Fairly Odd Parents if it came out now

  • “Timmy is my SON!!!”
  • “Wanda is my fairy mom”
  • “Jorgen is DADDY”
  • Cosmo x Jaundissimo
  • “This show is actually pretty deep”
  • “Vicky needs a redemption arc”
  • “Crocker is a smol bean”

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Courage and Kindness Part 13 (Final)

PAIRING: Reader x Bucky Barnes AU 

Word Count: 

Warnings: fluff, slight angst 

Well here we are, the final chapter of Courage and Kindess. I never expected to receive the love and support for this and I’ve loved writing my first AU series. Who knows maybe I’ll write another series in the future? But for now enjoy the last part of Courage and Kindess x 

Part 12

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You descended down the stairs; your heart was hammering in your chest you feared it would burst from your chest. You tried to regulate your breathing as you passed a man in royal dress. He had a slight frown on his face as he watched you like a hawk. Glancing quickly to the doors where Daisy and Darcy were gaping you felt your stomach drop as you turned to enter the drawing room. And there he was, the green coat draped across his broad shoulders. His dark hair was slightly longer and smooth back, sensing your presence he turned to face you the familiar glass slipper held securely in his hand.

Bucky recognized the girl immediately he tried not to let his mind wander at the unkempt and abused state she was in. Inspire of the dirt and tattered dress she was even more beautiful now than she was at the ball, and Bucky heart sang. He watched as she smiled softly dipping into a curtsy.

“Who are you?” The question was burning into Bucky’s soul.

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  • neutral ending: timmy gradually moves on from his fairy godparents and starts to become more independent, but he still loves and cares about them. when he turns 18, timmy thanks cosmo and wanda for always being there for him throughout his childhood before he gets them taken away and his memory wiped for good.
  • good ending: timmy realizes that he's pretty much built a second life with his magical family and that cosmo and wanda were better guardians than his REAL parents ever and he would probably be better off living in Fairy World with them (because according to It's A Wishful Life, everyone's lives would be better off without him) so he erases any evidence that timmy ever existed on earth and gets special permission to move in with cosmo and wanda in Fairy World where they can live together as a real family
  • bad ending: timmy is way too attached to his godparents to ever let them go even in his late teen years and becomes an antisocial shut-in. nearing the age of 18, he starts taking countless pictures and taping video evidence on his phone so that when jorgen takes them away, he could look back at the photos and it would jog his memory so he wouldn't forget them. sadly, since countless of other kids have tried doing the same thing, jorgen has to clear the phone's memory of cosmo and wanda as well and leave timmy with nothing. however, the love he has for his godparents is so strong that it cancels out the memory-erasing magic and he still has some memories, but not all. he spends the rest of his life trying to find a way to get to Fairy World in a desperate attempt to have any real happiness again

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THIS has probably been done a million times and ive missed like every trace of it but,, au where godchildren cosmo and wanda with fairy godparents timmy and chloe

actually i never really bothered to think much about it, Nonnie :00

partly because like u i thought it’s probably been done a lot, but also because, uhh….  im not really sure why??

it’s a super cute au idea though!! if u have any thoughts abt it that u wanna share, im all ears!!!! :D

here’s a rushed apology doodle for forgetting ur ask in my InBox ;;w;;

i have a fun idea in my head about how to shake up their hair colors, ill have to do that later