“Knock, knock,” a familiar voice called from the dark entry.
“Good morning, Ian,” I said. “I’m just done. Did you sleep well?”
“Ian’s still sleeping,” Ian’s voice answered. “I’m sure that won’t last forever, though, so we'd best get on with this.”

There was no air. I was trapped in this black hole with Kyle at the door. There was no way out.


Sephena wanderd trough the maze, she met so many good people, from demons till humans, she even met an old friend, she all guided trough this maze, she loves this place, she found the organ and ellengar calmed down, now she travels with him, trough the hall of stairs her favorite part of the maze

Meeting a metacrisis

Sephena was almost there, almost at the eastwing, almost there, she walked trough 1000 floors, when she opend the door, she found herself in a house, a mansion but not the mansion that she wanted to find

Well that wonderfull, sight, it seems a twim universe, a paralele one, where her alt timeline lives, she wanderd around looking for the maze door but it was gone

Now that also wonderfull

Hüttenzauber in Österreichs Wanderdörfern – Die exklusive Wahl zur „Mei liabste Hütt’n“ beginnt
„Die liabste Ausflugshütte“ und „Die liabste erwanderbare Hütte“ können von April bis August gewählt werden
Hamburg, April 2015
Nach stundenlanger Wanderung von den bezaubernden Tälern bis hoch in die steilen Berge, umringt von imposanten Gipfeln…
http://aussenden.com/huettenzauber-in-oesterreichs-wanderdoerfern-die-exklusive-wahl-zur-mei-liabste-huettn-beginnt/ | http://k.ht/kIW


Wettkampfstimmung auf der Wanderdüne (nach erfolgtem Picknick): Disziplin Eiertrudeln und Weitsprung: eiserne Mienen, Konzentration und Spannung! Nervenkitzel³!