wander endlessly

“For hours, for days, for years, she had wandered endlessly within herself but never met anybody, nobody,…”
Angela Carter

Photo by Duong Quoc Dinh

Lost Boy.

Lance stood, eyes wide and frantic as they scanned the forest like surroundings that he was engulfed in.

On any other occasion, he would have enjoyed this and taken a moment to admire the scenery all around him.

It was like Earth.

The ground was a dark brown, but as it was wet it had an almost maroon look to it.

It was hilly, no part of the terrain was flat and that made it hard for Lance to efficiently move in his armor.

The wetnes of it made it slick too.

Trees of all sorts filled the forest. Groups of tall and skinny trees that stretched high into the endless fog that surrounded the blue paladin.

Squat, branch you trees that had a width longer than Lance was tall. Little bushes freckled the moist ground he ran upon.

An occasional log, a twig here and there.

The air smelled musty and like the outside dos after it was raining, only much stronger on this planet.

A dead quiet was all around, and the dog that hung low misted the blue eyes boys suit with a few like substance.

Abandoned trails where animals had fled could be seen through underbrush as Lance started to walk on.

He heard static in his helmet, which is the only thing the boy had been hearing for hours.

“Pidge? Hunk?” Lance lifted his bayard and held it at his shoulder, taking slow and even breaths.


Lance looked around, and decided to stop at a tree to catch his breath and recall what exactly was going on.

The castle had had to make an emergency landing, which was more of a crash than it was anything else.

Lance remembered getting flung from somewhere, hearing Keith yelling his name, and then his face full of dirt and then silence.

It had taken Lance awhile to take in where he was, then he started to look for the others. How far had he been separated?

Lance caught his breath, then started stalking back the way he had been making.

In all honesty, he had no idea which way to go, or where he was going.

He had been wandering aroun endlessly for what felt like hours. Maybe four hours?

A soft whimper escaped as he trekked on and he started to grow uneasy.

What if they left without him?
What if Lance was lost forever out here?
Were they dead? Injured?

He squeezed his red shit and took a few breaths, focusing.

“They wouldn’t leave me. They’re looking too. It’s a big planet, yeah.” Lance huffed.

The blue paladin wasn’t convincing himself very well and it wasn’t making the situation any easier.

It reminded him of the time wen he was a kid and had gotten lost in the giant supermarket.

Well, maybe it wasn’t very big but he was small and that scared him greatly.

Lance had gone off to look at the lobsters and the other arthropods, and his Mama hadn’t noticed his departure due to the fact that there were so many siblings to tend to.

Before he knew it, there was an announcement that the store was closing, and Lance had remained alone.

He had made it back, of course.

Turns out his mother had actually left the store and had to drive back after the family noticed Lance was nowhere to be found.

She had made a big fuss when they were reunited, crying as mothers would.

His ear hurt for a week after he was practically tugged home by it.

But as all things went, everyone had just been glad he was okay and was back. They’d joke about it for years to come.

As of right now, Lance wasn’t finding the situation one to joke about.

The blue paladin was terrified of being forgotten, left behind.

He didn’t notice when he’d laid himself upon the first floor to curl up and to sob and shake.

Lance was tired.
His nerves were shot.

He was alone and scared and had know idea where he was, or how long he’d be alone here.

Lance must have fallen asleep.

A light hand brushed his shoulder and he opened his blue eyes.

There was the team.

They were all huddled in the burnt wreckage of the side of the castle.

Everyone was covered in ash and minor burns and scrapes.

They all looked worried, but relieved.

Lance may have started crying.

But in the end thy were all alive and they were hugging and laughing amongst burnt wreckage.

It was messed up.

But it was family.
And that’s all they had in this never land.

oh god so if lu is confirmed for lich that means in the thg au she’s a lich and doesn’t remember it and probably just passed it off her intense magic as “eh, i’m that good” and she’s endlessly wandering looking for her anchors and that’s why she’d latch onto julia and hecuba so quickly because they’re both part of her anchor and i’m still trying to iron this out a bit but yeah

#9 - What went wrong?

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Monday, 13th June 2017

When Jay saw Gray’s message, he immediately called him. “What do you mean SHE’S there?!” Jay spat at Gray. “Was my message not clear? Your side piece is here in the office! She won’t leave until she sees you, man. When are you getting here?” Gray asked. 

You: Hey, are you going back to the office? If you are, I think I’m going to go home and rest instead.

Jay couldn’t think properly. Why did she come to the office? What did she want? Jay had ended things with her during the nights when you were staying at Jasmine’s. 

