Orrrr I’m super early for next year…. ehehehe? This is for @kajeaynart‘s birthday, which was months ago!

Anyway I promised I would draw Neon as a reindeer at some point, but I decided to draw the beautiful trio of girls! :D THey are anterless (pretend they’ve just shed them) because when I tried to include the antlers they just blocked others and looked odd. I’ll draw them with antlers another time ^^ I hope you like them!

#inktober Day 1: Swift
‘She loved the birds. It was a rare occasion to find her in public without her brood, a great number of them perched on her head and shoulders. I think they found her to be quite calm, nurturing, protective - as did most of us in those days. But those days are gone, and so is she. It is said that you can still see those same swifts lingering on the edges of lakes and rivers, waiting for her return. I’m afraid they will be waiting for a long, long time.’ - Writings of an Umbral Elder, long deceased

#inktober Day 2: Divided
Those cards had been with her since before she was called Seer. They showed the wear of a lifetime gone by, some with torn or folded corners, others with tears and burned edges. Each card was drawn by hand from a version of herself much more naive and innocent than most knew existed. She had grown wise. The burns and tears were testament. The Seer turned to face the frightened human standing before her, cards in hand.
‘Well then. Shall we begin?’