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Alone, but not Anymore

Request: can you do a Murphy imagine where the acid fog shows up and you two get stuck in a cave or somewhere all night waiting it out and reader gets cold and they cuddle to keep warm

Requested by: anonymous

A/N: Thank you for the request, I have just been dying to receive a Murphy Imagine, request, so thank you!!!

Warning: none. cuteness. a little bit of angst.


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Never did you think that you’d be stuck in a cave, for what was most likely going to be the whole night, with Murphy. Honestly from all the time you’ve been stuck down here, on earth, with all the other delinquents, you’d been scared of the boy. He was abrasive, cold, mean and liked to dictate things.

He wasn’t all that bad, you guessed. He was attractive, there was no denying that. And maybe if he wasn’t so mean towards others and not everyone was against him, maybe then you would admit you had the smallest crush on him.

But, despite all that, you definitely did not want to be stuck in a cave with him.

You’d been on a hunt with him and Bellamy, you were actually one of the few who still went out despite the grounders. You had always been a fighter, and even on the ark, you had been arrested for assaulting a guard, all because he wanted to cop a feel and you’d punched him. He stated it as you assaulted him, and you’d tried to tell them that he was the one who was trying to touch you, he was a guard and you were well… nothing. So you’d been arrested.

Nonetheless, none of that mattered now that you were on the earth. You were bossy and tough, you didn’t let people walk over you and out of the few you actually bothered to speak to, Bellamy had taken quite a liking to you. He liked that you were tough, tough for a girl, he would tease, but nonetheless he appreciated how hard you worked for the camp.

Bellamy was a dick too. There was no doubt but you knew deep down that he was only doing it for the camp. Wellbeing of all those he had chosen to rule over. But Murphy, when you thought about it, was just mean because he wanted to be.

Though, maybe not so much.

During the hunt, Bellamy had run off to catch a deer. And when you and Murphy had run to catch up, a loud horn had been sounded. You immediately knew what it was, this again not being your first hunt. You’d searched for Bellamy but hadn’t found him, and when you were about to run his direction, worried for your friend, a hand had grasped your wrist, yanking you the opposite direction. 

So that’s how you found yourself in a cave, Murphy sitting behind you, leaning against the wall of the cave as you stared through the opening. Not so far that the acid fog could reach you, but you only hoped Bellamy had found cover. 

“He’s fine.” Murphy’s dry voice cut into your worrying. Sighing as he watched you fiddle, you’d been standing there ever since you got in the cave. And if you were being honest your feet were killing you, and you ached to sit down but were to scared to have to confront Murphy. “He’s Bellamy, i’m sure he can take care of himself.”

“I know.” You mumbled, letting your E/C eyes wander over the green mist.

“Then come sit down.” He ordered. And reluctantly, you turned, moving to sit in front of the boy with your knees in front of you. You twisted and pulled at your hair, the french braid you sloppily braided it in falling apart and resulting in a mess of strands of hair all around your face.

“Well, this is great.” Murphy joked, his voice raspy. You stared at him, confused as to how he could possibly make a (bad) joke in a time like this. You realized, with your fear of talking to him and just in general scared of how he would treat you, you’d never actually had a conversation with the boy. You knew nothing about him, to put it frankly.

“It’s probably going to last a while.” You mumbled, looking out as the green fog continued to hover around.

“Yeah. this ever happened to you before?” It was a fair enough question, seeing as you two had never really actually been on a hunt together before this, maybe a few times. 

Shaking your head, you sniffled, suddenly cold. “Once, I haven’t gone on a hunt in a while too. What about you?” You were glad that you two were making at least small talk. It kind of hid the awkward tension between the two of you.

“Yeah.” Was all he said in reply.

“Well,” you said after a few minutes awkward silence. So much for small talk. “I do hope Bellamy’s okay.”

“Why do you care so much?” Baffled by his sudden cold tone, you turned to him shocked. Feeling a shiver, you raised your hands to your arms, running them up and down. You only had a tank top on and skinny jeans, it was an incredibly hot day and you definitely didn’t expect to be stuck in some cave for the night. But now as the moon rose and the sun dropped, you regretted your decision.

“Because,” you snapped. “He’s my friend.”

“Well, what a great friend, he left you.”

Anger filling you, you glared up at the boy. “He left you too.” You reminded, pointing a finger at him.

“I’m not his friend.” He shot back, and in the spur of the moment you couldn’t decide your next words carefully enough. Instead you straightened your back out, turning to him with an icy look. “How’d you get to be such a dick, Murphy?”

