformation of Spherus Magna, a ragged looking Toa of Ice limps into New Atero, clutching an equally ragged Olmak. It takes some time to get his story, he’s injured, exhausted, and delirious, speaking his story in confused fragments. Eventually they piece together that his team didn’t get to the Great Spirit in time, and the Ignika killed them all, save himself, it’s bearer. He wandered a dead world until he found the Olmak, and has wandered between worlds ever since.

No one quite understands who he is, or calm him from his panicked state, until the Mahri arrive. He may not be quite the same, but they recognize him and welcome him into their team without hesitation.

Matoro has come home.


2 October 1452B i r t h  o f  K i n g   R i c h a r d  I I I

Richard Plantagenet, afterward Duke of Gloucester, and still later King Richard the Third, was born on October 2, 1452, at Fotheringhay castle. He was the last of one of the dozen children whom Duchess Cicely presented to her lord Richard, Duke of York; and he was the youngest of the four sons and three daughters who survived infancy. Nothing is known of his coming into the world and almost nothing of the first seven years of life. 

The world into which Richard Plantagenet had come on October 2 was a broken time, a time between, the disordered ending of many things, a society “wandering between two worlds, the one dead, the other powerless to be born”. When he was less than a year old, all Europe was shaken by the news the Turks had finally stormed Constantinople, slaying the last Emperor of Rome as he fought heroically in the breach. It had begun for him as a child in violence and it had ended in violence; the brief span between had been a tale of action and hard service with small joy and much affliction of spirit. If he had committed a grievous wrong, he had sought earnestly to do great good. And through his darkening days he had kept to the end a golden touch of magnanimity. Men did not forget how the last of the Plantagenets had died.

Thus did he remain alive in many men’s memories. But memories are mute and the written word was dangerous. Henry had the writers, and what Henry’court siad was all that counted. King Richard, such as he was in life - confused and diligent and erring and earnest - was buried beneath the black alluvial deposits of the Tudor historians, who created in his stead a simulcarum - an ogre, atop which King Henry was displayed, rampant, rescuing England.

Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall

The gods watch from the heavens-

Aphrodite sighs as another love is lost to boys foolish hands
They don’t know how to be careful
They always break hearts.

Zeus spends his days trying to make it up to Hera
She hasn’t forgiven him for all he has done
But she is close
Her sister Artemis urges her to leave him behind and join the Hunt
But Hera is too much in love with the way Zeus looks when he smiles
The way he sounds when he laughs
To ever walk away.

Apollo smokes a pack a day and claims he’s lighting his way across the sky
His hands are creased with tobacco and he doesn’t stay up late enough to see the moon rise
He’s fading quickly
There is no one left to pull the chariot.

Poisiden argues with Hades
He claims that his brother has taken more than his fair share of sailors
Hades says that it’s not his fault they desire to get lost
Poisiden doesn’t bring it up again.

Ares gives Hephaestus reasons to work
He creates new wars and more and more people need a blacksmith
But Hephaestus skills go far beyond swords now
We can thank him for all the new ways he has created for us to die
They work together and at the end of the day
come home to a Cold War between the gods and humans
This is lonely work.

Athena sits with Hestia and they talk of brighter days
When the gods were feared and revered
Now they are part of the past
Just an elaborate creation to explain why things happen
As if the new God is any different.

Persephone wanders between worlds
The line between winter and summer is blurred enough that she doesn’t know where she belongs
Hades no longer binds her to her oath
6 pomegranate seeds can’t make someone love you and he knows that now.

And you
You sit at your desk and pretend not to notice the myths that are fading around you
Pretend not to notice all the ways you can change the world
“It’s not enough” you say
“It’s never enough.

—  You’ve got the gods blood running through your veins– Lily Rain
Not of this world.

Kamio was born approximately in the twentieth centuries of the Late Hellenic period in Troy. At that time, the earth was engulfed by war because of the invasion of angels, who brought new laws to earthmen. Then Lucifer’s rebellion was already committed. How the archangel and the Trojan princess has met - history is silent. Kamio was born and raised in the temple of Apollo, where his mother, Cassandra of Troy, was exiled by his father because of visions. Cassandra was a prophet, chosen by the god Apollo, but preferred Lucifer to him. The child born of union with the archangel is a nephilim. Initially, it was believed that Camio demon-half-blood, but in the the eightieth chapters, it became clear that he, like Lucifer, from the genus of seraphim. He has six snow-white wings, successfully concealed centuries before the Battle of Etna.

Kamio spent his childhood away from other children. He quickly grew and developed, therefore that he was despised. Cassandra herself raised and educated him as far as possible. Even in his childhood, Camio asked questions about his father, like every child, but he understood much more. Anger arose in him for Lucifer. He blamed him for his mother and his own solitude. It can be said that selfishness developed in Kamio, because he could not understand the causes of his father, failing to put himself in his place.

Because of the mixed blood, Kamio spent thousands of years following his mother’s death, wandering between the worlds. His guardian was King Beelzebub, who later nominated him as candidate to the regents of the Emperor. In his situation, Camio continued to blame Lucifer. Prior to the meeting with John Dee, he was estranged and did not create any connections with anyone. Solomon, who lived long before John, had a different meaning for him.

