Attention, Marvel . . .

I don’t want a Scott Lang movie. I don’t want a Peter Parker movie. I don’t want a Stephen Strange movie.

I want a Natasha Romanoff movie. I want to see how a little girl was molded into the world’s deadliest assassin. I want to watch the Red Room attempt to break her mentally, physically, emotionally. I want to see her sell her soul with every kill. I want to witness her transition into S.H.I.E.L.D. I want to see how she deals with her guilt and her sins. I want her story.

I want a Maria Hill Netflix series. I want to see her join S.H.I.E.L.D. I want to see her work her way through the ranks. I want to see twenty-something Maria with her own division. I want to see her facing sexism in the job. I want to see the backlash of her becoming Fury’s second. I want to see her as an expert hacker. I want to see her run S.H.I.E.L.D. I want her story.

I want a Clint Barton movie. I want young Clint as a circus performer. I want to see him practice day after day with an old bow and arrow. I want to see him recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. I want to see how he used his deafness as a strength. I want to see how he was sent to kill an assassin, but spared her. I want to see how he met his wife. I want to see him in battle - his first priority: saving innocent people, because that’s who he is - while Natasha fights the bad guys. I want his story.

I want a Miles Morales movie. I want to see a sixteen-year-old black kid being bullied at school. I want to see teachers not believing in him. I want to see people look at him suspiciously as he walks down the street. I want him to have to deal with racism. I want him to be a great hero. I want him, as Spider-Man, to save the lives of those people who hates Miles, because he is a better person. I want him to be a teen with the weight of the world on his shoulders. I want him to be able to carry it. I want his story.

I want a Nick Fury Netflix series. I want to see him joining S.H.I.E.L.D. in a time that was not opportune for people of color. I want him not to take any crap. I want to see him disobey direct orders to save lives. I want to see the racism at play in politics. I want to see him earn his spot at the top and silence the doubters. I want to see him make S.H.I.E.L.D. good. I want to see his story.

I want a Maximoff sibling Netflix series. I want to see two young kids lose everything. I want to see them hopeless and destroyed. I want to see how Hydra got ahold of them. I want to see them develop powers. I want to see them train and learn. I want to see their desire for Tony Stark’s head on a platter. I want to see them doubting their choices after watching the horror Hydra inflicts. I want their story.

Who to Fight: Avengers Edition

Thor: DO NOT FIGHT THOR ODINSON. He will barbecue you like shrimp in Australia. Even without his magic hammer of destruction he will crush you like the trash you are. Plus why would it want to fight Thor?? Have you seen him?? Whatever

Black Widow: Ha. hA AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH she’s probably on her way to your house to kill you for even thinking about it.

Hawkeye: I mean I guess you could?? But why?? You’d have to go through the trouble of destroying his bow and arrow before hand and even then he’ll probably still destroy you with his ridiculous skill set?? I take it back, don’t fight Hawkeye.

Captain America: what the fuck is wrong with you

Hulk: I’m going to say this once. Don’t fight the Incredible Hulk. If he’s in nerdy Banner form go the fuck ahead. Fight Bruce Banner. Get him going on a tangent about the periodic able or some nerdy shit and just destroy him. Be careful tho bc you run the risk of a code green. Proceed with caution when fighting Bruce Banner. Run if he starts growling and turning green.

Iron Man: Get Tony Stark in an isolated room with no electronics whatsoever for him to make some gadget like the piece of shit he is. Once he’s away from his precious technology, destroy him. Fight Tony Stark like the ridiculous white man he is.

Loki: you make the first move and you end up in bed with him. Age, sexual orientation and gender identity have no relevance. So go ahead, try to fight him.

Quicksilver: I mean ??? Why???? Is that really necessary?? Even if you wanted to, if you took a friggin step towards him you’d already be knocked to the ground and he’d be halfway to Mexico??? Pls don’t fight Pietro Maximoff

The Scarlett Witch: you’re already dead

Nick Fury: why. I don’t see the upside to this. The possible outcomes of a fight with Nick Fury are: 1) you’re dead or 2) Nick Fury is injured. Just- don’t fight Nick Fury.

Ultron: Fight Ultron. Fight him. Who gives a shit if you’ll destroy the world in the process. Fight Ultron.

The Vision: who cares. Fight him, don’t fight him, we’re all gonna die anyway

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve learning Sokovian so he could maybe chat to Pietro and Wanda in their own language to make them feel more at home and that's when he discovers that Pietro has been mooning over him in Sokovian for god knows how long.

Steve ran over the words in his head again, nervously tracing the spine of his translation book, practically vibrating with anxious energy. Beside him Bucky was rolling his eyes, and Sam was grinning encouragingly.

“I don’t know what you’re so worried about Steve. You’ve got that crazy memory of yours, unlike some people.” Bucky tapped his head, as if anyone was lost to his meaning, and Steve winced. He hated Bucky talking about himself in such a manner, but he also hated his friend’s “encouragement” in his love life. James Buchanan Barnes was the best friend a man could ask for, but quite possibly the worst wingman ever. It didn’t help that Steve was already terrible to begin with. Bucky was great at attracting attention for himself, but terrible with helping other people.

