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Prompt: Analogical--"Why are you wearing my clothes?" Logan to Virgil ((((sorry I'm not good at coming up with prompts aasdffffghjjkkll))))~Sky

Logan huffed in frustration as he counted his shirts and ties again. He was supposed to have 30 of each. but instead, he had 24 of each. Not only was it not the correct amount, it also wasn’t in a group of 5. He sighed and headed to Patton’s room. Perhaps he took some to wash without Logan’s permission. 

Logan tapped at the moral trait’s door and said trait opened the sky blue door covered in pictures, and grinned. 

“Oh! Heya teach! Looks like you’re pretty tied up about something!” He giggled. 

Logan sighed. “Have you seen about, 6 of my shirts and ties?” 

Patton frowned, finding it strange he lost an uneven amount, but didn’t mention it. “No, why? Are they missing?”

 Logan sighed. “Yes. I will keep asking around.” Logan said. 

Patton smiled sadly. “I’ll let you know if I find them!” He closed his door. 

Logan sunk down and appeared in front of Thomas. maybe he accidentally left them out here. “Thomas, have you seen my 6 shirts and 6 ties?” 

Thomas jumped, looking over. “Oh….hey Logan…and no, I haven’t. Sorry man.” 

Logan sighed. “It’s fine…” The logical trait sunk back into the mindscape and wandered to Virgil’s room. He doubted Virgil knew but it was better than dealing with Roman’s…..eccentricities right away. 

He entered Virgil’s room and froze. The sight before him included seeing the dark trait in a familiar polo and tie. 

Logan sucked in a breath “Why are you wearing my clothes?” 

Virgil jumped. He turned to Logan and swallowed. “Uh….I-I uh…..” 

Logan walked over and reached out to fix his hair then stopped, looking over Virgil’s startled demeanor. “Is this okay?” 

Logan watched as Virgil relaxed slightly and he nodded. It was then, and only then, Logan started fixing Virgil’s hair. Making it easy to see the deep brown orbs, constantly weary of the world around him. 

Then Logan backed up, and nodded. Taking the anxious side’s hands and a smile tugged at his lips “Next time? just ask.” 

Virgil nodded. “sure, whatever.”

“Would you like to watch a documentary?”

A snort. “Are you asking me out, nerd?”


The darker trait’s face turned red. “Sure, whatever. Y-you sap.”

“I choose.”

“what? Why?!”

“You stole my clothes.”

“……fair point.”

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Towards the Sun- Chapter Three

Hey guys! @notthistimespock​ and myself hope you enjoy chapter three, things get REAL. (be sure to send nothistimespock some love, she did incredible things with this chapter!) Chapter One Chapter Two  Chapter Four  FF.net 

Perhaps I lack some foresight 
But brother you were so right
Sure as the setting sun
You can’t trust just anyone

The speaker sitting just above the elevator’s doors gave a muted, scratchy beep, as the black arrow indicating their current floor finally slid to a stop on the number three. Like a submarine in deep and pressurized water, the metal frame around them reverberated with a long, low, and ominous groan as the elevator’s descent ground to a halt.

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So here’s my prediction for part II

Dipper, Wendy, and Soos are going into the bubble to get Mabel back. But since the bubbles are clearly other-dimensional insanity and since this one’s for Mabel…

Our three main heroes wander into Mabel’s mindscape. Mabel’s shattering mindscape. Where everything young and preteen and happy is falling apart after DaMvtF, Mabel’s pissed at Dipper and halfway through Wendy and Soos find out why.

Also I want to see the other five wheel characters meeting up as a B plot. Especially if it means we have Stan, Pacifica, Robbie, Fiddleford, and Ford’s lifeless figure in a room.