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light headed

pairing: Peter Parker x reader

synopsis: Peter wants to be your friend. You think his better without you.

part 1

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some people can say being a teenager is difficult, and it sure is. But being a teenager with super powers, growing up with no parents and with some mental issues, that’s just some other level shit. Tony Stark did save your life, both literally and figuratively. he pulled you out of jail when you got cought stealing some food but only because he was the only one who saw how you did that, he brought you to the tower and trained you then he decided you were ready to become an Avanger. 

“i have some bad news, Y/N.” Bruce’s face was so sad, you could tell he really didn’t want to be the one to tell you that. “it seems your powers are the ones cousing your mental sickness, the more you use them… the worst.” 

no one really know if they will kill you some day, guess one day you’ll figure it out, but for now you have live with it. Tony thought it would be a good idea if you took pills and that’s pretty much how you’re handling this for now.

“so, how are things with Peter?” Wanda asks playing innocent. “who?” both of you just finished training and it seems like she wants to gossip now. “oh please, save it. Cap told me you apologized the other night.” Traitor. “no, i did not.” you look at her a little offended, not knowing exactly why. “yeah, whatever. i’m gonna take a shower then we talk.” she doesn’t wait for you to answer, she enters into the elevator and disappears. Great.

you haven’t talked to Peter since the night he arrived, you manage to ignore everytime he tries to talk or approach to you. he even sent you a note, inviting you to train with him, one day, the poor boy regretted when he saw the shattered paper outside his door. 

you didn’t hate Peter, at all. it’s just, he is new, he doesn’t know the right way to treat you so if he doesn’t things will just get out of control, just how happened with the glass, and he doesn’t deserves that or any of your shit.

a couple of hours later, you find yourself alone in the tower, the others are either doing their own stuff or in some mission, Wanda’s case. you’re regularly alone here, Tony picks your missions very carefully that means you don’t go out there frequently.  

since it’s getting so late, you start to prepare dinner for everyone. they love your food and you love making it so everybody wins. Friday plays some music, you hum and dance a little, feeling very relax. the oven notifies you food is ready, but it can’t be taken out, you sense a presence you don’t recognize. in seconds, you turn around, knife in hand and stop whoever is trying to come near you. red and black suit standing in the kitchen door, totally patalized.

“what the f- Peter?” you walk towards him, allowing him to move again. “are you okay? is everyone okay?” you assume he was in a mission since he has his suit on. “god, that’s your power? i still don’t know what your powers are.” he ignores your questions completely. “Friday, report, please. an why wasn’t Mr. Parker announced?” you sit on the kitchen table, grabing one of computers the others always leave there and putting the knife away. 

“Mission report: Captain, Wanda, Sgt. Barnes and Vision are all in perfect conditions. Natasha has a contusion and some bruises but is going to be okay. They are all resting now. Mission has been complete succesfuly. Mr. Parker was not part of this mission and his suit had been updated for me not to sense it but not anymore.” you look at Peter who’s rolling his eyes at what Friday just said. 

“Peter, explain. now.” you stand up from the chair and take the food out of the oven. thank god Friday turned it off and dinner is in perfect form.

“i went out to visit my aunt and then decided to try out the updates. guess one doesn’t work anymore.” he takes his masks off and fixes his beautiful hair. “sorry i scared you.” he sits. 

“don’t do it again.” calm down, Y/N. you say to yourself. “you hungry?” he nods and you prepare his dish and hand it to him with some juice. “good night.” you try to get out of the kitchen fast but he doesn’t let you. “Y/N, wait. please.” some seconds pass before you turn around. “what do you need?” he stands up and gets close to you.

“i just… i feel like i need to apologize for the other day… and you’ve be- been avoiding me since then and- it’s just- i would like us to be friends.” you would like that too and that thought suprises you. It just can’t happen.

“apology accepted, i apologize too, actually.” he smiles. “but we can’t be friends, Peter Parker. sorry.” his cute smile disappears slowly. you would love to explain things to him, it seems he would understand. but you’re just not the ones who share. “good night.” and with that, you retire. 

Peter stands there, again, really hurt by your words. this has to stop happening, he thinks. you two have spoken twice and still manage to hurt each other, unwittingly. 

“Friday, please tell me when Mr. Stark arrives and tell him i need to talk.” Peter won’t give up on you so easily.

Part 3 soon!!!