You: Jay…? Are you giving me the silent treatment because I beat you in putt putt golf?

Jay: Ohh sorry babe. I was just thinking about things - work things. What did you say?

You: I asked if you’re going back to the office? 

Jay: Umm yeah. But you don’t need to come with me. 

You thought it was strange that Jay had asked you not to come with him. He usually begs you to come the office with him, but you brushed it off thinking it’s nothing. 

You: Ok, I’ll go home then.

The taxi dropped you off at the apartment first and Jay leaned in for a kiss but you turned away. You weren’t really sure why you did that. You gave him a second chance so you two were back together, but is everything back to normal so quickly? 

You: So um I’ll see you later on? I’ll prepare dinner. Do you want anything in particular?

Jay: I’ll eat whatever you cook and I don’t think I’ll be long at the office anyway. Just gotta work out one thing.

When you got into your apartment, you immediately went to take a long bath and a long nap. Putt putt golf took nearly all of your energy. You were then awoken by the ringtone of your phone. It was Jasmine. 

Jasmine: Hey you. How did everything go?

You: Yeah, we talked and um things are back to normal…I think.

Jasmine: Are you serious?

You: He deserves it, Jas. The man literally look like a zombie when I saw him this morning. And he was honest when I asked him about her.

Jasmine: If you say so then Jay is a very very lucky man. I can’t believe you forgave him but as long as you’re happy, I’m happy. Did you know who she was?

You: No, I don’t know her. He said they used to work together and met up with each in the last couple of months. 

Jasmine: Ah mixing business with pleasure. What are you doing now? And if you say make up sex, I’ll hang up.

You: How can I do those two things at the same time?? I just woke up from a nap and probably heading out to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. 

Jasmine: So I guess no more being roomies?

You: If you’re having a sleepover soon then count me in! 

You got ready and it felt so nice wearing your own clothes again. You slipped into a pair of sweatpants, basic t-shirt and sneakers. You weren’t really sure what you wanted to have for dinner so you wandered endlessly in the supermarket. 

Grocery shopping took you about 3 hours and you were tired. You settled into making a beef stew tonight. It was the perfect meal for today’s gloomy weather. You got back to the apartment and quickly started to prepare and cook dinner. It was nearly 5pm so you hoped dinner would be ready by time Jay got back. 


Jay got the office and there she stood with her back towards him. Jay never thought he would ever see again. A second look around and only Gray was in the room. Or at least that’s what Jay hoped for. He didn’t need more people to know about this. Both heads turned towards him when he walked in.

“Nice to see that you’re finally here, douche-bag,” she spat at him. “Why haven’t you been answering or replying to my texts? Jay stood directly opposite to her and said, “I told you, we are done. Why the fuck are you still annoying me? She opened her mouth but Gray intervened, “Hey Jay, can I talk to you in my recording studio first?” Jay nodded.

Gray: Where’s [Y/N]?

Jay: She’s at home. How can you let her in here? She doesn’t belong here.

Gray: Me? Are you blaming me for her being here? Seriously? 

Jay sat down on the sofa. His head in his hands. All he wanted was for her to leave and to never see her again. Why can’t she just move on? Find another man to screw with?

Gray: Look man, I’m not comfortable being here so I’m going home. I’m sorry but if you need anything please call me. You better work out whatever it is with her tonight. Don’t leave things hanging, otherwise [Y/N] won’t be giving you another chance. You’re very lucky Jay to have [Y/N] by your side. Not all girlfriends take back their cheating boyfriends. 

Jay: I know Gray, I know. 

When Gray was gone, Jay walked out of the room to confront her. She was sitting of the sofa and on the phone. Probably going through her selfies. 

Jay: Why the fuck are you here?

Her: I need to tell you something duh. I wouldn’t be bothering you if it wasn’t something important. 

Jay: Tell me what?

Her: Okay, so when I tell you please don’t do anything rash. Ok?

Jay: Just tell me. 

Her: I’m pregnant, Jay. 


It was nearly 7pm and Jay isn’t home. Dinner was done in time. You were proud of yourself. Being able to make a stew within 2 hours is an accomplishment for you. You called Jay but it went straight to voicemail. You messaged him but he probably won’t reply since he doesn’t even answer his phone. Now you were feeling all sorts of mixed emotions.

Is he just caught up with work? Or is he with her? But how could he, you thought. You just gave him a second chance today and within a few hours, he goes back to his own way? Is he that selfish? 

