If someone were to have told Chase that he would be living in Denver, Colorado with the man of his dreams, the perfect dog and a great job, he would have laughed in their face. But now, he had no choice but to believe considering that he was living it. Chase was getting antsy about learning the city so while Olyver unpacked some boxes and set things up, he decided to take Po for a walk. The dog, much like Chase, was getting antsy. He kissed his boyfriend goodbye and headed down the street, cellphone in his pocket in case he got lost (though not ‘in case’. He would get lost).

For quite a bit, he wanderd through the streets of Denver, admiring the new location and at one point, stopped to take a seat on a bench. His coat was bundled up and Po sat by his feet, watching the passerby’s intently. Chase had no idea what Denver had in store for him, but he just hoped it would be as great as Boston was.