wanderer above the sea

Artwork Asks
  • Mona Lisa: Do you like to look neat and orderly? How long does it take for you to get ready for the day?
  • Starry Night: Do you enjoy watching the sky and daydreaming?
  • The Scream: How easy/hard is it for someone to startle or make you lose focus?
  • The Persistence of Memory: Do some people consider you to be a weird or strange person?
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring: Do you like to wear jewelry? What are your favorite pieces of jewelry and approximately how much are they worth?
  • The Last Supper: Are you religious at all?
  • Guernica: Is the world "Black and White" to you?
  • American Gothic: Would you like to lead a simple and happy life? Or do you prefer adventure?
  • The Creation of Adam: What is your favorite story from Mythology? Do you have any favorite Fables or Fairytales?
  • The Birth of Venus: Do you like to be in the spotlight?
  • David: Are you the bold type? Do want your ideas and thoughts to be heard all around the world?
  • A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte: Do you take time out of your day to kick back and relax? Where can people find you if so?
  • No. 5, 1948: Do you tend to break away from traditions and cultural norms? Are you the rebellious type?
  • Pietà: Name something that tugs at your heartstrings.
  • Venus De Milo: Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they've been through in the past?
  • The Thinker: Do you often find yourself getting lost in thought? What is it usually about?
  • The Great Wave off Kanagawa: Do you like the Ocean?
  • Water Lily Pond: What are your favorite flowers?
  • Capitoline Wolf: What is your relationship with animals? Do you like them? What is your favorite animal?
  • Winged Victory of Samothrace: Do you strive to meet your goals and never give up on them?
  • Nighthawks: Are you a night owl or a early bird?
  • Lady with an Ermine: Do you have any pets? Would you like to have pets? If so, what would your dream pet be?
  • Wanderer above the Sea of Fog: Do you tend to get lost easily?
  • Napoleon Crossing the Alps: Are you a brave and daring individual? Would you fight for freedom if you had to?
  • The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp: Do you value your ability to get an education?
  • Christina's World: Is there anything you long for?
  • Washington Crossing the Delaware: Do you want to make an impact on this world? What do you want to be remembered for?
the types as | famous artworks

ENFP // breach, kush

INFP // wanderer above a sea of fog, dav

ENFJ // the creation of adam, michelangelo

INFJ // the mona lisa, da vinci

ESTJ // napoleon crossing the alps, david

ISTJ // saint jerome writing, caravaggio

ESFJ // the birth of venus, botticelli

ISFJ // young lady in a boat, tissot

ENTP // the persistence of memory, dali

INTP // composition 8, kadinsky

ENTJ // guernica, picasso

INTJ // son of man, magritte

ESFP // bouquet of eyes, hoch

ISFP // starry night, van gogh

ESTP // dogs playing poker, coolidge

ISTP // woman with a horse, metzinger

Sherlock - The Hounds of Baskerville

(Inspired by BBC’s Sherlock & Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog)

 Drawing - Tinted Charcoal


Some art history themed Valentine’s Day cards for the art-lover in your life. ♥♥♥♥♥ Be sure to take them to your local art museum and support your regional artists!!!!

Plenty of Fish // Jaebum Angst Scenario

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Whenever you thought about your typical idea for a first date, your mind would always wander to the sea above sea level, aka, the aquarium. Even though you pondered this idea over and over again, all the different possibilities of what could happen to make the butterflies in your stomach create more love induced nausea than they already did, the person you imagined going with never altered. 

You and Jaebum were just friends. Of course you wanted to take it to the next level, but every possibility of rejection would stop you from trying to ruin something good. So when you were asked by Mark, in the middle of sipping your thai bubble tea, whether or not you thought taking a girl to the movies or skydiving would be more fun, you scrunched up your nose and offered the idea of the aquarium.

“Why the aquarium, I gave you two perfect options y/n-ah,” Mark whined as he chewed on a tapioca ball.

“It all depends on the girl really, but personally I always imagined the best date for me would be the aquarium. I love looking at the beautiful fish and different mammals and such,” you shrugged a bit as you looked back and forth between Mark and Youngjae, the only two boys accompanying you on your bubble tea outing. They looked at each other, raising an eyebrow whilst simultaneously getting the same idea.

“You should ask Jaebum to take you,” Youngjae cooed. Immediately you began to shake your head, shrugging the idea off.

“C’mon y/n, no pain, no gain. What’s the harm in asking him?” Mark would ask, slightly tugging on the sleeve of your arm while you continued to shake your head, hiding the fact that you were completely terrified of the idea.

“There’s all types of harm. He could say no, completely disregard the idea, and spit in my face while recording it and becoming a viral video Mark. There’s no way in hell that I’m asking him on a date.” You knew that you were being irrational, knowing the type of person Jaebum was he wouldn’t dramatize rejecting you. It was just the idea that he would reject you that kept you away from wanting to face reality and left you with your endless daydreams of the perfect date at the aquarium.

“I doubt he would say no, you’re attractive and smart,” Sunshine tried reassuring your indecent notions, “he would be stupid to say no. What guy do you know really says no to a cute girl asking him on a date? Especially Jaebum-hyung.”

Even though you almost didn’t want to believe it, this was true. Jaebum never really was one to reject anyone, but at the same time, you weren’t sure if there was really anyone in his life to reject. You hated the idea that tweedle dee and dum were getting to you. They were going to be the reason that you started to drown in the thoughts that Jaebum had feelings for you too.

Upon arriving back at the dorms, Mark and Youngjae had convinced you that there was no such harm in just asking, the worse possible thing he could do wasn’t even saying no. It would be disregarding you as his friend after suggesting such a small notion.

