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I Thought You Hated Me.

Request from @brieflybigwonderland​: Hi! Not sure if it is too soon to be asking for requests with you just starting this blog but you did an amazing job with the one I sent to your primary blog so I know you will with this one 😀 I’m thinking that reader works with The Avengers and she gets along with them all….apart from Bucky. They seem to hate each other and one night end up being the only ones in the gym, insults soon get thrown into the mix but then something changes and the situation gets more….hot? ❤ haha!

Note: So this is my first time writing any kind of smut so I hope I have done this request some kind of justice. I stopped before it got too long so if anyone wants more just let me know…I rather enjoyed writing this <3 I hope this isn’t too terrible!

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1721

Warning: Smut and slight dub-con.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It had been a couple of years since you started working with S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avengers and you couldn’t have been happier. Each member of the team had become like your family and given that you had grown up without one for the majority of your childhood this meant a lot to you; there wasn’t a single person that you couldn’t confide in, spill your secrets to, even Tony Stark was occasionally a good listener….even if the conversation soon turned to him.

But then he wouldn’t be Tony if he didn’t boost his own ego.

Life couldn’t have been any better really. But then James ‘Bucky’ Barnes came along and it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour. Before you had spoken so much as a single word to him he had decided he didn’t like you – that much was clear by the death glare his sharp blue eyes had thrown in your direction the moment he stepped into the lobby of the building.

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yeshorrormovies  asked:

Hi! I requested something before your asks got deleted! I know you probably won't do this. but it's about the reader always wearing pants and she's been an avenger for about a year or so and nobody really noticed she never showed her legs. But one day she comes strolling into training in short shorts and a sports bra and she has tattoos everywhere from the belly button down. And all of them are vintage military and flowers (these are mine) and all of the avengers want a tour/Bucky loves them.

I hope you like this and that it was similar to what you were looking for. <3

You remembered the first week of training with Natasha.

She’d always made comments about how you always made sure every inch of your skin was covered, thinking that you might be ashamed of your scars.

She’d tried to make you feel more comfortable by showing you hers - one on her hip, a few on her thighs and one or two on her arms. 

You’d assured her that wasn’t the case and continued on with your training, shedding your hoodie to make her feel a little better.

You see, it wasn’t so much that you were ashamed, but you were hiding something from the team. 

6 months later, on a day no different than any other, Sam caught up to you as you were jogging the perimeter of the tower, making a comment about how you shouldn’t be wearing sweatpants when it was 90 degrees out and how he’s never seen your legs before. You rolled your eyes, called him a pervert, and kept running.

It was now a little over a year later, and you’d managed to keep your secret from everyone… but today, of course, the air conditioning was down in the tower and the building was ungodly hot.

Nat and Wanda were wandering about the tower in sports bras and booty shorts while all of the men were sporting nothing but loose-fitting shorts. 

You’d decided today was the day you’d come out of hiding.

You donned the shortest pair of shorts you owned and a sports bra, revealing every inch of your inked skin - brightly colored, traditional style tattoos, from your waist down to your ankles. 

Of course, you were proud of them, but you weren’t sure how the team would react to you being so heavily tattooed.. Today was the day you’d find out.

You practically skipped down to the training room, feeling freer than you had in years. Natasha was the first one to notice you, her eyes going wide as you came through the door. “Y/N..?” She asked, sounding shocked. You smiled at her, taking a few steps towards her and resting your hands on your hips. Her look of awe changed into a smile as she came towards you, too, her eyes raking up and down your legs. “You’re…” She started, but a hand touching your lower back grabbed your attention. “Beautiful..” Bucky’s voice finished for her as you looked over your shoulder, seeing his eyes moving up and down your legs, too. 

You could feel a blush creep its way onto your cheeks as his hand moved lower, to your leg and he knelt behind you, inspecting your thighs up close. Steve had made his way over to you, too, along with Scott, small smirks on their lips.

