Read My Mind (Part Six)

Story Summary: You have a thing for Bucky Barnes. Too bad he can’t read your mind to know about it.

Word Count: 730

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

A/N: Yay, another update! 

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“Miss (Y/L/N), your presence is requested in the kitchen,” FRIDAY suddenly announced in your room while you still rested on the bed.

“Who requested it?”

“Miss Maximoff,” FRIDAY replied as you groaned, getting up from the comfort of your bed as you walked out of your suite and headed to the kitchen. Much to your surprise, you saw Bucky there along with Steve and Clint. Wanda sat by the island bar smiling widely at you while you grimaced in return.

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Captain America: Civil War Featurettes

DVD/Blu-Ray release on September 5

Sick - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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Words: 500 (holy shIt my old imagines were so short)
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton, lil bit of Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: being sick?
Requested: nooooo but I’m about to fall asleep

Masterlist. Request List.

“Quit whining.” Clint rolled his eyes.

“But I’m not that sick!” You argued back- soon coughing like crazy.

Clint laughed. “Yes you are, and this is why while we’re investigating, you’re staying in bed.”

“What? No!” You argued. “You can’t just keep me out of this! It’s my job!”

“And it’s my job as a great friend to make sure you get better,” Clint said.

You groaned. “So who’s investigating?”

“Most everyone. Pietro is staying as he’s not feeling that well.” Clint explained.

“What? Why is everyone going, to investigate?” You asked.

“Okay, maybe I lied- it’s not just an investigation,” Clint murmured.

“Clint!” You yelled- which just turned into a cough. “This isn’t fair!”

“Life isn’t fair, you weirdo,” Clint said. “I’ll call you on our way back. Feel better, kiddo.” He was about to walk out.

“Whatever, old man.” You said with a smile. If he can call you ‘kiddo,’ you can call him 'old man.’

“Hey, that’s what I call him!” The speedster himself appeared at your doorway, in front of Hawkeye.

“Nice to see you too, Speedy.” Clint laughed and ruffled Pietro’s hair. “Take care of 'em for me, kay?”

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An Attempt at Advice - Bucky Barnes Drabble (+Wanda Maximoff)

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Request: Imagine being Wanda’s best friend and her calling you out about your crush on Bucky – I made this as a Drabble as imagines are currently closed :)

@misswinchester221b (www.misswinchester221b.tumblr.com) I know you love Bucky (because he’s honestly amazing!) so I hope you don’t mind me tagging you in this :)

You were leaning on the kitchen counter as you talked to Wanda about how you were sure she had the best power out of everyone. ‘You can basically do anything you want and make people do what you want so my biggest question is why aren’t you making the other Avengers bring us food more often?’ you asked with a teasing grin.

‘Oh, I make them do a lot for me. Just not you,’ was Wanda’s reply as she lifted herself up so that she was sitting on the counter beside you as she grabbed an apple. Without asking, she threw one at you which you barely managed to catch.

You took a small bite at first and gave a small nod. ‘Crunchy,’ you said, ‘Is there anything else to ea-’ As you were speaking, you had noticed a familiar metal-armed man walked through the door and felt the words clog up in your throat. His hair was slightly shaggy and constantly falling into his face which you thought was rather cute but also a damn shame. After all, it wasn’t often you saw a face like that.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt,’ he said as he smiled at you before averting his gaze.

‘Don’t worry, you weren’t interrupting anything so there’s no need to apologise. And you can s-stay here if you’d like,’ you replied as you tried to keep your breathing steady. You rarely talked to Bucky since you had a penchant for avoiding him due to the fact that you always got a little too distracted by him to hold a proper conversation which involved words.

Bucky gave you another smile but this one was a little softer as he said, ‘I’d love to but I promised Steve I’d train with him. He’s waiting for me right now.’ He opened the fridge door and pulled out a bottle of water. 'Maybe another time?’ he asked and you nodded furiously in response, the half-eaten apple lying forgotten on the counter as you watched Bucky leave.