You tried not to think too much about it because the more you thought, you felt sick. Your head was starting to hurt. You called Jay once more but to no avail. Now your head was really hurting so you went to bed, hoping Jay would be next to you in the morning. 

Private Film

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Summary: Lucy finds a video camera, and uses it in the bedroom with Negan

Pairing: Negan x Lucy

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Daddy Kink

“C’mon Lucy, we need to leave!”  Negan hollered up to you as you finished getting dressed upstairs, “Coming!” you hollered back as you slipped on your sweater and ran down.  Negan was finally letting you go out on a run with him. He was standing at the door wearing his usual leather jacket and red scarf, with Lucille slung across his shoulder, he was handsome as ever, “took you long enough” Negan said with a chuckle as he lightly bumped his shoulder into you. You rolled your eyes and walked out as Negan trailed behind you. You both hopped into the white pick-up truck that was parked out front, as one of Negan’s men opened the gate.

You stared out of the passenger side window as Negan drove down the desolate road, you suddenly felt Negan twirl your hair in his fingers, you looked over and noticed him gazing at you, “you’re beautiful you know that” he said with a soft voice, you began to blush and looked back out the window. You were one of Negan’s wives, but he told you on multiple occasions that you were his favorite. You didn’t like that he was with other women but you loved him and he treated you like his queen.

You pulled up in front of a Department store and you both got out of the truck, “why’re we here?” you asked, “I need to find some fucking tools, Sanctuary needs some repairs” Negan replied as he held up Lucille as you both entered. Negan took care of the few walkers that were endlessly wandering around inside, “look around, grab anything you fucking want” Negan shouted out to you as he went to the hardware section. You held the pistol you brought with you in your hand as you looked down the aisles, a lot of the stuff was already looted and everything else was useless. You decided to take a look down the electronics aisle, before the outbreak you were a photographer and you’d give anything to have a functioning camera again. You looked around but all you found were empty or smashed boxes, until you noticed a box still in its plastic wrapping at the back of the bottom shelf, you bent down and grabbed the box; you were overcome with excitement when you noticed it was a video camera, and that it included batteries.

You ran back to Negan who was carrying a few tools he had found, “ready to go?” he asked, “I’m all ready” you said with a smile as you held your camera up, “that’s what your gonna fucking take?” he furrowed his brow as he looked at your camera. “I can take videos with it, it’ll be fun” you replied knowing Negan wouldn’t understand your excitement. “Videos huh?” Negan said with a smirk “I know a few things I’d like to film” he said as he slapped your ass while you were walking out of the store. “Oh grow up Negan” you teased with a grin, “your gonna have to fucking make me doll” he joked back.

You made it back to Sanctuary; Negan went off to help with repairs bringing the new tools he found as you went back to your room so you could look at your new baby. You sat on your bed and began taking the plastic off the box and then opening it, you put the batteries into the camera and turned it on, it was in perfect condition. You spent hours fiddling around with it until you looked up at your clock, it was 8pm and it was your night to have sex with Negan, he’d be there any minute. You put the camera on your nightstand and quickly took off your clothes and slipped on the lacy black teddy lingerie that Negan loved on you. Right as you finished getting dolled up you heard a knock on the door, you quickly laid down on your bed and sweetly yelled out “come in”. The door swung open and Negan strided in, with Lucille still over his shoulder. “Fuck baby, are you trying to kill me?” he whispered as he gazed at you, he licked his lips then leaned Lucille up against the wall. He took off his jacket and scarf and threw it on a chair, before slowly walking over to the bed and grabbing your legs pulling you towards the edge before falling on top of you. You giggled as Negan began leaving hot, wet kisses down your neck, he then pulled his shirt off before rolling over onto his back and pulling you on top of him, you straddled him before slowly backing up until your face was at the hard bulge poking out of his jeans. You slowly started unbuckling his leather belt and then unzipped his pants, Negan lifted up off the bed as you pulled his jeans and his white boxer briefs off. You bit your lower lip as you looked at his hard cock that was only inches away from you now; you lightly grabbed it in your hand and slowly licked the tip, barely touching it. “Stop fucking teasing baby, I can’t take i-“ he was rendered speechless as you took his length into your mouth, Negan grabbed a handful of your hair before letting out a low moan and tilting his head back.