Vine References

Steve: what the Fuck is up Kyle

Bucky: so no head

Tony: ThAtS My OpInIoN

Thor: Look at all those chickens

Natasha: Fuck ya chicken strips

Clint: Hi welcome to chilis

Wanda: Chris is that a weed

Pietro: what up I’m Jared I’m 19 and I never fuckin learned how to read

Vision: Wooow

Sam: Ms Keisha oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead

Peter: Hi my name is Trey I have a basketball game tomorrow 

Bruce: I wanna be a cowboy baby

Loki: Im a bad bitch you can’t kill me

i need the real, awkward moments in marvel fights. like, civil war, wanda’s throwing cars n shit, and dust is going everywhere, and clint sneezes so rhodey out of habit is just like “bless you” and everyone stops fighting to chorus “bless you” and clint is like, wiping his nose and nat’s like “i gotchu fam” and pulls out one of those mom packs of tissues from wherever. so they’re all just standing there for a second and clint’s holding the tissue and he shoves it into his pocket and t’challa is like “you good” and then they start fighting again


Sorry (Part I)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warning/s: Loki being an extra ass, angst (noone dies tho)

Summary: Loki and reader has an untitled relationship and when reader finds loki with another girl, she gives up on their ‘relationship’ but still is a nice bean and it frustrates loki how nice she is. Also, reader has the ability to control plants.

a/n; i dont own the gifs so credits tooo whoeverrr

I’ll make a part two. And please feel free to give some ideas or a plot as to what you guys want to happen in the next part

Part I

Everyone was confused as to why the sweet ol’ Y/N somehow has ties with the God of Mischief. You were just too nice and he was just too.. mischievous. It doesn’t add up. Everyone thought that the two of you are a couple but the man himself never put a title on where your relationship with him stands. And you never bothered to confront him about it. Yes, the two of you act like a couple but never did he ever commit for he always has a new companion with him every once in a while. Everyone feels pity for you but says nothing because they can see how intoxicated you are with Loki’s being. You were just too nice to ever leave the guy seeing you were the only one who’s actually really there for him (given the others sees him as a villain) but that doesn’t stop you from getting hurt. You’re a human too and you get tired and its bound to happen for you to give up and just snap.

And that time is now.

You were in the Garden with Wanda, showing your way in magic. You always loved plants since you were a kid and turns out, you were able to control them.

“I always admire when you do that” Wanda smiles at you as you made a flower blossom from the branch of a plain old tree. You gave a soft laugh and thanked her. “Thanks. I always love how you move things with your.. umm.. hands?” you tried to complement her back which earned a laugh from Wanda. “You are too adorable Y/N. And you don’t even try!” you heard Wanda’s accent through her words and you smiled. You picked a pot up and moved it towards a nearby table.

You continued patting on the soil in front of you when Wanda excused herself out and you were left alone. You were able to grow a wonderful green flower and you smiled to yourself as you inhaled its fragrance. You just hoped Loki would like this one better than the other few you’ve given him. You’ve made it a tradition to give him a piece of flower or more every once in a while and he always seems to appreciate it and loves all the effort you do for him. You left the garden with a smile, treading towards Loki’s room.

Shuffling was heard from inside the room though you didn’t gave much attention to it and knocked softly. Loki didn’t answer but you still opened the door knowing Loki wouldn’t be mad if he knew it was you. Would he?

The sight before you was overwhelming. Though, not in a good way. There’s Loki.. apparently not alone. A girl can be seen infront of him as the two of them eats each others faces off. Y/N stood there not knowing what to do. She wasn’t surprised to see Loki with another girl but seeing him being intimate with another being hurt her. Who am I to be hurt though. I’m not his girlfriend or whatever, you thought. You sighed and closed the door again, leaving the piece of flower in front of the door. Loki heard the door closed but ignored it.

A few makeout sessions later and the girl leaving with an offended look, Loki opened the door to his room and saw the green flower underneath him. He smiled knowing who it was from. He figured he could pay the lady a visit and he knows exactly where she is.