“I knew you were hiding something, Y/N, but this was unexpected.” Scott spoke, scratching the scruff on his chin and smiling at you. You shrugged in response, trying to hide the shiver that worked its way down your spine when Bucky’s vibranium finger traced the outline of one of the many flower tattoos on the back of your thigh. “Why would you ever hide these..?” He whispered from below you, and you shrugged again, chewing the inside of your cheek. “I guess… I was worried what you guys would think.. I wanted you to take me seriously as an agent.” You replied softly and you saw Steve smirk. “I guess you’re not the only one with interesting limbs anymore, Buck.” He said with a chuckle, only making your blush deepen. 

“What do they all mean?” Natasha asked, studying the colorful lines that peeked out of the top of your shorts on your hips. You smiled at her, looking down at yourself. “Well.. Some of them have meaning, but the others.. I just kinda liked them.” You confessed, laughing softly. You could hear Bucky let out a small laugh as his fingertip traced another line down the back of your calf, making another shiver work its way through you.

You were about to take a step away from him when he suddenly stood up, resting his hands on your hips as he did so. “They’re beautiful, doll.. Really. You shouldn’t hide them.” He whispered for only you to hear. You opened your mouth to reply, but were cut off by the training room door opening and a gasp. “Y/N?” Sam asked, squinting as he took slow steps towards you. 

You couldn’t hold back the laugh that left your lips at the look on his face. The poor boy looked so incredibly confused. “You.. You’re not wearing pants?” He asked softly, his eyes lingering on your legs for a moment.

You heard Bucky growl lowly and his grip on your hips tightened as he moved to stand in front of you, blocking Sam’s view. “Alright, pigeon, that’s enough oogling for today.” Bucky murmured, and you could see Sam smirk from over Bucky’s shoulder. “You win this time, Barnes..” He mumbled as he walked away, towards the bench press. 

You looked up at Bucky briefly, smiling at him, and he returned the gesture, his hair falling into his eyes. You couldn’t resist the urge to push his hair back and soon found your fingers tangled in the dark locks at the base of his skull. “Do you have anymore?” He whispered softly and you bit into your lip to hold back your laughter. “Yeah, I have a huge Iron Man helmet on my ass.” You replied and his face fell almost immediately.

You couldn’t hold back your laughter for long, soon erupting into a fit of giggles. “Please tell me you’re joking.” He said, his face stark white. You nodded through your laughter, looking up at him. “Of course I’m joking. Everyone know’s I’m a Captain America gal.” You told him with a wink. He rolled his eyes, pulling you closer by your waist and letting out a small sigh. “Oh, of course you are.”

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February Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Twenty Five: LOVE this book

As much as I hesitated to trust anything by Stephanie Meyer after Twilight, I’m so glad I gave this book a chance. I 100% adore it and highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t sure about whether to read it - you won’t be disappointed. 



Five of my favorite costumes in no particular order. Each of these has a lot of meaning to me. Whenever I need motivation I look back on what I’ve done and use it to inspire myself to keep going and improving.

Steve’s little Sister - Part 5

You are Steve Roger’s little sister. You grew up with him and Bucky in Brooklyn but after both their deaths in the war you were left alone. Skip forward seventy years and with the help of SHIELD you survived and are now reunited with your brother and best friend. The Avengers, however, don’t know you exist until one day Steve introduces you and things in the tower become very interesting. (eventual BuckyxReader) (post CACW)


Warnings: fighting, coming to terms with the past, a fair bit of angst and a panic attack at the end

Word Count: 2563 ok, so I’m a wordy little shit

Title: Steve’s little Sister (Part 5)

Note: Sorry this took so long to get out but I had some serious writers block concerning this fic. I had to re-write this bit so much but I’m happy with how it came out. I wish I had a big brother as awesome as Steve… if only.

Let me know what you think!

Steve’s little Sister Masterlist

Part 4 | Part 6

Taking a deep breath you placed your hand on the doorknob and entered the gym. Looking around you noticed it was a large open area. In front of the door the floor was heavily padded with clearly marked sparring squares. Most were small but there were two large ones to the right. Behind them in a corridor like space the weight machines stretched down the left wall against a mirror and on the right were the cardio equipment. Next to this area was a large room with a single door. You assumed it led to the storage room and showers. Although it was large the gym had a homey feel to it which calmed your nerves.