Wanda rose an eyebrow as she looked at you and tried to stifle her laugh but it made it even more raucous. 'You c-can stay if y-you’d like!’ she repeated, barely able to pronounce the words as she laughed harder and harder, 'Why didn’t you tell me, you idiot?’

You took a huge bit from your apple as you stared at her with slightly squinted eyes. 'First, stop mocking me and secondly, tell you what?’ Your arms were crossed before you as you waited for her response. She laughed even harder when you said that and managed to fall off the counter where she had been precariously perching but used her powers to soften her landing.

'Oh come on Y/N, you have a crush on Bucky and it’s pretty easy to see.’ Wanda lifts herself and begins to open cupboards, searching for more food. 'You could barely speak a word around him and don’t tell me I didn’t catch you taking a peek at his b-’

'Says the one who is in love with Vision,’ you reply, childishly placing your fingers to your ears to block out her voice. Wanda rolled her eyes as she looked up at you before continuing her rummaging. 'Don’t try to deflect things onto me because you’ve only got a matter of time before Tony finds out and takes things into his own hands. You know what happened last time.’

You remembered the event vividly. Somehow, Tony had convinced himself that Nat and Bruce were meant to be and managed to coerce them into dating which didn’t end well for anyone, especially not them. Since then, he’d been trying to redeem himself and salvage his 'reputation’ as a match-maker.

“So, hypothetically speaking of course,’ you began with a playful grin, 'I did like Bucky, what would I do?’

'Flirt and ask him out,’ Wanda replied, 'Actually, you’ll need more detail than than, won’t you?’ She looked you up and down before nodding to herself, 'I mean, your attempt at flirting earlier was atrocious so you’ll need some help with that but it can be done.’

You scowled at her as you responded with a 'Gee, thanks.’ Still, you couldn’t help but hope that Wanda really could help you out with your crush on Bucky because you sure weren’t helping yourself…

Something Wild

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Warnings: Mildly graphic descriptions of Pietro’s injuries. Slight mentions of smut. Nude Pietro ;)

Summary: After the events of Civil War the Avengers Facility is being shut down, and you an assistant to Dr. Cho are now being transferred to a remote base out in the wilderness somewhere. You don’t even know where because the whole thing is so top-secret. However as you’re leaving a very weak Pietro stumbles across your path from down a hallway…Long story short, he was in a healing coma after the battle of Sokovia and now he’s awake and you’re the only one that knows it, and you sort of adopt him to come live in your new house with you in the middle of nowhere. Hm, just the two of you…alone in the woods together in a house…what could possibly happen? ;)

A/N: Yeah guys I know, another series! But I got really inspired by my new favorite song Something Wild from the movie Pete’s Dragon (good movie btw although it made me cry like five times) and I’ve had this idea for awhile and I thought it might be fun to write! The plot is honestly still a bit fuzzy for me so if you guys could give me any ideas along the way that would be really helpful! Here’s a link to the song in case any of you want to listen to it! It’s so good I would highly recommend it! 

You hummed quietly to yourself as you packed up your belongings from your office. This was the last of your things that you needed to clean up at the Avengers Facility before you moved to your new job, which was…somewhere. That information was apparently classified. And to make the matters worse, you weren’t allowed to tell anyone where you lived, or really make any friends in this new place outside of your colleagues. You sighed at the thought. At least the house was nice. You had gotten a picture of it awhile ago and you couldn’t believe that you had gotten such an amazing home all to yourself. It was out in the woods, which you loved because those sorts of environments always made you feel so homey and comfortable. You smiled at the thought and put the last of your office supplies into the box. You gave your office one last glance over and walked out. You looked around the facility and you were shocked by how barren it all looked. After the Civil War the Avengers had split up, and now this facility was being abandoned. And everyone who worked here was being transferred to a new one. You’re pulled from your thoughts when you hear a groan coming from down the hallway. 

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Little Black Dress (Stark!Reader x Maximoff Twins)

Word Count: 1317

Summary: Wanda, Reader’s best friend, is going on a date with Vision for the first time and asks to raid reader’s fabulous closet.