Loki walked into the garden looking for a specific girl. Y/N was knelt down to a bush trying to busy her mind and forget the image of Loki making out with another girl. Why was she even hurt? She didn’t own him nor did he own her. She sighed already hearing every ones voices telling her 'i told you so’. She just thought that the god of mischief actually felt something for her as she did for him. I mean, the way they act around each other. The way Loki’s persona changes when he’s around her. Not gonna lie, everyone also thought that Loki had the chance to change with the help of Y/N. But I guess they were wrong. Y/N stood up only to shriek as she was greeted by Loki’s face smiling up at her. “Well hello there, my Lady” Loki made his way towards the girl but she took a step back away from him which confused the god. Y/N almost blushed from his words. Almost. But as she remembers the scene from earlier, she refused to have any more romantic feelings towards this guy. “Is something wrong, dear?” he asked. Y/N shook her head and walk towards the table where she was fixing up a few of the plants from earlier as Loki followed from behind her. “I can sense that something is not right” he stated. Y/N remained doing what she was doing as Loki stood there thinking deeply. Loki is an intelligent man and it was easy for him to connect the dots. The tool he was making out with earlier, the clicking of the door, the flower by the door, and the upset Y/N in front of him. He chuckled which caught Y/N’s attention so she turned towards Loki with confusion written on her face. “Are you upset because of the other human i was with earlier?” before Y/N can answer, Loki interrupted. “Not that it matters.” he muttered before looking at Y/N with devil eyes. “You really don’t have the right to complain because we’re not in any ways in the same level of royalty.” Y/N was hurt from the words she was hearing. This isn’t the Loki she is used to conversing. She turned her head down, feeling as unworthy as she can. “Don’t even fantasize about us having a somewhat relationship” Loki made a disgusted face which Y/N caught. It made her feel even worse but she tried to keep up with her facade. She looked up at Loki with a small smile that was hiding sadness behind it and whispered “I completely know what you’re saying.” she just wanted to get away from there. It was all too much. The person she was 'in-love’ with is standing there, insulting her whole existence. “It’s my fault, your highness” Before she left, she made an almost inaudible whisper, “I’m sorry”

Then she bolted. Bolted upstairs to hide in her room. She didn’t want anyone to view her as a weakling. No. She knows everyone thinks she’s too soft and sees this as her weakness. She didn’t want anyone to view her as a weaker person when they see her crying. She took care of herself and cried her eyes out until none were left to shed.


Avengers As Vines |3|

Tony : “Hey! How y’all-”



Steve : “It don’t bite”

Tony : “YES IT DO!”

Bucky: I know this is random but Dom or Sub?

Steve: I guess Domino’s. I don’t go to Subway that much. Don’t know why you’d put them in the same category.

Avengers Preference - The Baby Kicks for The First Time

Requested by Anon.

Tony Stark
Tony would panic. He’d worry so much about you and his baby but would also be so happy at the same time. He wouldn’t know what to do so would probably just have a drink.

Steve Rogers
Steve would pull you into a gentle hug, being so amazed by the life you’d produced. He wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off his face.

Clint Barton
Clint would be used to it by now but he would still have worried that the baby wasn’t okay. When it kicked for the first time, he would smile happily, and just hold your hand.

Natasha Romanoff
Natasha would be so happy that you were having a child with and for her. She would be ever thankful, teasing you that the baby was dancing. 

Bruce Banner
Bruce would be quieter than usual, amazed that he was going to have a child with the person he loved more than anything. It would be slightly surreal for him and he would just place a hand on your stomach and a little smile would grow on his lips with each kick.

Pietro Maximoff
The whole time you were pregnant, Pietro would have been telling you how beautiful you were. He would barely have left your side because he wanted to be there when the baby kicked for the first time. When it did, he would have kissed you, telling you once again how happy he is to be having a child with you.

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda would take your hands, holding them gently on your stomach waiting for the baby to kick again. She’d want to feel it and she’d be so happy when she did.

Thor Odinson
Thor would laugh, finding it adorable. He’d say that the child was obviously a fighter already.

Loki Laufeyson
Loki would wrap his arms around your waist, holding your stomach gently to feel his child. He’d be worried, knowing there was no going back now but he’d be happy that it was you and you were alive and with him.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky would be busy getting you anything you wanted, so when he came back from the supermarket and you told him the baby kicked for the first time he would drop everything and run over to you, gently pressing his flesh hand to your stomach. You’d take his metal hand and put it on your stomach too and Bucky would look up at you, smiling and looking absolutely in love.

  • Meanwhile inside the soul stone...
  • Peter: Dumbest scar stories, go!
  • Strange: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.
  • Wanda: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it.
  • T'Challa: See this little scar on my arm? I got that when Nakia dug her nails into my arm during a sad movie.
  • Sam: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.
  • Quill: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn.
  • Peter: Well I have a few scars on my arm from crashing my skateboard.
  • Bucky:
  • Bucky: I have emotional scars.

My Friend: Hey, who do you think is going to die in Infinity War? Because I think that……

Me: *Puts my hand over their mouth* No, we aren’t going to discuss that, no one is going to die anytime soon. Especially not any of my boys. I swear that I will beat that purple thumb’s ass into outer space if he even takes a breath in the same air as one of them.

*Takes my hand off their mouth slowly*

My Friend: You’re absolutely insane you know that right.

Me: No, I’m just optimistic as hell.

I can’t with this photo, it’s so freaking sad!!!!

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