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Hot For Teacher Part 24

You stood outside Thorin’s flat, shoes in hand, and hair falling down your back in loose curls. You were exhausted, and normally would’ve went back to your dorm, but the thought of sleeping with Thorin was too tempting.

“This is it.” You walked in after him, set your shoes down and then looked around.

Thorin’s apartment was probably the coziest place you had ever seen. If you had known it would be this nice, and this cozy, you would’ve asked to come over sooner.

“Do you like it?” You nodded and stepped into the living room, your eyes wandering the space.

“I love the fireplace.” Your eyes landed on a wood burning fireplace, your hand running over the mantle.

The fireplace was stone bricks, and it ran up the entirety of the wall, a contrast to the white walls around it. Across from the fireplace, sat a leather sectional with a bookcase to one side, and an end table on the other.

“I love reading.” Thorin came up behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders, as you stood in front of his bookcase and looked at his books.

“I love Macbeth. And Hamlet. I hate Romeo and Juliet.” Your eyes fluttered closed as your felt his lips meet your neck, sucking and nipping lightly.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.” The way he spoke into your ear as his hands ran down your arms, and his lips sucked your neck, made you feel weak.

“Thorin..” You moaned as his hands moved to your thighs, where he grabbed the end of your dress and lightly shifted it up.

“See how she lays her cheek upon her hand. O’ that I were a glove upon that hand, that I may touch that cheek.” Your kept your eyes closed and leaned your head back against his shoulder.

His hands were running up your things, the dress moving with it. His hands felt rough against your skin, but his touch was gentle. His lips were dancing across your neck, leaving gentle love bites as he worshipped your skin.

“When you speak like that, you really make me melt.” You opened your eyes and whined at the loss of heat as Thorin stepped away from you, and removed his hands from your thighs.

“Let me help you with your dress.” You turned your back to him and moved your hair off of your back and onto your shoulders.

You felt his rough hands grab the small button at the top of your dress and undo it, and then he made his way to the zipper.

“I love you.” He placed a kiss to the back of your neck, before kissing down every inch of exposed skin.

“You’re beautiful and passionate.” Another kiss as the zipper was lowered.

“You’re strong and smart.” Every inch that he kissed, made you shiver and moan. His lips felt like heaven against your flushed skin, and it made you want him even more.

“You’re my soulmate and mother of my child.” He finally undid the zipper, just above your waist, and when he kissed the skin, his hands dipped to your ass, and he gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Thorin!” You shrieked and jerked away from him in shock. He chuckled against your skin and wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you back against him.

“Shh…it’s alright, little kitten.” He removed his hand from your waist and pushed the sleeves of your dress down your arms and then helped you step out of it.

“Look at me.” You turned and faced him, your hands on your hips.

“You are so beautiful, you know that.” Thorin stepped towards you and you felt his eyes looks you up and down.

“Thank you Thorin.” You waited anxiously for him to reach out and touch you, and for a while, it seemed like he wouldn’t.

After a few moments, he reached out and ran his hand down your cheek and neck before dipping in between the valley of your breasts. He smiled and stepped closer, his mouth capturing yours in a slow and sensual kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed yourself flush to him. His hand moved further down your body, first to your stomach and then down to the apex between your thighs.

“Shouldn’t we take this to the bedroom?” You pulled away just enough to ask the question. His head dipped down and he captured your mouth again, his tongue flicking against your bottom lip.

“I think we should.” You squeaked and gripped his shoulder as he picked you up bridal style and left the living room and made his way down to the room at the end of the hall.

“This is my room.” He pushed the door open and kicked it shut and made his way to his large bed, before he set you down gently.

“Eyes on me. Don’t look away.” You couldn’t even if you tried, but you heeded his warning anyway.

“Watch me.” Your eyes were glued to him and you sat up as he shrugged off his jacket and then began loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.

“God you are like a walking sex toy.” You clamped a hand over your mouth, and with wide eyes, you flushed.

“And what does that make you then, hmm?” You removes your hand as bit your bottom lip as he stripped for you. He removed his shirt and tossed it aside, giving you a full view.

“You are so attractive, Thorin. It’s almost unnatural.” You never thought that chest hair would be a turn on, but with Thorin’s hidden muscles underneath his shirt, and his tanned skin, his chest hair only added to his allure.

“If I’m you’re walking sex you, then does that make you my sex kitten? Or are you my sex doll?” You backed up against his headboard as he made his way onto the bed.

You watched his hands grasp his belt and when it was undone, he tossed it aside and worked on his pants. You didn’t think the strip tease could’ve made you feel any hotter or needier, but when he lost all his clothing, you were proven wrong.

“I think I like thinking of you as my little sex kitten.” He crawled on top of you and rubbed your noses together once, before claiming your mouth with his own.

