wander over yonder the picnic

Ya think that maybe Wander a long time ago was at a Cosmic Conjecture and he wished to be able see the whole universe and the Cosmic Being granted him immortality.

And what if now he (Wander) goes to those locations in each galaxy when the planets in said galaxy align every millennium (which can vary based on galactic timescales of planetary orbit), to make sure those that get wishes don’t misuse it, like, for evil, personal gain or say living forever and seeing all your closest friends die as a result of your immortality.

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or maybe he wished to have pretty sick skills on a banjo, who knows.

"Wander Over Yonder" Alternate Episode Titles
  • The Picnic: Wait What
  • The Greatest: Wander Clones Himself
  • The Fugitives: Wander, You Had ONE JOB
  • The Good Deed: Wander, You Had ONE JOB: The Sequel
  • The Prisoner: That Was SpongeBob's Laughter
  • The Bad Guy: That One Episode That (Almost) Had Male Zbornaks
  • The Troll: Welcome to the Internet
  • The Box: Wandere Over Yandere
  • The Hat: The Ultimate Troll
  • The Little Guy: Introducing Your Favorite Character
  • The Ball: Wander Over Yandere 2
  • The Bounty: T H E P O T T E D P L A N T
  • The Hero: The Prophecy FORETOLD
  • The Birthday Boy: The Darkest Birthday Song Ever
  • The Nice Guy: B r u h
  • The Time Bomb: Wandere Over Yandere 3: Sylvia
  • The Tourist: So THAT'S Trudie Traveler
  • The Day: Oh.
  • The Night: OH.
  • The Lonely Planet: Your NOTP
  • The Brainstorm: Banjo
  • The Toddler: WANDER NOT AGAIN
  • The Fancy Party: OTP Goes Wrong
  • The Epic Quest (of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!): Is This Your Sock?
  • The Void: Wandere Over Yandere 4
  • The Party Animal: Jaws 2
  • The Gift 2-The Giftening: WAIT DID I MISS AN EPISODE
  • The Date: That One Shipping Episode
  • The Buddies: Hater Makes a Friend
  • The Liar: . . .said NOBODY SHALL DIE THIS DAY
  • The Stray: Kittens are Evil
  • The Big Job: Guess What HT125-F Stands For
  • The Helper: In Which Wander Kicks Himself Out of Town
  • The Funk: They Have a Papercraft of this Somewhere
  • The Enemies: Return of the Jerk
  • The Rider: Find the Flarf-Narbling Jerk
  • The Gift: THERE IT IS