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“No longer holding on to all the things that cloud my mind
Maybe then the weight of the world wouldn’t seem so heavy” -Dallas Green


Say It Again - Jughead Jones

If requests are open, could you make a jughead x fem Reader where he never asked what her real name was (everyone just calls her by a nick name and has been doing so for years.) and when he finally figures it out and calls her by that name, the reader falls in love with the way it sounds when he says it. Sorry if it’s confusing, I just thought it’d be cute :)

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Y/N/N = Your Nick Name

Y/N = Your (real/full) Name

L/N = Your Last Name

I loved this idea so much! I hope you like the way I wrote it!

The first time it was brought up was at the diner. You sat next to Jughead, and the two of you were sitting across from Betty and Veronica. You all were sharing stories from your childhoods, including Jughead, when it finally got to you. 

“Y/N/N, did you ever have a nickname?” You smiled at Veronica, who had admitted a few of her own embarrassing nicknames.

 “Y/N/N,” you replied, sipping at your milkshake. 

“What,” Jughead asked and you laughed while turning to face him.

 “Y/N/N is my nickname,” you said, but he still looked confused, “I’ve gone by Y/N/N my whole life. Even my parents use it rather than my actual name.”

“No, I get that,” he said, meeting your eyes, “but what’s your real name?” Veronica raised an eyebrow and Betty let out a laugh. “You’ve been best friends with Y/N/N for how long, and yet you still don’t know her full name?” Jughead squinted his eyes at Veronica and you let out a small giggle. “Now I have to know,” he said, turning to face you, but you just stared at him. “You’re a smart, independent, young man,” you said, causing Jughead to smile at you, “you can figure it out.” Betty rolled her eyes, “stop flirting you two, we’re trying to be nostalgic.” You felt a blush creep up onto your cheeks and with a glance at Jughead, you saw he was blushing too.

The second time it was brought up was at your locker door. School had ended and you were grabbing your jacket and text book out of your locker. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Jughead walking towards you, looking annoyed.

 “What’s up Juggie,” you asked as he leaned against the lockers next to yours. 

“So I went to the library during my free period,” he said and you started to close your locker door.

 “Sounds adventurous,” you said, looking up and smiling at him. 

“Ha! Very funny,” he said, “I went there looking to check out some yearbooks. When I asked for them she said, and I quote, ‘they’ve all been checked out.’” 

You gave him a smug smile, “Hmm, how strange.” He nodded, “isn’t it?”

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requested by anon.

jalousie; jealousy in french
the state or feeling of being jealous.

Jimin x reader, jealous jimin after he sees you hanging around with your male cousin, angst with a fluffy ending please!!

genre: angst? romance? who knows, i don't 

word count: 1.3k

a/n: i called your cousin Nick cuz I wasn’t creative enough to think of anything that wasn’t generic

You were out and about with your cousin, Nick, today; the two of you hadn’t met up in a while and needed to catch up on the time you spent apart. The two of you had always been close, pretty much best friends from birth. You really wanted to take him to a cafe that had opened up while he was away from Seoul. As the two of you entered, you greeted the owner as you knew her quite well know, especially after being a regular. “Is this your cousin you were talking about?” she smiled as she prepared to take your order. “Yep, this is Nick. Nick, this is Minah.” you told her as you introduced him to her. “Nice to meet you, what would you recommend?” he asked her as he shook her hand. “I would recommend the strawberry cheesecake or the matcha green tea cake and to go with them, bubble tea or milk tea is great.” she smiled.

“What do you think, ___?” he asked, placing his hand on his chin to stroke his non existent beard. “You’re a dork. But I think you should get the strawberry cheesecake, it’s a personal favourite of mine and the milk tea is pretty nice on a breezy day like today.” you told him as you turned to Minah to make your own order. “I’ll have the original bubble tea and the matcha green tea cake this time.” you smiled before turning back to Nick who still couldn’t make up his mind. “Okay, I’ll get what you said before.” he chuckled after five long minutes of intense thinking. “Take a seat.”