A/N: Meshed together two requests that have been in my inbox 5ever. Hope you like it pals!

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The first time you met Wanda was interesting, of course. 

Interesting meaning that she tried to kill you, and tried to kill your brother. It was perfectly understandable, you were about ready to kill your brother when you found out that he had created an evil AI robot. You were a bit irritated that you got caught in the cross fire, but you mostly understood. 

The major downside to this was that it got you and Wanda started off on a bad foot. Whenever you passed each other, you would grimace, and during the battle, you kept mocking each other. 
“Get it together Maximoff!”
“Is that the best you can do (L/n)?”

You should’ve probably been more focused on the evil robots that were attacking, but everything about her irritated you. The way she bit her lip when she was thinking, the way that she moved, the way she used her powers, she couldn’t do anything without getting on your nerves. Was this a bit harsh? Probably, but she felt the same way about you. 

She hated the fact that you and your brother acted like you owned everything. She hated how cocky you were, she hated your infuriating smile. She hated how flashy your lightning was (no pun intended) and how you had the power of storms at your hands, she hated how you could crack a joke in the middle of a battlefield. Needless to say, you didn’t like each other.

You didn’t have particularly harsh feelings about her brother. Unlike how she felt about Tony, you thought that Pietro seemed fine. He seemed fine, and you didn’t like him, but you didn’t dislike him either. Even if you didn’t have harsh feelings about him, you knew that you couldn’t let him die. When you saw the bullet going towards Clint, when you saw him push Clint out of the way, you new you had to act. You conjured up a harsh breeze, knowing it would barely move the bullet, but it still gave you time to act. You jumped in front of the small metal object, and you felt an intense pain in your side. 

You crumbled to the ground, clutching the wound. You pulled your fingers way, observing the blood. Your vision was a bit blurry, but you still tried to stand up. You teetered, grabbing a nearby wall. You could see Tony rushing over to you, but you brushed him off, insisting you were fine and he still had to fight. He insisted that you go to the helicarrier, and you nodded, making your way clutzily to the ship. You heard footsteps rushing to you, and you raised your arms, prepared to fight. This motion caused you to slump against the wall, and you looked up to see the concerned but grateful face of a certain Wanda Maximoff.

“You saved him!” She exclaimed, and you nodded bitterly. “That was amazing, I could never thank you enough, I could just kiss you!” Her voice was rather high pitched, and you knew that despite the chaos surrounding you both, she was incredibly happy that her brother was safe. “Why don’t you?” You teased, not expecting her actually do it.

To you surprise, she leaned down, and kissed you sweetly. 


Haha, finished! (tbh I should be doing something else now)
She’s less than 20% Renegade. Still, that face can’t be a sign of anything good…
Hopefully it looks as good as the WIP :P
Wanda Shepard - Spacer, Soldier, (commando specialistion), Akuze survivor. Certified pain in the Reapers’ butt. Mostly Paragon. (sometimes it feels unhuman NOT to react violently).
Omni-blade is probably the best thing that happened to ME3. I don’t care it’s unrealistic, it’s just too fun not to use.
First time painting sci-fi armor! (version without the omni-blade)

Probably I should write the whole list of songs which are responsible for inspiring me, but specifically this one.

You want to leave Bucky Barnes x Reader / Avengers x Reader

Pairing: Bucky  Barnes x Reader / Avengers x Reader

Featuring: The Avengers team

Word count: 2808 words

Warnings: swearing, a bit of angst.

Tags: none.

Notes: Y/F/N stands for Your Full Name

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The mission had been ruined and all because of you. If you just listened to Tony instead of doing whatever you thought it was better, you would have the device and Natasha wouldn’t be unconscious nor seriously injured. It was all on you. And it wasn’t the first time it happened. You weren’t good for the team, you knew it and you had known it for a very long time, but you just didn’t want to make the right call, you didn’t want to leave even when you knew it was for the best. They were your family. They were all you had. 

But it had to be done. You had to leave before you put anyone else in danger because of your stupidity. 

