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Daishocon 2016: HACKED!!

Thank you @somersetsews for being my Casual/Swim Widowmaker! And to WanderingChaos for being Swim!Lucio and Kiva for being Swim!Genji!!

I had so much fun at Daishocon!! I can’t wait to show you guys my finished Sombra in the spring!! Stay tuned lovelies!! 😄😙💜💜💜



So there was a halloween party at this restaurant and I went as Lord Hater awyiss! And I won the cosplay contest lmao the public loved the performance it was super fun

the first photo was taken by Iris AKA Lord Dominator #BestEvilSelfie 
The second was taken at home by my mom dont mind the mess behind me pff

I made two masks, evil smirk and a happy one for when Dominator Senpai notices me

I wish I had more photos of Dominator but that was the only one we took! Also I wish someone recorded me singing “You’re The Greatest’ with the happy face on omg 10/10 would wear again

It is time again to update one of my shoulder pieces. So this is my “before” picture. I made it lightweight, for the plane trip to America. And now it is time to add stuff. I have some ideas for it. For example: I want to incorporate some of the things that I’ve received at Wasteland Weekend.
Stay tuned cause next year I will post the “after” picture, though it could take a while. Making outfits takes time.


I cosplayed Lord Dominator at the Comic Con in Dortmund. She isn’t my favourite character im the show, but the first one I saw. So without her, I wouldn’t have noticed this awesome show.
A lot of people recognised me, more than I thought it would. Well, one guy thought I was Batman, but at least he liked my cosplay. The cloak wasn’t part of the cosplay, but it kinda fit the character. I originally brought it with me because it was frikkin cold in Dortmund und you can’t really wear a jacket with shoulder pads.

Wasteland weekend 2016 was awesome

I have no idea how to describe how epic this was to me. Beautiful people, beautiful vehicles, loved the scenery, loved everything. I Smiled so much my face hurted and talked to so many people that I lost my voice. Met so many new people, going to miss them. Hope we ever meet again.

Danny Shorago, aka Hancock. On a normal Monday evening, in a mall in Alabama.

This is the kinda shit that happens when your flights are postponed until the next day.

Guest starring @gamewithnikki and myself. Edited by the man himself @thefuxedos