Negan glanced over at your nightstand and noticed the video camera sitting there, a devious smirk flashed across his face as he slowly picked it up and turned it on before starting to film you sucking him off. “That’s right baby, put on a fucking show for me” he growled, you quickly looked up and pulled your mouth off of him as you noticed the camera “what the absolute fuck are you doing Negan!?” you asked irritated as you wiped your mouth. “Oh c’mon sweetheart, think about how hot it’d be to have a secret video of us fucking that only we knew about”. You couldn’t help but agree with him how hot it’d be, and it’d be another thing you and Negan could have that that his other wives couldn’t. “Fine” you purred as you snatched the camera out of his hands and started filming him. Negan chuckled before grabbing your waist and pulling you up until you were sitting on his face, he kept one hand on your waist and slid the bottom of your teddy to the side with his other hand before swirling his tongue around your clit, you hummed loving the feel of his warm tongue against you, you pointed the camera downwards making sure you captured the big bad wolf feasting on you.

Negan looked up and gave a wink to the camera causing you to giggle before he started licking and sucking faster, he was savoring every bit of your pussy. You threw your head back and let out a loud moan barely able to keep the camera straight as you began grinding on his face, his tongue devouring you while his beard brushed against your sensitive skin, it was too much for you to handle and you purred “oh fuck, Negan” as you came all over his gorgeous face. After catching your breath you shimmied back down to his cock so your wet pussy was up against it. “My turn” Negan smirked as he took the camera out of your hands and began filming your hand as you grabbed his cock and slowly guided him inside of you. “Fuck me, your wet” Negan growled as his eyes burned into yours. He filmed as you started riding him, taking every inch of his love. Negan pointed the camera up so it was filming your face which was overcome with pleasure. You gasped as Negan started thrusting faster, the camera perfectly picking up the wet slaps of skin against skin. “Fuck Lucy, I’m gonna fucking cum god fucking damn it” Negan growled.

He was about to pull you off of him before you softly moaned “please cum in me daddy, I wanna feel it” Negan never came inside of his wives he always pulled out and finished wherever he pleased but Negan didn’t care this time and lost it at your words, in seconds you felt his hot cum fill your hole and he let out a deep groan. “Mmm” you whispered as you slowly got up and felt his cum drip out of you. You laid down beside Negan who was catching his breath, and grabbed the camera and pointed it at him while his eyes were closed, “fuck that pussy is heavenly” he said as he opened his eyes and looked at you, he rolled his eyes as he noticed you were filming him “alright, alright” he said as you clicked the off button, ending your private dirty film. “I’m gonna have whack off material for months with that little video we made” Negan said with a chuckle, as he put your hair behind your ear. You leaned in and gave Negan a kiss and whispered much to his enjoyment “you’ll have a year’s worth, once we’ve used up the film in this”.

Fade Me Away : Pietro Maximoff [One-Shot]

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Character: Pietro Maximoff (Marvel: Avengers!Quicksilver)

Situation: With his lonely mind, Pietro tries to remember a girl that once saved his life.

Pairing Gender: g(reader) x b

Song: Carry You

Requested: @werewolfpurfect

Author’s Note: woops, sorry for the long, shitty af one-shot cause why not :’)


He slammed the glass onto the counter without shattering it in process, realising that the alcohol he’d consume once more is gone and did not affect him, sadly.

His mind began to wander endlessly to the quarrel occurred between him and his twin sister of a three-minute difference, Wanda. To Pietro, he didn’t focus on the whole situation with how he’d lost it by staring at the ground, her words turn into mumbling echoes.

By the time Wanda turned to make her point strictly valid, he dashed out of the house with little hesitation and ended at where he was.

“Another refill.” Pietro tells the bartender, who squints his eyes curiously at the silver-haired boy but obeys the customer’s order. He knew that Pietro could consume a lot yet he wonders if he’d ever be drunk (at some point). 

The piss-coloured beer swirled after being poured. White foamy bubbles coated the rim of the glass as it spills onto the counter, time allowing it to become sticky on the wooden surface. 

Are you ever going to try and remember her? His mind spoke in another voice he couldn’t make it out of. 

Why should I?

The girl saved your life.

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Darkiplier is a Siren.

I recently did a Fem!Dark photoset which got me thinking about what headcanons would change if Dark was a female fragment and it all kind of boils down to her being a Siren.

Constantly dressed immaculately but with unkempt, dishevelled hair that falls over her face and she has to run her hands through it or gently tuck it behind her ear.

Socially manipulative, we have all seen how Dark can smooth talk to woo someone, imagine that in a song.

We’ve heard that Dark can speak using multiple registers simultaneously, what’s to stop her honing that skill and using that in her song. Drawing in prey by singing harmonies with herself or singing you to sleep once she has you near.