When the quinjet arrived at the Avengers HQ, you saw Bucky and Sam waiting at the hangar, probably ready to help out with Nat. Your eyes were focused on the Winter Soldier. How were you supposed to leave him behind? How could you do such thing after all those promises whispered under the blankets? But the damage was even worse if you stayed. This time it had been Natasha, but next time it could be Bucky. When the gates opened, Tony and Steve quickly carried the Widow out of the quinjet to put her on the stretcher Sam had by his side. 

“How is she?” He asked as soon as they started walking towards the elevator. 

“I think she will be fine but the wound is deep”, Steve said looking down at her, worry all over his features. 

Biting your lip, you took your bag and went out of the quinjet, trying to ignore Bucky’s burning gaze on you the whole time. It was all on you and he knew it. Tony and Steve explained what happened through comms to everyone. Of course they didn’t say it was your fault but you knew it was. 

“(Y/N)”, you heard Bucky.

Ignoring him completely you walked to the elevator. The only thing you needed was getting rid of your uniform and taking a long hot shower. Alone. But you knew Bucky well enough to say that he wasn’t going to make it easy for you. Not even a bit. Finally you got to the floor where your room was, even though you could say it was yours and Bucky’s since he barely slept in his own room anymore. 

When you opened the door and walked into the room, Bucky followed you silently. His presence was too obvious, his heat, his gaze, was driving you insane. You wanted to turn around, hug him and cry on his shoulder, tell him how you were feeling and let him comfort you like he knew how to. But the stubborn part of you wouldn’t let him see you as weak crying mess. Not again. 

“Don’t do this”, he said when you opened the door to the bathroom. Somehow he made you stop but you still didn’t look at him.

“Don’t do what?” You whispered.

“Don’t punish yourself”, he said. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, hating how much he knew you. “It wasn’t your fault”

With a frown you finally turned to look at him. He was standing in the middle of the room, looking at you with those big eyes blues as the sky, eyes full of worry. There was nothing you wanted more than run into his arms but no, you had to be strong this time, at least until you decided what to do next. 

“It was my fault, Bucky”, you said coldly. “It was only my fault because I just can’t follow a fucking plan and I don’t know how to follow orders”, you added.

Before he could say anything else, you walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind you, locking it to keep him from trying to walk in with you. You turned on the hot water and while you waited for the bathroom to get really steamy, you undressed yourself. Finally you stepped into the shower letting out a breath as the hot water touched your skin. 

There were some scars on your body but not a new one. Natasha would have a new one to heal during the next weeks. Thanks to you and Clint already had one, that’s why he couldn’t join you today. And again that had been because of you. They wouldn’t say it but you knew it was the truth. You couldn’t risk the team wellbeing anymore. It was going to be painful leaving everything behind. Leaving the Avengers. Leaving SHIELD. Leaving Bucky. That was something you weren’t ready to do but somehow you had to be. There was no option and he would be over it, he would meet someone better than you. 

By the time you walked out of the bathroom, hair dripping and wrapped around a towel, you had made up your mind. You were going to leave and no one could change your mind. Well… Actually, there was someone who could but maybe he respected you enough to let you go. You got dressed into some yoga pants and a tanktop. You would leave tomorrow morning and you would tell the team tonight, after dinner. How would the take it? Would they try to stop you? Probably not since all you had been doing lately was messing missions up. 

“Miss (Y/N), dinner is on the table”, FRIDAY suddenly said making you get nervous all of sudden. 

“Thank you, FRIDAY. I’ll be right there”, you said. 

Looking around once again you just walked out of the room, closing the door behind you, and you went to the elevator. Everyone was already around the table, even Natasha was there. She looked wounded but at least she was there and not in the nursery, but that didn’t make you feel any better. 

“Hey, doll”, Bucky smiled at you as you walked to the table. 

Smiling weakly at him, you took a seat in your usual spot. Between Clint and Steve, just in front of Bucky. Conversations were all around you as all of you ate the dinner Bruce had prepared for all of you. It was delicious but you barely tried it. The news you were about say were burning your throat but you didn’t even know how to say it. And feeling Bucky’s eyes on you the whole time didn’t help your nerves. Finally, you reunited the courage to look up at him. His eyes were full of concern but as soon as you looked up at him he smiled slightly. You didn’t smile back. 

