.。.:*☆Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice,
Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!☆*: .。.

- Made entirely from polymer clay and glazed for a glossy finish, Cosmo and Wanda come as a pair, though you can request only one. But who would want to separate them? !

- Wanda is 3 and a half cm tall, 2 and a half cm wide and Cosmo is 3 cm tall, 2 cm wide.

- Etsy



This is a remake of a video made by a user named, “doghater785”. It was made in 2009.

I was looking up creepy cartoon theories and there were a couple that struck my eye. One of which was the Fairly Oddparents theory in which Cosmo and Wanda (the fairies Timmy has at the start of the show) were metaphors for depressants. You may think it sounds farfetched but it’s actually a lot creepier than you would initially think.

According to the theory the depressants are there as long as Timmy needs them.

There’s consequences for misusing them.

They appeared as soon as Timmy gets sad.

What is creepier, in my opinion, is the what ifs behind the theory: what if the theory were to be true? 

Does anyone remember the sadistic teacher, Mr. Crocker the dude who gives Fs to everyone and loves doing so? The same teacher who constantly blames certain occurences on fairies and even shows creepy interest with Timmy? The same guy who wants to prove the existence of fairies?This would mean that Mr. Crocker, is trying to reveal a 10-year-old kid who uses depressants to the entire world.

I know it sounds odd, but it’s a theory that makes you think a bit.