wander bird


Across the frozen land, the flock of birds made its way through cottony clouds.

I made a bunch of paintings as part of the visual development for my Babayaga project. I like the idea of a land enshrouded with mystery, both quiet and intimidating. I like the idea of Babayaga exploring such a timeless and wild land with the Nameless Boy ! 

ronjaarts-deactivated20170522  asked:

Do you guys think that there is surface life in the underground? Like deer, rabbits, fish, birds, and such? Besides sans stating "birds are singing" could that be a metaphor or not?

(undertale spoilers)

It’s possible that animals from the surface end up in the underground. After all, “anything can enter through the seal, but only beings with a powerful SOUL can leave.” In the case of “birds are singing,” this quote is literal. Upon entering Asgore’s throne room, one can hear birds chirping. The singing birds can be heard until Asgore finally turns around and sees Frisk.

Birds can also be heard singing at the very start of Sans’ battle, when he says the quote himself.

Perhaps the birds can be heard because Asgore’s castle is right next to the barrier. Or as you suggested, birds found there way inside and simply hang around Asgore’s castle. Furthermore, there may be symbolism in this phrase. The birds’ singing can represent hope for freedom.

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Midnight Luxe {Part 4}

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: angst, fashion designer Jungkook AU, 

Summary:  Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook, the alluringly beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

Inspired by the anime/manga Paradise Kiss ♥

The day after your accidental meeting with Jungkook in the library, your brain was swamped with thoughts of him,  of that beautiful black velvet dress and the dim and dusty ex-bar that the four of them so passionately made clothes in day and night.

You could still feel the way the soft material of the dress felt against your sensitive skin, you could still remember how it had hung so luxuriously off your frame. It clung to you in all the right places giving you a flawless silhouette. 

The dress was all that was present in your mind as you had listened to the monotonous droning of your mother when she had gotten home. You don’t know why she’d been particularly bitter on this occasion, perhaps one of her friends had been boasting about all that their children had achieved. That always seemed to set her off.

You’re throwing your life away.

I pay so much for you to get a good education and you don’t appreciate it at all.

Ungrateful brat.

Those words had so frequently left your mother’s lips that they didn’t even sting anymore. The knife had been so overused, causing the silver blade to become blunt and painless. 

You thought back to the other night when you’d missed your curfew. She hadn’t cared that at least you were home safe after returning home late. In fact, the idea of your mother telling you off because she was worried about your safety seemed like a luxury to you.  But, of course, the only thing she paid mind to were your grades, what your chances of getting into a prestigious university were and whether you would do the family proud or bring them shame.

Then there was Jungkook and his friends. People that stood for the exact opposite of what you’d been taught since you were a child. They seemed so liberated compared to you, they knew what their dreams were and they fought to achieve them every day. The only dreams you had to speak of were the ones that had been pushed upon you.

But when you’d stood in front of that mirror with that flattering new haircut and that gorgeous dress wrapped around your body, you’d felt more yourself than ever. You’d felt powerful, beautiful, and most crucially, you’d felt so free.

That night, despite your mother’s obvious disappointment in you, you’d fallen asleep with a faint smile fixed upon your lips.

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Southern Bird

pairing: Tormund x Reader

fandom: game of thrones

request: Is it alright if I request a tormund giantsbane request where the reader and him aren’t like together but there are mutual feelings and he’s really possessive and calls her his “southern bird" 

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All your life you had spend in one little village and when it was time to leave, you didn’t want to. The urge to get around had never been so strong that you would actually act on it. But now with Roose Bolton taking over the North and his son roaming the lands it just wasn’t safe anymore to stay. The wall was close by, so naturally everyone decided to go there and seek protection.

Though the horde of wildlings you were greeted with soon make you doubt your decision. Could the Boltons really be worse than those people the night’s watch had thought to keep out for hundreds of years? The thought of leaving crossed your mind but you were too scared to go on your own and no one else seemed keen to go back, so you stayed.

Castle Black was rather uneventful, not like you had imagined. Everyone was busy with preparing for a war but that only meant that people kept to themselves and stayed quiet while the did their work.

Being bored after a few days of doing nothing, you had volunteered to help. That’s how you ended up keeping the weapons in shape, storing them and even started to craft some arrows.

It was there that you met Tormund for the first time. You probably had been scared of him even if he hadn’t been a wilding, that fact made him only look more dangerous. The man was so tall, you hardly reached his chest and he could probably pick you up with one hand.
He had meant well but when he smiled at you that day, it looked more like he was about to eat you than a friendly gesture.

"Do you want my onions?”
You stared, wide eyed when Tormund sat down opposite of you at dinner. You had been rather late and the whole room was practically empty so there was enough space for him to sit anywhere else.
“No…thanks?” Confusion was written all over your face and if you hadn’t been so intimidated by his whole presence you probably would have laughed at the poor excuse to start a conversation.
He just nodded, went back to eating and so did you. Two strangers sitting together in silence.

Maybe it would have stayed that way but when two men, who you recognized from the stables, attacked you one night, it was Tormund who saved you.
He seemed more bothered by the whole accident than you were and when you asked him about it he just shrugged and scratched his head, eventually admitting that he liked you.
“My little southern bird, don’t wander around here at night on your own.”
You couldn’t help but blush at his words. Replying didn’t seem like an option, your beating heart and fuzzy head made that nearly impossible. So you muttered your thanks and quickly retreated back to your chambers.

After that night he practically never left your side anymore, staring down everyone who dared to even look in your direction. To say he was a little possessive was an understatement, his arms where always wrapped around your waist, his head on your shoulder while he whispered into your ear or he was at least close by.
You didn’t mind so much, it was rather sweet and the attention wasn’t unwanted. And the best thing about having a scary looking wildling following you around? It kept others away.

“What has my little bird been doing?”
Tormund asked as his hands touch your hips from behind and slowly move around your stomach, pulling you against his chest.
“I assume you know, since you’ve been watching me for a while.” Your sentence started in a giggle but almost ended with you moaning out loud as he places a kiss against your neck.
His dark, gruff voice sounded heavenly in your ears and his breath fanning your skin send shivers down your spine when he spoke, “Will you spend the night with me?”


Summary: Soulmate!AU where Jungkook can’t go back “Home” until he has his soulmate with him. 

↳ Words: 2.900+ | Genre: Fluff/Angst | Pairing: Jungkook x O/C  | AU: Soulmate!AU

a/n: I wanted to write a fic like this for quite some time, and inspired by “Home” by Gabrielle Aplin, listen to he song if you can. I hope you enjoy, Thanks for reading, and i had fun writing this piece. 

Each piece must be seen as an individual. Unless otherwise stated. 

#01. | Short Fic #02. “Home” | #03. |

“I’m a phoenix in the water, a fish that’s learned to fly, and I’ve always been a daughter, but feathers are meant for the sky. And so I’m wishing, wishing further, for the excitement to arrive. It’s just I’d rather be causing the chaos, than laying at the sharp end of this knife.”

Once, this little girl was sitting in the sandbox, where her parents placed her. They told her “Be nice with the other kids, and you’ll make new friends.” with a smile spread on their lips.

Like any other parent they want their only daughter to have friends, to fit in, even at a young age. The fact that they moved didn’t help much, Arya was a shy child, she didn’t like having too many people around, or it was because she simply felt uncomfortable next to other children, at a young age she already knew that she wasn’t like them, she didn’t share interest in the same things as them, even though she forced herself to.

“Why are you so quiet?” Julia asked Arya, as they ate lunch on the cafeteria. The latest conversation was about this new boy in school, Jungkook, most girls fell for him, but reality is that Arya couldn’t care less.

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