Kamio was one of the last demons tamed by Solomon. The hardships and deprivation of the life of the nephilim left in his human heart a breach, which the tsar diligently patched for many years. As for Citri, Solomon became a father for Camio, or someone close to him. Having first learned the value of his father’s love, friendship, with the death of Solomon, Camio grabbed in them as the last spark of warmth. After his death, he became what he was before: an orphan, devoid of love and attention of his father, concealing his anger and thirsting for an answer. The very death of Solomon only inflamed his anger, because Camio accused Lucifer in it.

For Kamio, Lucifer was and remained a selfish, incapable of love angel, which is scattered by people as feathers. Lucifer in his eyes used loving and devoted people to satisfy his ego and left their. Of course, so thought the offended boy in Camio, who was not ready to accept any other truth.

But did Kamio himself love then? Could he say something about love? Before the meeting with Maria, he was a closed, gloomy youth from Chelmsford named Nathan Kekston. He was merciless to the inquisitors and to those who encroached on his personality. In the medieval era, he met the first man after Solomon and Cassandra, who became the first detail of the puzzle of his new world.

John Dee is an English mathematician, Occultist, creator of the Enochian language and one of the Hermeticists. Before the meeting with Camio, he was a simple child, gravitating toward the occult. The first time he met Kamio face to face was when he caught it in practice of black magic. Not seeing anything wrong with the stranger, he immediately suggested that he become a friend. Even then, John guessed that Nathan Kexston was not so simple.

Hence began their long friendship, to understand the meaning of which Camio still had to. John revealed to him various human aspects, Camio learned a lot from him. But during his studies at Cambridge University, Kamio suddenly left John, and returned after seventy years, when he was on his deathbed. Because of the threat of his friend’s ascension to Heaven, Kamio signed a contract with him. John became the first member of his family.

Halloween Games 2

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Second short fic continuation of Halloween Games imagine- here. First part- Halloween Games

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3298

Jack O’Lantern Contest.

Sam carried the last and largest pumpkin into the kitchen and placed it carefully on the stainless steel prep table.

Charlie laughed at how truly massive it was next to the other three. “You really had to get the biggest one you could find, didn’t you? What the hell are you going to carve on there? A moose?”

Sam brushed her off, “ha ha. Laugh it up now but I’m winning this bet.”

“Fat chance.” Dean strolled over to the table with the carving kits they had bought. “Biggest does not mean best.”

Sam leaned on his monster of a pumpkin. “That’s what all the small ones say.”

“Hey!” Charlie smacked his arm, “watch it, beanstalk. Some of the small ones know where to hit.”

Sam chuckled as he patted the pumpkin she had picked out. “I was talking about the pumpkins.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m watching you.” Charlie narrowed her eyes as he smoothed his hand over his pumpkin.

You walked into the room with a few books of pumpkin trace patterns and a couple of print outs you found on the internet. “Hey, check these out. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff you can find online. This has seriously turned into an art form of its own.”

Charlie lit up. “Have you seen those Harry Potter ones? I mean some people have literally carved their faces onto a pumpkin.”

Dean grinned and turned to Sam. “Remember that one we saw that looked like it was vomiting out the insides? It was that rugaru case..” Dean eyed his pumpkin. “You think that’d be difficult? I could pull that off.”

Sam smiled and bit the inside of his cheek. “Yeah. I bet you could. You should definitely try that.” Dean held up his middle finger.

You looked at the pile in your hands. “I think I printed that out.” You placed the books and loose pages on the wooden dinner table and everyone began looking through them.

The bet the boys had started while picking out pumpkins seemed to make the whole thing become a little more competitive but no one was complaining. Not yet, anyway.

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Ok, Kashtara certainly didn't know this place. It was the bad thing of wandering between worlds, that you never knew where you were going to end up appearing...or who you'd find on the other side. (Ghost man)

Ghost had a long standing habit of watching the islands from the top of the lighthouse. He could watch the bustling island below, and even look out to see the island he called home on the horizon. He saw everything, and that’s just how he liked it. As long as nothing changed, he was satisfied.

But seeing someone appear out of what seemed to be nothing, or at least something he couldn’t process, that was new. The creaking of the old lighthouse hid his footsteps as he got up and peeked over the edge. He didn’t sense a threat, as they weren’t a robot, so he lept down with little fear. “Hello there, you seem new.”

10 Days until Season 10
"10 Most Memorable Moments of Season 9" → Castiel (7/10)
Day 4: 9x22 "Stairway to Heaven"

The hell… is all you can think when you enter the room. It’s decked out with balloons, with ballons, cardboard angels and pie. It looks like you stumbled into an 80s prom night movie - and you only know that, because now you got all this knowledge you have no clue how to handle. Just like you knew about the Death Star and the Emperor. This isn’t heaven, it has never been heaven, not even a stairway to it. When you realize you haven’t been the only one looking for a way to get back into heaven and see him lying there slumoed against the wall, it nearly breaks you apart. You want to help, want to take away his pain, make things right, but he stops you. Says he’d rather die than owe his life to you. Says you play at being noble, play at being one of them, but that it’s all a lie, because when he looks into your eyes, he doesn’t see an angel staring back at him. In a way you can understand his confusion, because when you look into the mirror you don’t see an angel either, but you also don’t see a human. You feel like an island, like a wanderer between the worlds and just like Josiah you long to go home. Though you are pretty certain that your home is not the same Josiah longed for so desperately. No, your home isn’t heaven any longer and it’s not earth as such either, but it’s humanity. It’s two men: one drop out with six bucks to his name - and now also a deadly mark on his arm - and an ex-demon-blood-junkie.