A grunt sounded from the weight area and you spotted Steve and Bucky on the weights with Sam lounging next to them. You couldn’t help but ogle Bucky as he worked. His muscles rippled with each movement, the plates on his metal arm whirring. He was soaked in sweat and his red henley clung to him. Steve started to look up and you quickly averted your eyes.

“Ah, victoria/n you’re…” Steve’s voice faded as he saw you and he stood there mouth agape. Several emotions were warring upon your brothers face and he was struggling so much that Bucky got up to check on him.

“Steve?” He questioned waving a hand in front of his unblinking eyes. Steve looked at his friend and then back pointing at you as he did so.

Bucky looked up at you and had to do a double take. You proudly noticed how he shifted on his feet and liked his lips as his eyes roved over you. You’d also caught Sam’s attention and were starting to think letting Nat persuade you into this outfit was a bad idea.

You were wearing a simple black sports bra, black booty shorts and nothing else. Your y/h/c hair was tied back in a high ponytail and you had black sparring gloves on. You were showing a lot of skin and you weren’t exactly comfortable with it but Nat had said that’s what everyone wears these days. You had your doubts but when Wanda chimed in saying that Nat was right you believed them. Now, however, you thought you’d been played.

“Nat said this is what you wear to the gym. I assume I’ve been played, yes?” You asked as you wrapped your arms around yourself self consciously.

At Nat’s name Steve released a long sigh and set his jaw. Bucky, who had noticed both yours and Steve’s discomfort, started to take off his shirt. Stepping in front of Sam, Bucky called out to you,

“Here doll, take this.” He held out his henley to you and you took it gratefully.

“Thanks Buck,” you replied without looking at him. You could see his glistening abs from the corner of your eye and knew if you looked you’d never be able I look away.

Steve flashed Bucky a grateful smile and made his way over to you. You pulled Bucky’s t-shirt over you and breathed in his smell, feeling immediately better for being covered.

“Don’t worry kiddo, Nat still pulls stuff on Buck and I.” He said in attempts to comfort you but your cheeks remained bright red.

“If it makes a difference I thought you looked great.” Added Sam from behind Steve who gave his friend a look but you just laughed.

“Thanks Sam.” You went to say more but were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Nat was leant up against the doorway with an amused smirk on her face. Behind her you could see Wanda peeking her head around the corner trying to get a glimpse of you.

Placing your hands on your hips you turned around to face them raising a single eyebrow. Nat gave you an innocent look and entered the room with Wanda close behind. Both of them were wearing exactly what you had on and you weren’t sure if they were going for solidarity or just trying to con you further. When Wanda gave you a meek smile and a wink you decided that it was solidarity.

“Come on,” gestured Nat as she made her way to one of the larger spare in mats. “You’re gonna train with me and Wanda today. Boys.” She nodded a greeting to the others and Wanda started chatting with Sam. You risked a look at Steve out of the corner of your eyes and it was clear your brother still wasn’t comfortable with you training. In attempts to convince him or maybe just convince yourself you joined Nat on the mat and started stretching with her.

Wanda finished her conversation with Sam and joined you. Bucky patted Steve on the back and made his way back to the machines. Steve released a sigh and followed him and Sam back. Once out of earshot Nat questioned, “So?”

“So?” You replied confused.

“How did Barnes react?” Nat pressed and you blushed.

“How did you..?”

“I’m a super spy,” interrupted Nat bluntly, “I’m good at my job. You have a thing for him. Wanda didn’t even need to use her powers to tell. How did he react?”

You paused for a moment, it seemed that you wouldn’t be able to hide anything from these two. It was a nice thought, to have two people you can trust with anything, you’d never had friends like that before. You smiled shyly at the two girls and Wanda, who had read your thoughts, grinned widely.

I can do this you thought to yourself as you stood up sending Nat a wink. In a surge of confidence you grabbed the hem of Bucky’s shirt.

“Oh, and to answer your question,” you drawled as you slowly pulled Bucky’s henley over your head, “he reacted very well. You should have seen Steve though.” You stood up straight trying to act nonchalant at your outfit and the reactions of the boys that you could see in the mirrors that lined the room.

Nat said nothing and stood up beside you a proud look on her face. She gestured for you to stand opposite Wanda and you started your training. Nat started you off slow. She had you do basic punches and kicks into Wanda’s hands all the while assessing your stance and posture. When she deemed you could fight she gave you a short break announcing that at it’s end you would be able to spar with Wanda freely.