Dark possesses photo-kinetic abilities making her difficult to focus on and distorting your depth perception so she could easily have her prey endlessly wandering trying to get to her. This would be her version of dragging sailors out to be lost at sea should she not wish to kill them and banishing them to The Void (or any pocket dimension) would be like drowning the mind of her prey, rather than their bodies. It’s more fun to watch them wither slowly before they’re discarded.

She’s sophisticated, she’s not an beast like Anti, she’s sleek but if angered she can lash out and heaven help you when she does – those teeth and nails know exactly where to sink in to your flesh.

@iplierheadcanons @realdarkiplier @darkiplier-support-group any thoughts?


When people make edits for playlist cover, I made an entire comic strip hahah.

Look at me picking a ship almost a year after the series end.

But I’ve been wanting to draw/write something about Jack meeting Elizabeth in a dream though. Whether Liz is a ghost who can’t crossover and wander endlessly through the sea of doors or Jack just connects to her spiritually at her worse psyche via dream, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, it’s something like that.

// Aprés un Rêve - Gabriel Fauré // Once Upon A Dream - Lana Del Rey // Kiseki no Hito - Ryoka Yuzuki, Nana Mizuki // Radical Dreamers~Lé Tressor Interdit - Noriko Mitose // EXEC_SPHILIA/. - Noriko Mitose // I Hear You Everywhere - Rie Tanaka // No Frontiers - The Corrs // Beyond the Sea - Celtic Woman // La Vie En Rose - Melody Gardot //

If this is also your otp, I love you.

The Signs As Places I Dream of Visiting

Aries – Queensland, Australia – It’s where nature and scenery dominate. I’d spend all of my time exploring the Great Barrier Reef and the rain forests. It’s where I’d go to challenge nature and to challenge myself.   

Taurus – Vienna, Austria – It’s a city full of music. Countless composers were born here, but more importantly, it’s where other composers visited and ended up staying. It’s where I’d go to get off the beaten path but still be captivated.

Gemini – Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain – It’s where I’d go to meet new people and rave. It’s a place that evokes the reckless, social butterfly in us all.  It’s a place I’d go to when I don’t want to be charmed, but I do want to be tempted.   

Cancer – Santorini, Greece – A place where the people are inviting, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the food is amazing. It is comforting and beautiful with white and blue-washed houses set against a glistening blue sea.  It’s where I’d go and find my home away from home.

Leo – Italy – I couldn’t choose just one city. Travelers find each big city and little town alluring. It’s romantic, rich in history, and picturesque- the epitome of beauty and grandeur. It’s a place I’d go to feel like liquid gold and royalty.

Virgo – London, England – Somewhere that’s different enough to satisfy my need for adventure but similar enough to be considered a low emotional investment. It’s diverse and international but still relatable. It could even be nostalgic because it reminds me a bit of home. It’s where I’d go to change my routine without fully abandoning it.

Libra – Cape Town, South Africa – It’s has everything- beaches, industry, mountains, gardens, etc. It’s a perfectly balanced location. It’s where I’d go when I’m unsure as to what I want to do, but I know I’m up for anything.

Scorpio – New Zealand – I could get away from everyone I know. It’s relaxing but still a novelty. It’s where I’d go to be unpressured and to watch the first sunrise of the day.  

Sagittarius – Montreal, Canada  - It’s a melting pot that’s buzzing with activity and intelligence while blending cultures and languages. It never gets old because it changes with each new person that stops by. It’s where I’d go to mix business and pleasure. 

Capricorn – Tanzania, Africa (Serengeti) – It’s rugged and unrefined. It’s a place I’d go to for the ultimate adventure, a safari. It’s where I’d go to experience nature in its rawest form.

Aquarius – Greenland – Here, Aurora Borealis can be viewed all year long except in the summer due to midnight sun. It’s a remote location with a sparse population. It’s where I’d go to enjoy my own company and to have the freedom to wander endlessly.

 Pisces – New Orleans, Louisiana – It’s home to jazz culture, delicious food, grand mansions and creole homes, and warm, embracing people. It’s where I’d go to celebrate life with total strangers who I always remember but never meet again.