It was nice catching up with Nick, he had gone  around Europe with a few of his friends for a few months and you really lost a lot of time with him. “So, how’s the boyfriend?” Nick chuckled as he sipped his tea, he knew that you would blush at the mention of your boyfriend, aka Jimin, yes Park, the singer, Jimin. “He’s good…” you muttered, as you tried to hide your face from the outside world at the mention of him, not even his name but just the word made you smile. “You seem happy with him too.” he laughed as he ruffled your hair. “I am, he’s good to me, better than any other guy could be.” “What about me?” Nick said, pretending to sound offended. “You’re on a whole ‘nother level of messed up but…” “But?” “I guess, you’re pretty good to me, I mean, my dad would kill you if you weren’t.” “True, and knowing your dad, he actually would.” he laughed.

“You up for a walk?” you asked as you gathered the last of your belongings. “If you are, I am.” “Let’s go then! It’s only 2 anyway, so it’s still a good time to wander around the Han River. Bye Minah!” you said as you exited the building. “You lead, I guess.” he chuckled as he followed behind you. The cafe wasn’t too far from the river, probably a 5 minute walk, which wouldn’t feel like too long. When the two of you arrived at a nice spot by the river, you pulled out your phones to take a couple of pictures to remember the day, even though it wasn’t that significant.

Jimin had been filming by the river for Run! BTS when he spotted you with a guy he had never seen or heard about before. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind but when he saw the picture of the two of you on your story, his emotions got the better of him and he quickly texted you before resuming to filming.

“Who’s that you’re with?” Jimin texted you about an hour ago, you hadn’t seen the text message until you got home after dropping Nick off. The text confused you as you had no idea what he meant. “What do you mean?” you asked him, completely forgetting that this was supposed to be answered an hour ago and you were with Nick. “Who was that guy you were with today?” Jimin could feel his blood rising when you avoided his question, he never liked it when you played games, especially when he was pissed off. “Oh, that was Nick.” “Look, I know I’m a busy person but seriously? You had to go out and cheat on me? In the open as well?” he texted you, causing further confusion. Cheat? What was he even talking about? You would never cheat on him.

“Cheat? I would never cheat on you, what the hell are you talking about?” “We’ll talk about this later, I’ll be over in an hour.” Jimin was fuming by the time he ended the conversation, he rarely got angry but when he did, it wasn’t pleasant. Because he was such a nice person, when he got angry he would explode. You could seriously wait until he reached your home.

The door swung open and Jimin’s presence graced you; you rose from the sofa and made your way over to your boyfriend. “What’s wrong?” you asked him before attempting to step closer to him. “Don’t come closer.” his statement took you aback, you were shocked by how angry he was; usually he would never tell you to stay away even if he was ‘angry’. “Why did you do it? Why did you cheat on me out in the open, then deny it? The two of you were all over snapchat, you didn’t even have the decency to block me from your story or something first?” Jimin started, his voice slowly getting louder and louder.

“Is that what this is about? You think I’m cheating on you because I was hanging out with Nick, m–” “Who the fuck is Nick? And why were you with him?” Jimin practically shouted, causing you to take a few steps back, Jimin didn’t fail to notice the way you backed away from him. “He’s my cousin, Jimin, you know, the one I tell you stories about, my best friend since birth? He was away for a while and I was hanging out with him today because I hadn’t seen him in a while, that’s all.” you told him, without the energy to even fight back at the assumption. “Fuck, fuck. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that, I just –” “Save it, Jimin, I’m going to bed.” you told him as you left him standing in the middle of the entrance of your home.

Jimin had slept on the couch all night, he didn’t want to leave you, especially when the two of you weren’t on good terms. When you woke up and saw him there, you couldn’t help but feel bad; he was still your boyfriend after all. You went to grab a blanket and placed it over his body before you went to make some breakfast.

As you prepared pancakes for both you and Jimin, you felt a pair of arms wrap around you body and it didn’t take genius to figure out whose they were. “I’m sorry, I should seriously trust you more but I just get so scared about losing you to someone who can give you a whole lot more than me. I noticed the way you backed away from me, it scared me, what if you just kept backing away and disappeared out of my life? I don’t even wanna think about that, I’m sorry. There’s no excuse for the way I reacted.” “It’s okay, just ask me next time, okay? Instead of blowing things out of proportion.” “Will do.” he chuckled as he placed a kiss on the side of your neck. You turned around to kiss his lips and when you saw him, Jimin had the blanket around his shoulders and his hair was a mess but damn, he looked adorable, you wished you could have framed this moment. You quickly placed a short kiss on his lips, leaving him wanting slightly more. The two of you stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity and you completely lost yourself in his before he broke the silence that surrounded you. “Babe, the pancakes are gonna burn.”