You wandered to the water fountain with Wanda and took a deep breath. Steve and Bucky had stayed behind to watch but Sam was long gone. Catching Bucky’s eye he gave you a thumbs up and his heart melting smile and you couldn’t help but feel slightly confident.

Then Nat caught your eye and she nodded. It was time. Taking in a deep breath you pushed everything from your mind. You tried to still your thoughts as you stepped onto the mat. Both you and Wanda assumed defensive positions and when Nat gave the word you started.

Taking a deep breath you started circling Wanda. The fight started slowly Wanda threw her punches testing you out. With each one she increased the strength behind it until she was giving it her all. The two of you were well matched.

Wanda swung and you blocked throwing one of your own back. She danced out of the way and threw a kick but you were already behind her. You put her in a headlock but she quickly got out of it with a jab to your ribs. The two of you continued to fight. It soon became a fast flurry of fists and feet neither of you pausing for a moment. You continued for a while, neither of you able to gain the upper hand. Bucky released a low whistle at how well you were doing and the distraction nearly costed you your footing. Eventually, as you were both fading, you played your final card. You dropped into a crouch and swung your leg out knocking Wanda off her feet.

Wanda tapped the mat three times signalling that she was done and you bent over to offer her your hand. You hauled Wanda up and the both of you stood there puffing and panting, waiting for Nat to say something.

“My work here is done. You need no extra training.” Stated Nat happily and with that she turned and sauntered out of the room. Wanda turned to you and enveloped you in a big hug. Pulling away she gave you a huge smile and moved off to stretch.

You turned your attention to Steve and Bucky, the latter grinning from ear to ear.

“That was amazing doll!” he exclaimed throwing an arm around you. There was that word again. Doll. You couldn’t help the blush that formed on your cheeks at his comment and how close he was holding you. “I knew you had that Rogers fighting spirit in you somewhere.” he added and you both laughed. 

Your smile fell as your gaze found your brother, his expression unreadable. You pulled away from Bucky and walked up to Steve.

“You never told me,” was all he said, so quietly that if you didn’t have the serum in your blood, you wouldn’t have heard him.

You placed a reassuring hand on his forearm and smiled sadly up at him. “You never asked.” you replied and you could both see the sadness in each other’s eyes. The mourning of the time you’d all lost together. “So much has changed since we were kids Steve. We’ve all changed, both physically and psychologically. It’ll take a bit of getting used to but we’ll get through it. Right?” Your voice was shaking and you both knew it wasn’t from the fight. You were trying to convince yourself as much as you were Steve and he knew that. He placed his other hand over your own and smiled down at you. He pulled you in for a hug and you closed your eyes before you both pulled away. Steve held you at arm’s length and smiled, this time it reached his eyes.

“I’m glad I’ve got you back kiddo.” he implored.

“Me too Steve. Me too.”

Bucky ruffled your hair and winked before he headed out the door.

“I gotta go guys, we still up for that movie tonight?” he questioned looking between you and Steve.

“Of course,” you replied barely able to hide your excitement.

“Brilliant. See you both then.” he called over his shoulder as he left the room. Steve gave your hand a squeeze before he too headed out. You made your way over to Wanda and joined her stretching ignoring the amused look she was sending your way.

After you’d stretched and showered you made your way down to the living room, your journal in your hand. You were enjoying your time here more than you thought you would. You thought they’d all see you as Steve’s little sister but they didn’t. They accepted you as who you were and it was something that had never happened to you before. Steve, Bucky, Howard and even Peggy had a preconceived view of who you were. They made to protect you but the team took you as you were. It was nice.

So lost in your thoughts you almost walked past Bucky’s room without haring anything. Almost. A deep masculine grunt pierced the air just as you walked past and it was shortly followed by a feminine squeal. The good mood you had been in had completely vanished and you stopped walking.

So much for the signals he’d given you in the gym. With the way he looked at you you thought maybe you’d have a chance with him but clearly you were kidding yourself. He was with someone else. Another one of his many girls. Someone that would never be you. You felt the tears flow down your face and you almost laughed at how silly you were being. As much as you tried yu couldn’t get over Bucky. With a dejected sigh you continued on your way to the living room.