His lips moved against yours, slowly at first, but as the passion and pressure built, so did the desperation.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in closer as your knee rubbed against his bare, hard cock. When you heard him moan into your mouth, you smirked and raised your hips, rubbing your lace panties against his tip.

“You are a sex kitten.” He moved his lips to your neck, while his hands grasped your covered breasts and squeezed.

“And you are mine. These breasts, are mine.” He pulled down your bra, exposing your hardened and red nipples.

“These nipples are mine.” You arched your back into his mouth as he sucked on your left nipple, his tongue running over the hard nub.

“Thorin!” You were so desperate with need, you just wanted him to fill you.

“Not wanting to be teased?” He pulled his mouth off of your nipple and moved to the next one.

He sucked the nub into his mouth, while his hand palmed the other. Between his hand and his mouth, you felt your pussy clenching and your body starting to feel like it was on fire.

“Thorin please! Please don’t tease!” You truly felt like you would go mad with the slow building pleasure, and while you would’ve enjoyed it any other night, you were quickly feeling exhaustion hitting you.

“Alright, kitten. No more teasing.” His lips were back on yours as he spread your legs and pushed his hard, thick cock into your cunt.

“God yes!” You gripped the sheets at the relief and pleasure you felt.

“Do you like it?” You moaned his name as he started thrusting against you, slowly and softly at first.

“Oh for God sakes Thorin! I’m pregnant not frail!” Your legs wrapped around his waist as you pulled him in further, increasing the depth in which he was in you.

As he grunted, you lifted your hips and forced him deeper. His hands gripped the bed beside your head and he looked down at you, making sure you were okay.

“You can’t hurt the baby by sex. Unless you throw me around, but other wise I should be okay.” Thorin kisses you and then started thrusting his hips harder and faster.

You moaned his name and arched your back into his chest as he mouth moved along your neck. You gripped the sheets in your hands and pulled at them.

The way he was screwing you, the way his cock felt in your pussy, was both heavenly and sinful. How could one man be so good at pleasing a woman, while being so gentle?

“I feel you darling. I feel your pussy clenching around my cock. I feel your body getting ready to give me everything.” Your arms snaked around his neck as you pulled his mouth back down to yours.

“I love you Thorin.” You moaned his name into his mouth when he jerked his hips into you, his cock diving back into your cunt as you both released at the same time.

“God I love you.” When you had enough time to calm down, Thorin pulled out and lay beside you.

“I love you too. Y/N, I have a question to ask you.” You turned your head an dlooked at him, chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Would you move in with me?”

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clockwork-mockingbird  asked:

Just rural area things: running over a snake den with a lawnmower and cursing while you flee from copperheads


When I was a wee thing of about 10, we went to visit m Ohio family  at their “campground”  which was really more of a trailer park surrounding a reptile, bug and angry swan-infested sump, but baby Gallus thought this was AWESOME.  Spent the whole trip catching frogs and turtles and a Wolf Spider the size of my palm which damn near gave Aunt Mickey a heart attack.  Sorry.

However, I had grown up in the relatively venomous snake-free cradle of the CA coast, so I had no natural aversion to reptiles, much less knowledge of what the eastern ones looked like.

So you can see how I thought that the dark gray and kind of dusty-looking snake coiled up perfectly still outside Mrs. Bolghet’s trailer was an unusually realistic-looking lawn ornament, and I leaned down to get a better look at the detailing.

Cousin Jay Jay remembers watching me “Do A Fuckin’ Ninja Flip” to Back The Fuck Up as the Cottonmouth, in a perfectly reasonable response to having some freaky-ass mammal in it’s face, lunged at me.  I remember thinking “huh, their mouths really are white’ as it rustled it’s ass back into the lake and I waited for my heart to start beating again.

Jay Jay, realizing that there were some gaps in my outdoor knowledge, spent the rest of the afternoon with me, marching about the woods and identifying various plants and bugs and SNAKES out of his Boy Scout handbook until he was reasonably satisfied that I wasn’t going to die in the woods, and cajoled the turtle-hunting secrets out of me.  

(The secret is to look for the tiny triangle-shapes their noses make when they poke out of the water, and you have to spot them a good 30 feet off or they’ll see you first and run off.  Then, you move extra slow.  Ever see a heron standing on one leg as it takes literally 10 minutes to put the other foot down?  like that.  once you’re close enough, lower hands to the SIDE of the turtle, so you’re going to have  a good grip it can’t kick out of, then grab it with your jedi-like reflexes and lift UP immediately.

Then you can carry the snapper back to the campsite and wake up your uncle by using the turtle to bite his beer can in half and make him scream like Fay Wray while you and your cousin howl like gibbons on nitrous oxide.

You will be grounded but it is totally worth it.)