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Hey lovely! I've only recently found your blog and I love it!! Just wondering if I could request a Roan imagine? Maybe something where he's trying to ignore his feelings for you but when you begin to give up on him, he opens up? Thank you! X

Bitter Issues

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Night was consuming the forest with a bitter chill, leaving goose bumps on your skin and a shiver that coursed through your body. You had a hard time keeping up with Roan’s long, frustrated strides. You pulled your hood tighter around your face, furrowing your brow even though you knew he could see you scowling at him. This night will never be as cold as he is, you thought to yourself. He hadn’t spoken to you since the two of you left from your home in Azgeda. You told yourself you’d follow him to the ends of the world, even after he’d been banished. The two of you had been wandering endlessly through the woods, looking for your next place to stay. You could never understand why you could stay in one place, though. Roan refused to open up. His secrecy was starting to grind down your nerves. You stopped suddenly, holding onto the sides of your arms.“Roan!” you called out to him, teeth chattering. He turned to look back at you, curious. “I’m done! I can’t keep running around in this anymore!” you shouted, teeth clenching to stop them from vibrating in the cold. He looked at you confused, almost hurt, but he didn’t say a word. Your heart felt heavy in your chest as your vision began to shake with fury. You turned on your heal and ran off back to your last hideout – a cave that wasn’t too far away. You selected a few branches to create a fire inside with, stripping down to feel the heat on your dry, frozen skin. You sat down beside the fire and curled your legs up to your chest, back facing the mouth of the cave. The wind howled outside, making you thankful for your decision. You pulled out a piece of jerky from your pocket and began to nibble on it. It was all you had left for food as most animals had moved on to warmer regions. You continued to rub your shoulders as the loneliness settled in. You shook your head to shake off the notion. Suddenly, a deer carcass was dropped beside you. Surprised, you flinched away and looked up to find Roan. He refused to make eye contact, looking nearly ashamed of himself. You frowned in sympathy. “I’m sorry,” he finally admitted. He sat down beside you, on the opposite side of you that the deer was on. He began to peel off his coat, laying it beside him, away from the fire. You began to work at skinning the deer as he spoke.“I guess…I’m just not very good at not being a prince,” Roan confessed sadly. You smirked at him devilishly. “Gee, what a problem to have,” you joked a little bitterly. He looked up at you and smiled, happy to see that you weren’t as mad at him anymore. “You’re good at other things, Roan. We’ll find you a place in this world,” you reassured him.

“I am at least thankful that I have you to accompany me in my banishment,” Roan stated sincerely grateful. You smiled to yourself, blushing and he beamed at this.

driving home alone from the club downtown at 3 am in January

Driving (masters at work extended 12" mix) - everything but the girl
Wandering endlessly - Robert hood
This time of night - new order
Traveling lights - Vincenzo
Late night (mills mix) - Jeff mills
Electronic nighttime city blues - solitude fx
In the city (devil mix) - master C&J
On my mind - konfusion kidzz
Late night - this mortal coil
The city sleeps - deux filles
Midnight calling (original flavour mix) - sanza digabla
Driving blind - Chris & Cosey
Thinking again - disorient
Downtown - Bennie Jenkins
City Streets (kerri’s club mix) - basil hardhouse
Nitelife (night mix) - Kim English


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gypsy-wolf-moon-deactivated2017  asked:

Hi Charity! I've seen you answering these sorts of questions lately so I was curious. What does Ne look like in an INFP? Or even an ENFP? I figured you'd know a great deal about this since you are a high Ne user yourself. :)

Look like to someone else, or look like in my head?

To someone else, it looks… manic. Like someone who becomes short-term crazy obsessed with things only to dump them half-formulated or once they have exhausted their potential. Someone who is randomly profound, but not all the time – who has such crazy out of the box thinking that it’s weird. One of my guy friends said he finds me fascinating, because he doesn’t understand how I can be a walking contradiction. (One comment he had was, “How can someone so devout in their faith be so irreverent all the time?” Uh – it’s a skill?)

Ne is really good at twisting something around and forcing you to look at it in a different way. It is not that we intend to do it, but that’s how our mind works. It’s never content with the obvious answer, it looks beyond whatever the subject is to the stuff happening outside it. In essence, the object itself means less to Ne than what can be built on the object. The response Ne’s often get, from other types, is “Huh, I didn’t think about it, or see it, like that.”

Ne has a lot of trouble staying focused. Writing this, I’m having to force myself to stay on topic and not go off in some unrelated side tangent or thought. My thoughts are going so quickly in different directions that I have trouble catching or holding onto just one. And that is where a crucial element comes into play – Ne is exceptional at establishing unique thought, but not great at following it to its ultimate truth (as a Ni might). Thus, what you may get from high Ne is “half-baked ideas” with tremendous potential, done badly because Ne did not linger long enough on the individual thought, concept, or idea to fully flesh it out into something magnificent.