You’d only just joined Sam on the couch and opened your journal when the siren sounded. You froze as red lights started flashing.

“Captain Rogers. Sergeant Barnes. Agent Barton. Vision. Miss Maximoff. You are required for a mission.” came FRIDAY’s voice from above you. 

“Don’t worry,” explained Sam as he saw how you’d frozen, “it’s just the alarm for missions we hadn’t planned for. Emergency kind of stuff.”

Behind you Bucky violently burst into the open and he rushed past you half dressed on his way to the armoury. A red head emerged shortly after him (to which Sam scoffed) hair mussed and a confused pout on her face. She was desperately trying to cover herself but you made no effort to help her.

Curious as to how missions worked you stood up with Sam and watched what was happening. You spotted Clint outside the large glass window already prepping the Quinjet parked there. Vision and Wanda were there too. Steve emerged from another corridor with Bucky in tow, both men suited up. Steve spotted you and made towards you.

“It’s just a mission.” He assured when he saw the expression on your face, mistaking your curiosity for confusion. You rolled your eyes, ever the protective big brother.  “We’ll be back in no time.” He ruffled your hair and moved off. Bucky did the same and added, “looks like movie night is canceled, sorry doll.”

You shurged, trying not to seem sad, and turned your attention to Steve who turned around just as he boarded the Quinjet and gave you wave.

But it wasn’t Captain America that you saw before you. No. The scene changed and you were watching a much smaller Steve wearing an army uniform that was far too large for him. He was grinning from ear to ear as he boarded the bus that would take him to camp Leigh. Take him away from you. Just as he was stepping onto the bus he turned and gave you a wave, the exact same wave he just gave you. Tears formed in your eyes and you chest tightened.

You blinked and shook your head bringing yourself back to the present. Bucky followed his best friend on board. He too turned around and grinned at you cheekily before throwing you a play salute. Just as he’d done the day he boarded the boat for Europe. Last time he’d said goodbye like that, he hadn’t come back.

Your chest constricted and you struggled to breath. The breaths you managed were loud and sharp. Tears started to flow freely down your face and your legs gave way from under you. Just as the Quinjet took off you realised what was happening. You were having a panic attack.

You would have hit the floor had Sam not caught you. He lowered you to the ground and tried to get your attention. He shifted so his body was between you and the window, blocking your view of the ever shrinking Quinjet.

“y/n? Can you hear me?” He asked his tone desperate, “tell me what’s happening.”

Somehow you managed to answer, your voice raw from the tear.

“The last time they left me, they never came back.”

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Avengers #12

So shadowalex2000 requested I do “Let’s go to the zoo” with the Avengers. Here they are, hope you like them! 