Thankfully, Steve had another wingman, this one with actual wings.

“Come on Steve, you’ve got this.” Sam said kindly, clasping a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “You’re practically fluent, and it will show you really care about him. All of him.”

Steve nodded and took a deep breath. “Okay. Wish me luck?”

Both Sam and Bucky immediately gave their well wishes as Steve left the room in search of Pietro. Thankfully he didn’t have to search long, and heard the familiar lilt of Sokovian conversation in the living room. As Steve drew closer, he tried to figure out the best way to approach. He didn’t want to interrupt the twins, but he also didn’t want to lurk in the corner and wait like some sort of creep. However as he came closer, he caught some of what Pietro was saying, and his heart immediately sank. Pietro was talking about the arms of one of the Avengers, the strong physique of “the gorgeous blonde”, and Wanda was rolling her eyes, as if the two had the conversation many times.

Steve wasn’t blind. When “arms” were the topic of discussion and the Avengers were the contenders, the winner was Thor, each and every time. Not that Steve harbored any resentment toward the Asgardian prince. He was certainly a fine specimen, but Steve was interested in Pietro, who was apparently interested in Th-him?

“You know I cannot say anything!” Pietro cried in Sokovian, in response to a murmured comment from his sister, too low for Steve to hear. “He is our Captain, our leader. It would be humiliating.”

A huge grin spread across Steve’s face, and he squared his shoulders.

If he was going to ask Pietro to be his best guy, he needed to do this right.

Pietro is my precious cinnamon-roll, my flower crown bby, seriously he’s too good for this world.
Wanda is my bad ass bitch, my “she is beauty she is grace, she will punch you in the face”, seriously she will punch yall out if you touch her twin brother


Requested by gremlin-in-training

“Hey could I ask you something?” Wanda asked, catching your attention.

“You just did,” you pointed out, a little smirk on your face.

Wanda rolled her eyes, but you could tell she was amused and trying not to show it. “I swear, you act like Pietro sometimes,” she said, shaking her head. “Makes me wonder if the actual question is a good idea.” You could tell she was teasing back.

“Why don’t you ask it and we can both figure it out?” you prompted.

“Would you like to go out with me?” Wanda asked, a hopeful expression on her face.

“Well, I would, but I don’t think my girlfriend, Nat, would appreciate it,” you replied, an apologetic look on your face.

“What won’t your girlfriend, Nat, appreciate?” Natasha asked, walking over and putting an arm around you.

“Dating me,” Wanda replied shyly, with a little wave. “I’ll go ahead and disappear before you do anything to me.”

“Nah, go ahead,” Natasha said with a shrug. “I’m not the jealous type.”

“Wait, what?” you asked, surprised, looking to Natasha.

“Dating is for trying out who you like,” Natasha replied with a shrug. “Just because you really like her doesn’t mean you can’t still really like me. Date whoever. Now, if and when marriage comes up, then you might have to make a couple decisions.”

You nodded, understanding Natasha’s point, and turned to look at Wanda. “So, are you the jealous type?” you asked.

“Not sure. But I guess we’ll find out,” Wanda replied with a small smile.


Imagine you and Thor being a badass tag team - requested by Anonymous

“Hold up, Speedy,” Steve called when he saw Pietro approaching you. “I want (Y/N) and Thor together on this one. We could use ‘em.”

You chuckled, grabbing your gear, and looked at Thor. “Some things never change.”

True Love (Pietro x Reader)

Request: Hi! First: You’re work is amazing!!!!!! I love it!! Second: I was wondering if you could make a preference where Pietro is like a, you know, a player and he’s had many girlfriends that only last about a day, and he sleeps with many girls( takes place a few months after AoU, and he’s famous and all.) But then the reader is like, Natasha’s cousin or something and reader is invited by Natasha to one of Tony’s parties. So basically when pietro first sees the reader he’s flustered and captivated by her. (Sorry, I’m really passionate about all things love.) And then you can do whatever you want after that.
(Sorry if this was too long, I’m sorry)
PS. But really, you’re work is AMAZING AND WANDAful!!!!!

Request by: fuzzybunnyxoxo 

Warning: Mentions of smut and you may die of extreme fluffiness. Also some cursing.

AN: I freaking love this request!! Like OMFG this is one of my favorite requests ever! I have had the idea in my head to write an imagine series like this and once I got your request I knew what I had to do! I’m going to make the reader Clint’s little sister if that’s okay? I think it would be cool to have him disapprove of their relationship because Pietro’s a player and all and then it would give Pietro that much more of a push to prove what a great person he can be and omg the fluffiness! I will be making this a series, and it will be great. One of my best. I have the same feeling and energy about this one that I did for A Loving Mother so prepare yourself for this. Here we go!!! :)

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