I have not seen it yet, but I hear the new Batman vs. Superman film is a Ne-like experience – there is a lot of dark, profound, abstracting symbolic things going on it, but none of them are given enough screen time to develop to their full potential, so the result is a chaotic mass of ideas flashing by at the speed of light – some audiences are left with the feeling that something profound is in there somewhere, but they feel a little unsatisfied by it, because they do not know what that profound thing actually is. That is, quite often, how I feel – as if I am on a train going 140mph, I see something interesting along the tracks – but I can’t always stop, and if I happen to fling myself out of the train and snatch that idea, I am left feeling as though what I see is profound, but I’m not sure HOW profound. I feel the wind already tearing it from my fingers. I want to hold onto it, but all I am left with is a petal.

My other trait is being utterly frustrated by single-mindedness. I cannot avoid seeing multiple sides of everything, even those things that I feel strongest about… and I am so uncomfortable having an unshakable opinion on some things that I will deliberately question my motives and re-frame the experience in an attempt to understand what I may be missing. I may love a historical figure who is mistreated by other figures – and be utterly incapable of hating the people abusing him/her, because my focus is not singular or preferential. I can see multiple perspectives in every conflict. Part of this is the broad strokes of Ne – the realization that while I love this historical figure, the world they are in is so much bigger than they are, that to sideline all the motives, perspectives, and beliefs of those around them is to do them all a disservice.

Much of the time, I cannot choose a single perspective, point of view, or individual to root for, because I paint in such broad strokes that I can see merit and flaws in everyone and everything, including the people I care about. I can be five sentences into an argument for something and automatically veer off into the opposing argument and the merits on that side of the issue, which means I essentially argue with myself – all the time. This is where chronic “over-thinking” comes into play – constant, plaguing, downright freaking annoying scrutiny of everything from people’s motives to writing choices. I may decide to sit down and write an article on “love” and wind up endlessly wandering through the bog of “what is love? does love exist? is it an invention or a reality? do we define it through actions or emotions? does society influence our view of love?” – and lose my train of thought, and decide I can’t write that article after all, because love is much too complex to simply define.

Often, Ne’s point is not to educate so much as to provoke thought or explore. I laughed this morning running across a comment on tumblr about the distinction between Se and Ne being that Se does it, while Ne thinks about the 500 ways to do it, then decides not to do it at all… or maybe it will do it. Later. I am haunted by the belief that my books should say something, should have a truth or resolution to them, while knowing they are simply vessels for exploration of ideas and thoughts, without absolute answers – because I have none. I simply want to explore – and make people think.

Now, where the distinction between ENFP and INFP lies is – for the Ne-dom, this state of existence I described is everything. It is unavoidable. For the Fi-dom, everything anchors in Self first. Where I take an interest in a certain historical figure or period for its potential alone, the INFP might personally identify with a figure in that historical period. One I know actually shares a medical condition with a historical monarch, which means she has an affinity for him – she feels like she knows something of what he must have gone through (pain-wise) and how that may have influenced his decisions. If you bring up a debate about whether he or an opposing monarch (who wound up killing him) is better, she would side with him – I would refuse to choose (even if I am descended from one of the two monarchs, which should give me a personal edge – and doesn’t… lower Si, I suppose).

For NTPs, the process is the same but distinguished through logic instead of personal emotional sentiment or the seeking of emotional resonances.

I’m poking at the Witch Hunt fic again and I posted an excerpt of 2k of the beginning last September. it’s up at 12k now and here’s another excerpt because I’m bored and this is honestly one of my favorite fics that I’ve written.

I apologize in advance that my Mahariel is named Avrian and the elven companion from Witch Hunt is named Ariane. it hurts my eyes, too.

The Brecilian Forest is empty of any clans at the moment. It has been two years since he last saw it, much longer than he ever went before; Clan Sabrae did not so much wander endlessly but make a rotation of several sites, until they ran from the blight. The Wending Wood has many of the Brecilian Forest’s spirits, murderous trees, and other assorted mysteries, but it isn’t home. 

Stepping back into the thick trees that make the sun green on the moss below feels like home, somehow even more than returning to his clan outside of Kirkwall did. “Do you know where the ruins were?” Finn asks. Avrian shakes his head. He thinks that in this moment, if he opens his mouth to elaborate further, he might vomit. Home is not empty of horrors.

Ariane has a map showing the Brecilian Forest in more detail than Finn’s, and Avrian can make a circle of the section of the forest that they will most likely have success searching in. “So, uh, should I expect that we’ll be attacked by anything?” Finn asks nervously, squinting through the mists that cling to tree trunks like vines.