  • “Let’s go to the zoo”
  • All heads suddenly turn to Sam.
  • The Avengers are lounging in the kitchen, Clint and Tony drinking coffee like their lives depend on it 
  • “I’m sorry, what?” 
  • Tony, suddenly significantly more awake than he was five seconds ago, stares at Sam like he has two heads
  • “You know the zoo, it’s a place that people go to…”
  • “I know what it is Sam”
  • “Then why are you asking?” 
  • “It’s just… the Earth’s mightiest heroes, going to a zoo?”
  • Nat yawns and shrugs her shoulder. “Eh, why not?”
  • Steve looks skeptical, but nods along. “It wouldn’t exactly be the weirdest thing we’ve ever done, Tony. Besides, I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to a zoo” 
  • “That’s because they probably didn’t have zoos when you were young and had to hunt dinosaurs for a living.”
  • “Can it, Barton.” 
  • Thor holds up his hands, indicating for everyone to pause for a moment before speaking 
  • “What exactly is this… zoo that you speak of?” 
  • Sam smirks. “Well, as I was telling Tony before he rudely interrupted me, it’s like a park that has a bunch of wild animals for people to go… I don’t know, look at. Kids like it. I used to go all the time.” 
  • Thor’s eyes widen  in surprise 
  • “Isn’t that dangerous!?” he asks, incredulously. 
  • “Well they’re in cages, so no, it’s perfectly safe,” Clint says, drinking coffee straight from the pot rather than the mug that Nat had placed in front of him. 
  • “In cages? What about the animals? Isn’t it cruel to keep them locked up?” 
  • “Um… I dunno, maybe?” Clint responds, looking kind of helpless. “I’m not really an expert.” 
  • “Well, I’ll go,” Wanda butts in before the conversation can go any further. “I’ve never been to one before, it’ll be fun.”
  • Everyone else makes vague noises of affirmation 
  • Tony looks around the room before throwing his hands up in defeat
  • “Screw it, you want to go to the zoo? Let’s go to the zoo.”
  • It takes a while to get everyone even through the entrance 
  • (Wanda keeps wandering off to look at something in the city, Tony was attacked by a mob of reporters, someone asked for Steve’s autograph, and Clint wanted to pet a passing dog)
  • But eventually, they do make it 
  • Thor’s still mumbling more about animal rights as they walk around  
  • “Make sure no one tells him about Sea World,” Nat mutters to Clint as they’re walking
  • “Why? What’s wrong with Sea World?” asks Steve, who overheard Nat’s comment.
  • “Oh hey look at that… bird,” Clint says, quickly changing topics
  • Thankfully, Thor does shut up when he sees the lions 
  • Clint and Sam love the aviary, but Tony’s not too fond of the way it smells 
  • However, he is extremely pleased with himself when he manages to get a picture of Steve by the bald eagle exhibit 
  • It goes viral on Twitter within an hour 
  • Nat really likes the snow leopards, because they blend in with their surroundings when stalking prey until it’s too late 
  • Clint’s still convinced her favorite animal was the spider he found on the ground (“Come on, your name is literally black widow, how do you not love this little guy? … Oh ok geez you don’t have to hit me Nat!”)
  • Tony daftly threatens a stray peacock that almost ran into him 
  • Rhodey just rubs his temples and reminds him that the animal kingdom does not actually know who Iron Man is, despite what Tony may think 
  • A lunch break quickly turns into a food fight (courtesy of Sam) 
  • After lunch, they go to the Reptile House, where Wanda tries to somewhat re-enact the scene from the first Harry Potter (which she recently watched) where Harry talks with the snake 
  • Unfortunately, her powers don’t exactly work with animals (but she still definitely wanted to try)
  • When they reached the penguins, Tony pointed at them and shouted “Hey Capsicle look, it’s some of your kind!”
  • To be honest, he did that with every arctic animal they came across
  • Steve just rolled his eyes, he’s gotten used to the team joking about the whole “being iced” thing over the years
  • Clint dared Thor to ask a zoo guide where the bilgesnipe would be, which he happily accepted 
  • The look on the poor guide’s face was priceless 
  • (Tony also got a picture of that)
  • He wouldn’t admit it, but a day at the zoo really wasn’t so bad after all
Imagine The Avengers

Imagine waking up on you bathroom floor, drooling on your bathmat. “Nice,” You groan, pushing yourself up from the floor. 

“Good morning (y/n),” Nat coos, a smirk plastered on her face, “Have a nice snooze?” 

Clint snickered, prodding you with a wooden spoon with a red tie around his head. “Wild night, huh?” 

You rubbed your head; the room was spinning, god you was going to vomit. ‘Fucking Darcy..’. You remember how ‘the shit hit the fan’ (as Fury would put it)- Darcy arrived with brownies- brownies - and the night went crazy soon after Tony began throwing alcohol at everyone.

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“Okay,” You sigh, propping your self up against the bath tub.”What did I do, hit me.” 

“Well,” Nat began, failing to suppress her laugh. “You had a bath with a rubber ducky and still had your shoes on. You went fishing for bubbles with a dust pan,”

You threw the brush at Sam-” Clint choked, throwing himself to the floor and clutching his stomach. You suspected he probably got to the brownies. Again

“Thor made a runner with the chocolate fountain, Tony programmed FRIDAY to speak in a different language so now no one can understand her, Steve threatened to arrest Rhodey because he said that ‘American laws and customs alike are based on the dreams of spinsters’, Pietro tried to murder Sam with a chopstick because he called him ‘Dicksilver’, and we lost Wanda, and found her this morning wondering the woods with Thor’s cape on.”

