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The Universe has conspired to make YOU ...

Do you ever think about how amazing you are? The Universe has conspired to make you. Thousands of steps have gone into your creation. If just one of your ancestors had turned left instead of right at a critical juncture, you would not be here right now. Can you wrap your mind around how amazing that is?? How many things have happened over the course of history to bring you to this place right now? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions

Stop treating yourself like you aren’t special and amazing! The Universe has conspired since the BEGINNING OF TIME to make YOU

You are amazing! Everything about you is unique and perfect. You bring something to this world that no other person does. You have a way of seeing things that no one else does. You contribute things to this world that no one else can. 

There is no one more you than you, so be the best you you can be! Cherish everything about yourself. You were made by the Universe, and that’s a big deal!!


I am a [yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah] warrior, warrior.
I am a [yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah] warrior, warrior of love.

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“I Almost Lost You.”

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“Where is she!?” A voice was shouting loud amongst the mess of others as I sat wrapped with a bright orange blanket around me. Outside the sky was a dusky black. The rain had stopped falling earlier leaving the pavement freshly wet leaving that hot and humid smell as steam and mist slowly raised from it. The sound of sirens, cries, shouts and police officers all seemed to back away upon the voice of the frazzled and agitated one that also was pushing its way through the crowd. I stood, shaking from the ambulance steps, nursing the small cut on my forehead from the exploding glass that had cut me and the other students in the room upon the window breaking once the gunman opened fire.

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while i agree the new SU ep had a lot of faults (needed better pacing, animation was a bit wonky) i think the SU critical people are wrong on the fact of “steven having to apologize to his mom for calling her out”? Because thats not what happened at all. 

Steven didnt apologize to his mom for calling her out. He didn’t apologize at all. What happened was he realized he was wrong on one fact and only one fact: his mother’s reasoning for having him. Rose wanted him, she loved him and truly wanted him. And he recognized that through her cloud. Everything else he knew was right, he had the right to be angry, he was not punished for it. He wasn’t punished at all. He just recognized that he does love her and that she did love him, even if she had so many faults that wasn’t one of them.

Steven Universe: *a kind 14 year old boy who’s weapon is a SHIELD and who solves everything by trying to make friends, who tries to calm down angry aliens who steal oceans and break his fathers leg instead of fighting them, who tries to stop the bubbling of a gem who KIDNAPPED him and tried to kill his home planet, and who when faced with a gem who is constantly hurting him and his family and friends is willing to stop fighting her if she just apologizes for her actions* 

the fandom: ok but why isnt he ok with murder what is this Pacifist ‘Dont Fight Hate with Hate’ Bullshit™ 

also one thing i noticed about the episode that people don’t seem to realize (which truly is the fault of the show since it was in a muddy area) was that Bismuth didn’t fight Steven because he refused to kill. Bismuth got upset because she thought he was ROSE. 

Bismuth didn’t get “violent at a child” on purpose because the child refused to use a weapon of war. Bismuth became upset and angry and fought who she thought was Rose because she thought Rose had been lying to her the entire time and Rose had hidden her bubbling from her friends for 5000 years. 

At that point, the issue of the weapon was more of a sidenote. The REAL issue was Bismuth’s pain and anger at Rose being directed at Steven through a misunderstanding, and Rose’s reasoning of bubbling her friend and hiding it from everyone around. 

But of course because of some issues in the shows writing it became a muddy issue and everyone kind of pushed the two together into one giant issue when really it is quite separate? Steven’s refusing to use the weapon was just a way to have Bismuth think Steven was Rose and for her to have to confront that. And for Steven to confront once again, that his mother is much more complicated than he believed she was. 

yoooo who wants Steven Universe fic recs


How to Turn An Angry Space Alien Into Your New Aunt With the Power of Friendship or Whatever by Steven Universe

Basically the title. Peridot joining the Crystal Gems and slowly finding Steven worming his way into her heart in the most Steven way possible. Its adorable. 

Honesty Is

AKA Sapphire and Ruby wondering how they are gonna tell Steven they are a fusion and also a look into their shared mind throughout some moments in the show its cute i love it 

Maybe You’re Just Mad Cause You’re Single

AU where Peridot and Jasper landed in Canada together and basically must now work together while being arguing dorks 

Jasper and Peridot Conquer AP Literature!

High school AU cause im a nerd. It only has one chapter out so far but its already gold because super nerd Peridot is my bby. 

What Was Missing

“Tensions rise in a far off galaxy. Steven struggles with powers. The Crystal Gems struggle with raising a child as well as protecting Beach City. Peridot reminisces on times before war. Lapis reminisces on times before her mirror.
Three new refugees wonder what is and isn’t worth fighting for.”

How do I explain this one.. basically turning into an epic story with gem battles and politics and lots of cool gem OC’s and trans rep and autistic gems and its really great and it might be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it its wonderful and i adore it. 


Love Overgrows A Rock

AKA how Sapphire and Ruby decided to stay a fusion forever and im crying

She Saw the Beauty in Everything

Who wants to weep with me on Pearl/Rose? 

My Pearl 

More Pearl/Rose feels amirite 

I’ll start adding more the more I read and when more fics get written *wink wink nudge nudge* 

people are getting sooo dramatic about this ep like wow 

its about change. and peoples inability to change. or like my wonderful brown mother stated after the ep: “the white american’s fear of change” and that hey, sometimes these people cAN change. slowly but surely. 

also people being like “WHY DID STEVEN TRY TO BEFRIEND HIM FIRST INSTEAD OF MAKING HIM STOP” well first off… when has steven ever done the latter first. his first step is try to befriend and see if that changes people. its in character for him to do that. it usually works for him. also he’s naive and definitely didnt understand half the shit his uncle was saying unlike greg who DID challenge him about it every time. 

also the whole ep was pretty much the analogy for ‘we all got that shitty racist family member we kind of love but are also uuuugh about and wish would change and hey.. look hope that maybe one day they will change’ 

like… as a brown kid from a brown family…. this ep was good. and perfect timing because guys if you can fight those racist ass family members during thanksgiving do it. like greg did. 


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actual people here on Tumblr.com: Excuse me but it would have been so much better if a bunch of adults went and taught Steven Universe- a 14 year old boy- that its ok to murder. It would have been GREAT if he- a child- went and committed murder himself. For the greater good of course. Ya. That would totally be a great lesson for children everywhere. 

Also idk why people are saying the show portrayed Bismuth as a “villain” because its pretty obvious.. she wasnt a villain. She was angry, and in pain, but wasnt a villain. And the fact that everyone here is arguing that very fact shows that she wasnt portrayed as such because then people would be seeing her as such. 

It wasnt Bismuth that was ‘evil’. it was the weapon, it was the war. it was what a war pushes people to want to do. It was the suffering Homeworld put Bismuth through that pushed her to the edge.  It was the idea that murder is ok when there are other ways to fight.

I dont like the ending either. I dont like the fact that they bubbled Bismuth. I think that wasnt well written. But I refuse to agree that the message was bad. That Bismuth was portrayed as evil when she was blatantly sympathetic even when she was fighting Steven. Or that there is something wrong with the idea that Rose and Steven refuse to kill, when they’ve always stood for love and peace and friendship.