Avrian and Ariane make a game of how long they can keep going naming potential threats. He says darkspawn, she says bears, he says bearskarn and has to explain the tainted twisted monsters that he and Tamlen found in the ruins. His voice still shakes on Tamlen’s name. He thought he had let go.

Eluvian. It’s the old elvish word for ‘looking glass’.

He had. He had, but the grave that he finally set his grief down in is a shallow one, too easily scratched open to display its bare bones to the world. “Ir abelas,” Ariane says, mournful eyes watching his trembling shoulders, clenched fists. “I can’t imagine how this must feel, to go back.”

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details of an asteroid - part 1

for the phandom big bang 2015

Title: details of an asteroid
Author: dantiloquent
Artist: philslesters (see the beautiful art here and here!)
Beta: blossomphan
Overall word count: 88,888 (hell yeah)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild alcohol use, brief homo/biphobia, brief internalized biphobia, implied depression, some existential talk

Summary:  “If you think about it, aliens probably believe in us, too. We’ve got our own intergalactic cheerleaders.” 

When Dan and Phil keep bumping into each other, they eventually give in to chance and start talking. Soon enough, Dan makes a home at the library Phil works at, and they talk about nothing and everything so often that there is no going back. The two survive the future just fine, until they learn the flaws of leaning the weight of your existence on someone else’s shoulders.

Disclaimers: none of the opinions voiced in this fic are necessarily the opinions of any of the people involved in this fic. some of the events may seem to be unrealistic; this is because some are exaggerated or made into real things to symbolise something people do in their heads, or to convey a message. this is all fiction.    

Author’s Notes: this has been in the works for a year!!! what the hell??? it’s my baby. i’m so so excited (and nervous) for this to be done and for u all to read it!! i really hope u enjoy (lemme know if u do!) reblogs are really appreciated and are my saviours.

a huge huge thank u to my beta, aqua, who did such a great job and probably did more than what she signed up for!!! i am so grateful and u helped me make this the best i could. and thanks to alex, who has made some beautiful art, i am in total awe!!!! (and for loving this fic and being so supportive, i really appreciate it!) thank u to the pbb team who organised this fab event, and thank u to all of u, my lovely readers!! without u guys’ support i would never have done this, so thank u so much!!!

there is so much i want to say, but can’t, so here u go. the first chapter…..

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It has a bed.

That’s a good start, Dan reckons; the room has a bed, as well as a small selection of other furniture that he is slowly taking in. All of them are rickety and worn, a broken could-be family, but they provide a place to sleep and a place to work, at the least, so he’s grateful. They’re well loved, he firmly decides. There’s a pall of dust over the desk and set of drawers, and the walls are four blank edges of plain wallpaper that are all flushed with sunlight, but give it a few posters and a few nights sleep, and he can see himself settled in. He’s always had a certain weakness for beams that streak through the ceiling.

A breeze slips under the door and skips at his feet, skittering across the floorboards and leaving cold kisses on his ankles. The hum of traffic tangles in the curtains but gets no farther.

“You reckon you’re gonna be ok?” his mother asks as she manoeuvres another box through the door. It lands on the mattress with a muffled thud, sending another one knocking into the wall. Outside the window, someone is calling another person’s name.

His parents aren’t leaving for a while - they’re helping him unpack, thank God - but Dan knows why his mother is asking as if she’s leaving already. In some ways, she already has.

Dan casts his gaze around the room, pretending she’s only talking about the room.

“I’ll try.”

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It had been a choice that WASN’T EVEN one at all.  Bucky was as much of a victim as Tony and his parents.  There’s a part of him that always wonders what he could have done different to save his best friend from the hands of Hydra while ALL THOSE YEARS he had spent asleep. He’d seen what medical footage existed of what exactly they’d done , force fed his eyes to read over the medical journals and files of WHAT HAD BEEN done to create the perfect Winter Soldier , down to EVERY last detail.

He had tried to search those mountains , for a body AT THE VERY LEAST , wandering endlessly and fruitless in the day he had to spare from the war to look.  Only endless white snow and mounds of hills that ALL LOOKED the same in a fierce snowstorm…  he should have tried harder.  In all the years he had spent sleeping in the ice , Hydra had worked on making Bucky THEIRS.

Now , finally … there may be a chance to free Bucky from the CHAINS AND LEASH of Hydra that bound his mind and soul to their will.  Freedom  —  he would always be grateful to T’Challa for this and hopefully , they could help Bucky OVERCOME the mind control.   ❛  How’re you feeling ?  ❜  He can’t help the genuine smile that dawns on his features for the first time in a LONG TIME as he can finally see his friend the way he was meant to be … alive.

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