“Guys…” You mumbled too low for anyone to hear. “Guys!” You said louder this time. 

They all shut up the same time and looked at you, making you the centre of attention just when your words got stuck in your throat once again. But as you locked eyes with Nat and you saw her wounded face you just knew you had to do it. 

“I’m leaving”, you said. Nobody said anything and you didn’t dare to look at Bucky but his eyes were burning your skin. 

“Like…leaving tonight? Party?” Tony asked slowly, even when you knew him enough to know that he knew what you were talking about.

“No, Tony”, you said looking at him for a moment. “I’m leaving the team. And not for a break. For good”, you said. 

“What? Why?” Steve said with a frown.

“Is it for today? I’m fine, (Y/N), I really am”, Natasha said.

“No, it’s not just for today guys. It’s for today’s mission, last week’s and many others.” You said looking at your almost intact plate. “I’m not good for the team, don’t you see? Clint barely survived the mission we had to weeks ago because of course I had to play the hero and go out there on plain sight. Today was Natasha and two months ago it was Wanda. I’m not good here, guys”, you said. 

“Bullshit. You are”, Clint said frowning. 

“We don’t want you to leave”, Wanda said. “You know the rule number 1: anything can go wrong on a mission. It doesn’t matter how perfect a plan is”.

“But everything works when I’m not out there or when I decide to stick to the plans. Nobody gets hurts, everything works. It’s me guys”, you replied. 

You still hadn’t been able to look at Bucky because you knew the kind of look you were going to see. 

“I’m not asking, guys… It’s a fact. I love you all, you know it, and that’s why I have to do this before someone gets killed. I’m leaving tomorrow morning”

With that you got up from your chair and walked out of the kitchen, leaving a loud silence behind you, only broken by Clint saying ‘aren’t you going to do anything or what?’ Probably he was talking to Bucky and you actually prayed that he wouldn’t listen. You knew you would have to say goodbye to him but you just wasn’t ready yet. 

When you were finally in your room with the door locked, you took your case out of the closet. Actually, you never thought you would need it but oh well. Things do change sometimes. You put it open on the top of your bed and started throwing every single item of clothing inside. Of course, your loneliness wouldn’t last long. 

“Mr Barnes wants to see you”, FRIDAY said. 

“I want to be alone”, you replied after gulping. You couldn’t avoid him forever but he was the only person that could change your mind. 

“He insists”, FRIDAY said and before you could say anything else your heard Bucky on the other side of the door.

“(Y/N) open this door now. Or I will”, he said.

Of course he was able to do such thing and then Tony would kill him for breaking a door. That was the last thing you wanted so with a sigh you told FRIDAY to unlock the door as you just kept on packing. 

“So is it real?” He asked as soon as he walked in and saw you putting everything into your case. 

“Yes…” You said not looking at him. 

“You’re leaving me”, he mumbled. 

The tone in his voice literally broke your heart. You were breaking his heart and that made you feel miserable. He was such a great man even when he didn’t believe that and you were just breaking him. 

“James”, you said finally looking at him. His eyes were focused on you, cold as ice and blue as the ocean. “I love you, you know I do but…” You walked towards him and took his hands. “I can’t stay here. It’s not safe for anyone. Next time it could be you getting hurt and I swear I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened”, you said. 

He was looking down your hands as you talked, then he looked at you and shook his head before wrapping his arms around, hugging you tighter than ever before. 

“Don’t go. You promised you would never leave me”, he whispered with his head in your neck. 

“Don’t do this… Bucky I can’t stay”, you whispered as tears filled your eyes. “Please…” You begged trying not to sob. 

He pulled away and looked down at you, holding your face in his hands before kissing your passionately, like it was your last kiss. Oh well… It probably was so you were going to make the best out of it. 

“FRIDAY, lock the door”, you said pulling away. He took that moment to attack your neck, knowing exactly where to kiss to make your knees tremble. 