His eyes widened and he looked at you, speechless for a moment. You didn’t swear often, unless you were really mad, and you guessed that that was what probably threw him off course. Then as if the question fully reached him, he laughed dryly. “It’s a long story.”

“What, mom and dad didn’t love you?” You pressed. 

“No, actually, they loved me very much. Before my dad was arrested for a crime that wasn’t actually a crime and my mother drank herself to arrest.” You softened slightly, feeling sympathy but then when you looked at his smug face you felt your anger replace itself. 

“Yeah, well at least yours loved you.” You mumbled, looking to the ground beside you as you crossed your arms. Pouting slightly, you glared at the ground.

“What’s your story then?” You heard Murphy asked, and when you looked at him you realized he actually wanted to know. You were hesitant to say, figuring that maybe it was best to keep it to yourself. You were heated and no doubt the boy would only make fun of you. But when you saw his eyes not leaving yours and his body shifted as if to tell you to get on with it, you sighed. 

“Mother died in birth.” You started, staring him straight in the eye. “Then, because I was the ‘reason’ of my mother’s death, father blames me. Touching me and beating me every night until finally he’s caught and floated. Then, i’m arrested for fighting a guard who tried to do that same damn thing.” You said, your tone bitter as you stared at the ring on your finger, It had been your mothers. You didn’t know her, but you figured if she was alive, maybe she would have loved you.

When you earned no sneer or response from Murphy, you looked up, confused by his solemn expression and no witty come backs. “That sucks..” He mumbled, and you chuckled.

“Yeah, well, it got me down here. Away from that shit hole, so thank you father.” You spoke, staring at the ceiling of the cave as if you were speaking to your father.

Then, suddenly a cold wave hit you and you shivered, biting your lip as you tried to curl into yourself for warmth. Damnit, why’d it have to get so cold?

“Come here.” Murphy suddenly spoke, signalling you over with his hand. You were about to deny when you felt another cold breeze and sighing you moved over to him. You didn’t initiate anything. Just sat in front of him, as he pulled off his jacket. Realizing his intentions, again you went to decline, confused by this Murphy and how he was so different from the Murphy you’d just been speaking to.

But, you were stopped when he threw his jacket over your shoulders. Grabbing each wrist and putting them through the sleeves. You blushed slightly, not use to having his scent on you and him being so close. But, you gratefully accepted the warmth, hugging the jacket closer to you.

He turned to lay down and with blank eyes you watched him curl into himself. You felt bad for stealing his jacket and when you caught him shivering, you cursed yourself. You might regret this but you couldn’t steal his jacket and leave him, but you knew he wouldn’t take the jacket back so grabbing his wrists you raised them. Laying down, you scooted towards him until your back met his chest and with a shaky sigh you dropped his arm around your waist.

“What ar-”

“Sh, we need to keep warm. And body warmth is the best way to do it.” You mumbled, so glad he couldn’t see the blush on your cheeks. He was warm and oddly, you felt safe so close to him. A feeling you never thought you would feel next to him.

“But i gave you my jacket.”

“And i’m not gonna let you freeze to death.” You snapped. “Just… hold me.”

You felt that after everything, maybe this was something you both needed when Murphy finally tightened his grip, bringing you closer to him. He relaxed and he breathed in your scent.

You knew, this was definitely more than just keeping each other warm. He held you like his life depended on it and you relished in it as if you would collapse from loneliness any moment.

You had been alone your whole life and never felt another person’s love. Sure you had friends, like Bellamy, well only Bellamy… but you didn’t realize until now how much you needed someone. Being alone was painful and finally having someone just hold you relaxed you in more ways than one. And when you felt Murphy’s soft breathing from beside you, you realized maybe he wasn’t as bad as you once thought.

Maybe he was just like you.

Hope you enjoyed! And yes i did use a few lines from Raven, from season 3.

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San Japan 7. Here’s some more pics. Lots more to come.

I think the Hater and Peepers alliance is one of the greatest things about the show and makes for some seriously entertaining episodes, so I’m really glad they nixed the “Peepers goes solo” idea for Season 2, but still, a part of me can’t help but hope that Season 3 was going to be about Hater (at the end of the current season) finally succumbing to the hugs and joining the good guys, whereupon Peepers cuts his losses, builds himself a giant mecha, and runs around conquering the entire universe through the mist of his tears.