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“Honestly I think some of us are probably dead-”

Haaaaa, Wanda was wandering the woods…” Clint whispered to himself. 

“I’m going to need so much coffee. I’m going to write a fucking novel about this.” You yell, jumping to your feet and disappear down the hallway. 

Lesson? Darcy + Tony = Absolute no no.


Bucky Barnes is my floofy mop head and he must be protected at all costs. 

Based on @shieldagentofthemonth‘s request: 

Thank you for requesting!

Okay, notes: 
■ this is set in a universe where all is good- meaning the avengers are together, Tony and Steve are friends, Bucky and Sam still have this hilarious beef and Pietro is alive (because do you really think I’m going to let my child stay dead?)

■ THANK!!! YOU!!! FOR!!! 1K!!! FOLLOWERS!!! (I’m probs gonna do that drabble thing but I dont have drabble prompts yet but y’all can send me some if you want) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH IASDOJSADJO J

Disclaimer: I know very little about Social Anxiety and I understand that it can be a very sensitive topic to people, so I’m so so so so incredibly sorry for miswritten facts or scenarios in this story. I’ve tried to keep it as close to what I think it would be and to what I’ve read it to be but I can’t assure anyone that I’ve gotten it right. I mean no offense to anyone if ever anyone would be offended. I accept corrections on this placed in a polite and respectful manner and these will be accepted with utmost appreciation and understanding. Thank you in advance. 

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You didn’t see that, did you?” 

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(Bucky Cutie Pie Floofy Summer Child Barnes x Sweetie Pie Heaven Sent Reader) 

Being a friend of Wanda Maximoff’s is a complete out of this world thought for Y/N. Never in her whole life did she think someone like Wanda Maximoff, aka, Scarlet Witch of the Avengers would be acquainted, let alone, befriend someone like her. Yet, here she was, wandering down the halls of where Wanda Maximoff lived. After months and months of convincing, Wanda had finally gotten Y/N to visit her in the Avengers’ headquarters, where she was promised that they would do nothing but hang out.

Wanda showed a particular interest in Y/N. For, even if she was shy and introverted, she was funny, kind, sweet, independent and full of character. She didn’t talk much or enjoy going out with anyone, but Wanda had grown on her. Because of what Wanda can do, she’s learned how to move around Y/N and become comfortable with her. With that, Y/N had slowly become equally as comfortable with Wanda.

“The lounge is in here,” Wanda told her, gesturing for her to go in and take a seat. The large space overwhelmed Y/N but she pushed back the anxiety bubbling up in her chest as she walked in. She trusted Wanda. Wanda was one of the only people who took time and effort to actually be close to her.

“I’m just going to get some snacks. Go ahead and pick out a movie,” Wanda said, giving Y/N a small smile and walking off into the next room. Y/N looked around her, admiring the design of the room for a moment, before leaning forward to flip through the CD’s Wanda had chosen for them to watch.

From the other hall, Bucky silently walked into the lounge, looking down on a magazine Sam had given to him. He needed to hide it. Naked women and men were not exactly a pleasant conversation starter with the Avengers. He walked into the lounge and went straight for the vase beside the television set. He peeked into it tapped on the lip before he dropped the magazine in. Relieved, having felt that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, he turned around to leave, only to spot the girl on the couch watching him with wide eyes.

He let out a nervous laugh and put his hands behind his back, “You didn’t see that, did you?”

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did anyone else notice the guitar in Wanda’s room? I feel like her sensitivity and abilities would really lend themselves to music and teaching herself to play the guitar would be a great way for her to cope with the loss of her brother and everything else that’s happened

and because we all know how much i love my musical Natasha headcanon I bet Natasha wanders in on Wanda playing one day and starts humming along. Which, of course, leads to Wanda crudely picking the notes to an old Sokovian lullaby, which is similar enough that Nat can follow along. Sometimes Bucky joins them.

Once, Clint catches Tony about to barge in on the three of them and hauls him away before he can say or do anything stupid. Because honestly, Clint has gotten used to having Tony around and it would be unfortunate for him to be reduced to a bloody stain on the carpet for interrupting the therapeutic jam session of three scariest/most powerful people they know