You really made that last time count. You didn’t know when you would be seeing Bucky again or if you would even see him again. With that thought in your mind, and driven by how in love you were with that guy, you just made love like never before. It was tender but rough, passionate but gentle. It was just perfect and didn’t stop until the first lights of the morning came through the window. He was leaned against the headboard as you rested your head on his chest, tracing random shapes on it as he stroked your hair. 

“Don’t go…” He whispered looking down at you.

“Stop. Please,” you said looking at him. 

“But I love you, isn’t that enough?” He frowned. 

“I love you too Bucky, that’s why I have to do this”, you whispered biting your lip. “I don’t want you to get hurt”, you added.

“You realize you’re hurting me by leaving, don’t you?” He asked making your stomach turn around.

“I’m sorry”, you whispered biting your lip in order to keep you from crying.

After a while of silence, Bucky moved and you did to so he could get out of the bed. Silently, he started getting dressed, not looking at you for a second and he left the room. You knew this was being painful for both of you but somehow he would be over it and would see your point. He would know someone else and he would be happy again. 

It still took you a while to get out of bed but when you did, you kept on packing what you had left which wasn’t much really. You even packed one of Bucky’s hoodies. One that he left there after spending the night with you. Probably he didn’t even remember it. Just when you were zipping up the suitcase, someone knocked on your door. 

“Come in!” You said and looked at the door to see Wanda coming in. “Hey”, you smiled sadly.

“I need you to come with me”, she said. 

“Wanda…” You sighed defeated already. Why couldn’t they just let you go?

“Please!  And then…you can go. But please…” She said. 

“Fine” you sighed giving in.

She clapped once smiling and jogged out of the room. You followed her quickly since you just wanted to have it done, whatever it was and leave. It was already being hard so you just wanted it to be over. You followed Wanda to the meeting room and when you walked in you saw everyone in there, holding pieces of paper, even Bucky was there. 

“What is this?” You asked with your hands on your hips.

“September 18th, 2015”, Tony read out loud. “The enemies were all around the team. There was no escape. Agent (Y/F/N) saved them”

“May 24th, 2016”, Steve said reading as well. “Thanks to Agent (Y/F/N), hundredth of civilians were save”

They all started reading those part of the report missions where you had saved the day. There were a lot of them, more than you can remember. 

“February 18th 2014”, you looked at Bucky as he read, knowing exactly what had happened that day. “Agent (Y/F/N) was successful at the rescuing mission. Both her and Barnes are alive”.

That was the day you two met, when you saved from HYDRA after they caught him again. With a gulp you looked down not knowing what to say.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked looking at them after a while.

“Yes, you’ve made some mistakes”, Tony said walking over you. “But there are a lot of other times when you had saved us. All of us. You are part of this team, we need you to save the world and to save ourselves. You’re an Avenger and there’s no going back from there”, he said smiling at you.

“We all have made mistakes”, Wanda said shrugging. “Look at what I did in Lagos. But it was a mistake, a really big one, but we are humans after all. Different but…humans.” 

“You don’t give up when someone gets hurt, (Y/N), that’s not who we are”, Steve said.

At that moment you were already having a hard time not crying your heart out right there in front of everyone. Bucky stood up and walked to you, taking your hand in his.

“(Y/N) you saved my life and I’m not talking about that February 18th”, he said looking down at you. “You save my life every day, with every laugh, every kiss, every smile… I love you and I need you. We all do”, he said. 

“Please, stay”, Tony said. “At least to keep us from keeping on with a moody Winter Soldier for the rest of our lives”, he added making you chuckle a little. 

You looked around the room, looking at every one of them, looking at your friends, your family. All these people loved you no matter what, no matter what you did. They always had your back. You needed them. More than you would ever admit. 

“You know I hate all of you, right?” You mumbled hugging Bucky to hide your face full of tears from everyone. 

He laughed and wrapped his arms around you, planting a kiss on your head and hugging you tight. You couldn’t leave them, no matter what, they were your family and no one can give up on their family.