It was time to face your fear, as you looked around the dorm, Yugyeom was playing videogames with an over excited Jackson and an annoyed BamBam, Jinyoung was reading, and Jaebum was writing musical notes. You sat down across from Jaebum, having had Mark push you toward your hyung. Scowling at the two, you took in a sharp breath; Jaebum having barely noticed you sitting there in the first place.

“JB~,” you started to break the silence and make your presence known, “what are you working on?”

“Music, y/n,” he glanced up at you, sending you a small smirk unintentionally. The same smirk that made this all the more difficult for you to ask.

“Well, I was wondering..,” you hesitated, looking back at Mark and Youngjae for support. You didn’t notice Jinyoung raising his eyebrow toward you, noticing your strange demeanor. Jaebum barely raised his head, keeping his main focus on the music sheets and journal of lyrics sprawled out in front of him. “Don’t you think it would be interesting to take a break, and go to the aquarium?” you finally let the words slip from your mouth, unable to retrieve them now.

The black haired man in front of you only raised an eyebrow, taking a moment to process what you’d said before opening his mouth to respond.

“Sure, I mean, you could take Youngjae and Jackson, maybe even Yugyeom, they like that sort of stuff y/n,” he mentioned nonchalantly. Jinyoung’s attention was now fully on your conversation, crossing his legs as he furrowed his eyebrows in concentration on you and your intentions.

“I mean of course they would,” you cleared your throat, feeling your face start to burn a bit, “but I meant that maybe, just you and I could go.” Your voice trailed off, losing confidence as you spoke. Your eyes couldn’t even look at him, whether he was trying to meet your gaze or not, you wouldn’t know with your eyes focused on your fingers interacting with each other.

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea.” You bit your lip, feeling the slight tightness form in your chest as he spoke. Noticing that you needed some assistance, Youngjae spoke up for you.

“Why not, hyung? It would be so much fun, seeing the otters and the pengu—!” he was interrupted by JB trying to prove his exact point.

“Which is why you should go with her. I don’t like the idea of aquariums, they seem like a waste of time. Why would someone pay so much just to go watch fish swim for hours?” he shrugged the idea off so casually, not realizing how much it hurt you to disregard your idea.

Soon after this encounter, Mark convinced you that you should try a different approach; something that would get him to notice how much of a great girlfriend that you could be. Hit him with a weakness. Get him strawberry milk.

“Jaebum! Come to the kitchen I brought you something,” you called out, putting the subtle plan in motion. Once the relaxed boy came into sight, you couldn’t hold back a smile.

“What is it y/n? I was in the middle of something important,” he spoke with a bit of annoyance lingering in his voice. Rather than saying anything, you held out the box of strawberry milk you’d brought for him from the store. His face lit up instantly as he began to open the contained pink liquid.

“I just thought that you’d been working hard and that you would appreciate something to indulge in. I know it’s your favorite, so I was thinking it was the least I could do,” Jaebum didn’t notice the slight change of color in your face, or your eyes watch over his jovial expression.

“Jagi!” Jackson whined from the living room, watching the interaction between the two of you, “how come you don’t ever buy me anything?”

“Oh hush Jackson, it’s not like you’re my boyfriend or anything,” you disregarded him.

“So? Jaebum isn’t your boyfriend either,” he retorted, causing your face to slightly warm up while you nodded at the not so bad idea.

“What’s your point? It’s not that I buy him things all the time,” you rolled your eyes in slight annoyance, not just from Jackson’s remark, but from being flustered from it. “Even if I did, I would still be a good girlfriend.”

“I suppose,” he rolled his eyes

“Thanks, y/n,” he nodded at you before turning his heel with two bottles in his sweat pockets, his abrupt exit causing you to be vaguely satisfied but overall disappointed.

Overall, the next few short weeks, you, Mark, and Youngjae would continue to drop hints and try to leave the idea of you as a suitable girlfriend in JB’s head. The subtlety of these hints started to decline as Youngjae would almost make it as obvious as he could to Jaebum that you and him belonged together. Every time this would happen, the dark hair boy would shrug it off, barely putting much thought into the idea of dating you. After a while, you felt like the boys were pressuring him a bit too much because he started to go out more away from the group, so you told them to give it a breather.

That was until you walked back to the dorm, finding out why his presence was dissipating recently. You found some of the boys surrounding another girl in the living space. You noticed Jaebum’s arm draped over her shoulder as she leaned into him with her own torso. Smiles were plastered on both of their faces while you felt your chest tighten.

“Y/n!~” BamBam called out to you, waving you closer into the living room, “come meet Jaebum hyung’s girlfriend.”

Girlfriend? You caught yourself slightly holding your breath as she glanced over her shoulder and back at you.

“Hello,” she slightly waved using her free arm, noticing that you were staring at the medium sized plush dolphin sitting in her lap. “Isn’t it cute? Jaebummie got it for me earlier today while we were at the aquarium.”

You felt like all of this was like a bad dream gone from wrong to worse. How could he not notice you falling a part directly in front of him?

“That’s…nice,” you struggled to keep your voice stable, finding the right words if any to say while your heart strings were being yanked in every direction.

“Y/n,” Jaebum spoke up, “you should really consider going one of these days, it was actually pretty nice. Who knew that beluga whales and penguins were actually pretty beautiful?”

Hearing those words leave his mouth felt like an absolute try to the core of your existence. You couldn’t believe that he completely brushed off any hint of the feelings you had for him. Now for him to finally acknowledge your aquarium idea for a date with another girl, was heartbreaking. You wanted to be angry, but all you could feel was rejection and pain.

Just before you could let any stray tears shed down your face, Mark had an arm around you, leading you into his room with Youngjae, Coco, an already prepared bucket of ice cream, box of tissue, and your favorite movie ready to press play.

// My apologies if this wasn’t so good of a scenario, I did try. ~